Episode 19 – If I Were Desperate

It's not just about Twitter and Mastodon. Peter and Scott also complain about various body parts. Well, what did you expect? We're getting old and it's our duty to hurt and then talk about it!

00:00:00.000 —> 00:00:06.260
Friends with brews friends with brews what I have something here called timecode. I have to see what this is

00:00:06.260 —> 00:00:16.260
Well, it’s good to know that we haven’t edited in any way

00:00:16.260 —> 00:00:17.980
I will edit it in some way

00:00:17.980 —> 00:00:22.800
But I won’t tell anybody that I did as as of the time when that guy was claiming that

00:00:22.800 —> 00:00:28.300
Well, I was gonna say as of the time that we’re recording this it has not yet been edited in any way

00:00:28.300 —> 00:00:28.960
All right

00:00:28.960 —> 00:00:34.780
Let’s talk about our brews because we always give our brews the short shrift and I’m not talking about the brews that my

00:00:34.780 —> 00:00:41.780
Running buddy who also is a krav maga buddy sent me because he sent me a nice picture of a bruised forearm because he was doing

00:00:41.780 —> 00:00:44.720
Knife defenses last night in krav not that kind of bruise

00:00:44.720 —> 00:00:47.900
That was a pretty dull knife if all it did was bruise his arm

00:00:47.900 —> 00:00:55.420
Well, I’m gonna say is you don’t coward catch the knife you catch the attackers wrist

00:00:56.140 —> 00:00:59.300
Instead of the knife because it means less hackers. No good

00:00:59.300 —> 00:01:07.080
Well, the idea is to be better than your attacker. So yes, relatively speaking. The attacker is no good. Anyway, what are you drinking Scott?

00:01:07.080 —> 00:01:10.060
Well, I’ve got two things number one. I have a coffee

00:01:10.060 —> 00:01:17.800
I have a Trailhead Sunbreak morning blend and it’s actually not the better coffee that I have in my coffee

00:01:17.800 —> 00:01:23.900
Cupboard, but it is the one that I have not had on the show before so I’m having that and I do like it

00:01:23.900 —> 00:01:26.260
It’s pretty good. It’s all right. It’s weird.

00:01:26.260 —> 00:01:31.020
I think that the pandemic did something to the local coffee roasters.

00:01:31.020 —> 00:01:32.980
I think that whatever supplies,

00:01:32.980 —> 00:01:37.860
whatever coffee they’re able to get has changed in some way. For example,

00:01:37.860 —> 00:01:41.020
Happy Cup used to be our preferred roaster, local roaster.

00:01:41.020 —> 00:01:46.140
We don’t drink Happy Cup anymore because their coffees don’t taste the same to

00:01:46.140 —> 00:01:48.820
us anymore. And Trailhead is kind of that way.

00:01:48.820 —> 00:01:53.340
When we first started drinking Trailhead, it was way, way, way,

00:01:53.380 —> 00:01:59.640
way our favorite. And now I find it easier to brew a slightly bitter cup than I would

00:01:59.640 —> 00:02:03.900
like. Let’s put it that way. And I don’t remember that having been a problem in the past.

00:02:03.900 —> 00:02:11.180
Do you think there’s any chance that your taste buds have maybe COVID changed your taste

00:02:11.180 —> 00:02:15.700
buds? Maybe you taste different. Sure. It’s quite possible.

00:02:15.700 —> 00:02:20.060
COVID changed both of our taste buds in a way that we both agree on what has changed

00:02:20.060 —> 00:02:23.260
with the coffee. Very unlikely.

00:02:23.260 —> 00:02:25.660
possible and extremely unlikely.

00:02:25.660 —> 00:02:26.660

00:02:26.660 —> 00:02:30.660
I can believe that we both got COVID and that our taste buds changed.

00:02:30.660 —> 00:02:34.260
What are you going to use for a bleep sound?

00:02:34.260 —> 00:02:35.980
You just said pretty much.

00:02:35.980 —> 00:02:38.600
And we, yeah, but that’s not appropriate right now.

00:02:38.600 —> 00:02:40.460
Right now you need my old coffee grinder.

00:02:40.460 —> 00:02:44.300
Remember that when we used that on, yeah, we’re going to, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll send you

00:02:44.300 —> 00:02:45.780
a, that hurts the ears, right?

00:02:45.780 —> 00:02:47.200
Well you can mute it down.

00:02:47.200 —> 00:02:48.200
You can mute it down.

00:02:48.200 —> 00:02:49.200

00:02:49.200 —> 00:02:50.200
I like that.

00:02:50.200 —> 00:02:51.200
Now tell me about your coffee.

00:02:51.200 —> 00:02:52.860
Uh, I’m not drinking coffee yet.

00:02:52.860 —> 00:02:58.500
I am currently drinking a tea. I’m pushing the brews boundary, sir. I am drinking.

00:02:58.500 —> 00:03:00.380
Oh, that’s right. This is the Etsy tea.

00:03:00.380 —> 00:03:04.480
Well, no, it’s not. But when I did search for it, the number one result on this actually

00:03:04.480 —> 00:03:10.180
comes up on Etsy, which I found. I didn’t realize that Etsy has, Etsy is just a marketplace

00:03:10.180 —> 00:03:15.040
now. I thought it was like for handcrafted goods and stuff, but you can just find anything

00:03:15.040 —> 00:03:19.920
on Etsy, apparently. Including tea from my local Wegmans. Well, I don’t know, it came

00:03:19.920 —> 00:03:29.440
from the local one, but tea from Wegmans supermarket chain. So I am drinking Wegmans gingerbread

00:03:29.440 —> 00:03:36.440
flavored tea and I like it. It’s a black tea. It has some like caramelly notes. I’m trying

00:03:36.440 —> 00:03:41.580
to describe like the way to, I’m describing like the mouth feel. It’s got a very smooth

00:03:41.580 —> 00:03:44.800
mouth feel to it more than the flavor.

00:03:44.800 —> 00:03:46.960
You’re sure that’s not just your COVID mouth?

00:03:46.960 —> 00:03:50.280
I mean, it could be COVID the same as you and your wife’s. So yeah, that’s possible.

00:03:50.280 —> 00:03:53.520
I’m sure if you drank it, you would feel the exact same way because of the same COVID.

00:03:53.520 —> 00:03:56.280
You used to have a very rough mouth, but now COVID smoothed it out for you.

00:03:56.280 —> 00:03:59.600
It’s smoothed over the palate. It’s great. It’s great. So…

00:03:59.600 —> 00:04:05.760
Your FaceTime call has got a lag between the mouth movement and the…

00:04:05.760 —> 00:04:09.840
Yeah, there’s a slight delay between the audio and the video that I’ve never noticed before.

00:04:09.840 —> 00:04:16.920
If I recall, yours did that last time we recorded, which was kind of funny. So it was disconcerting.

00:04:16.920 —> 00:04:20.920
at first but then it was fine. I’m curious if I shut off my video and restart it if that

00:04:20.920 —> 00:04:26.120
fixes things. No don’t touch a thing. But if I do yeah if I do that’ll mess things up I’m sure.

00:04:26.120 —> 00:04:33.400
Yeah don’t touch a thing. Anyway so my plan is to move on to another brew after this. I haven’t

00:04:33.400 —> 00:04:39.320
decided if it’s going to be a beer or a coffee but I have a new decaf coffee to audition as well.

00:04:39.320 —> 00:04:42.840
Yeah well I’ve already decided what my next one’s going to be and I’m going to get it ready for you

00:04:42.840 —> 00:04:46.680
right now. Well you can get it ready but but don’t tell us yet we want to be

00:04:46.680 —> 00:04:51.180
surprised. Your listener wants to be surprised. So what’s going on lately with

00:04:51.180 —> 00:04:54.900
Scott? Are we still talking Mastodon these days? Are we Mastodon’t? What’s

00:04:54.900 —> 00:05:01.020
what’s the deal? Oh no I’m using Mastodon. I’m barely using Twitter. In fact we

00:05:01.020 —> 00:05:06.600
this podcast now has a friends with brews Mastodon account. Friends W

00:05:06.600 —> 00:05:18.280
brews at appdot.net. It’s kind of weird. Okay. Bear with me. A P P D O T .net. Don’t

00:05:18.280 —> 00:05:21.120
ask me why. There’s reasons, but don’t ask me why.

00:05:21.120 —> 00:05:27.120
This is why Mastodon will not succeed. Oh man. That’s funny.

00:05:27.120 —> 00:05:30.520
This was because this server was started by a bunch of people that used to be on appdot.net

00:05:30.520 —> 00:05:37.520
ADM.net. And that confused me because when you sent me a link to your Mastodon post recently,

00:05:37.520 —> 00:05:39.960
a toot, but apparently they’re not toots anymore, I guess.

00:05:39.960 —> 00:05:44.480
Now they’re posts again because people rightly pointed out that toot was the dumbest thing.

00:05:44.480 —> 00:05:49.640
It sounds like Bart Simpson. Exactly. But my thought was when you sent something on

00:05:49.640 —> 00:05:54.040
appdot.net, I was like, wait, I thought appdot.net was its own thing. That’s Mastodon? I was

00:05:54.040 —> 00:05:58.320
confused. I thought, you know, and then, and then Siracusa was talking about appdot.net and

00:05:58.320 —> 00:06:05.020
You know how it came and went and stuff and now you’ve just clarified it. So thank you. I am drinking an Nikasi Sleigh’r

00:06:05.020 —> 00:06:08.080
Winter ale how do you spell that?

00:06:08.080 —> 00:06:12.320
Just like I spelled it in the notes s L e I G H

00:06:12.320 —> 00:06:15.300
apostrophe R

00:06:15.300 —> 00:06:21.620
I know that’s why I asked you to spell it though because our listener can’t see the show notes

00:06:21.620 —> 00:06:26.800
I’m gonna pour it in the I mean we might publish the show notes and it may show up on friends with brews calm

00:06:27.680 —> 00:06:33.960
Or friends w brews on appdot.net.

00:06:33.960 —> 00:06:34.960
Friends with apps and dot nets.

00:06:34.960 —> 00:06:41.160
Friends with apps dot brews. Friends with brews apps dot net. So I have, as we discussed,

00:06:41.160 —> 00:06:43.760
set up two

00:06:43.760 —> 00:06:49.000
Mastodon accounts, just grab your own name. I’m Paradigm at InfoSec.Exchange

00:06:49.000 —> 00:06:51.000
and I’m also Nikolaidis at InfoSec.Exchange.

00:06:51.000 —> 00:06:53.320
You’re at Nikolaidis at Infosec.Exchange.

00:06:53.320 —> 00:06:59.160
I’m @nikolaidis@infosec.exchange and I’m @paradigm@…

00:06:59.160 —> 00:07:06.920
preceding the @, it’s just, it’s whatever. I’m @paradigm and @nikolaidis on infosec.exchange.

00:07:06.920 —> 00:07:07.720
That’s where you can find me.

00:07:07.720 —> 00:07:12.680
But just for the listener, first of all, we have links on our website at friendswithbrews.com.

00:07:12.680 —> 00:07:17.640
Go to the friends page, the links are there. And if you go to the subscribe page or the footer of

00:07:17.640 —> 00:07:23.420
any page on the site, our friends will be here. Mastodon account link is there. But

00:07:23.420 —> 00:07:29.660
yeah, so if you go to in a web browser, if you go to info sec dot exchange, instead of

00:07:29.660 —> 00:07:35.040
typing slash Nikolaidis, you have to type slash at Nikolaidis. That’s bizarre, but okay.

00:07:35.040 —> 00:07:41.240
That’s how Mastodon works. I find Mastodon works bizarrely and that’s okay. Yep. So I’ve

00:07:41.240 —> 00:07:47.080
been listening to you or reading your, your posts in our friends with beer friends with

00:07:47.080 —> 00:07:54.400
with brews stuff. But I have not taken any other, other real actions on Mastodon yet.

00:07:54.400 —> 00:07:58.680
I have not even installed or downloaded any Mastodon clients.

00:07:58.680 —> 00:08:01.000
Nor have you put in a profile picture yet.

00:08:01.000 —> 00:08:11.440
Nor have I put in a profile. But what I did do is I went to movetodon.org and I logged

00:08:11.440 —> 00:08:16.120
in. I authenticated with Twitter. I sound like I’ve been drinking beer, but I haven’t.

00:08:16.120 —> 00:08:23.680
I authenticated with Twitter and then I authenticated with Mastodon and I let it tell me, here are

00:08:23.680 —> 00:08:28.600
all these people you follow on Twitter and here are all of their equivalents on Mastodon.

00:08:28.600 —> 00:08:31.360
Oh my God, I need a don’t cross the stream sound clip.

00:08:31.360 —> 00:08:32.880
That’s what I got to get for next time.

00:08:32.880 —> 00:08:39.800
So almost exactly 10% of the people I follow on Twitter have been moved over to Mastodon

00:08:39.800 —> 00:08:42.940
and almost all of them are security people.

00:08:42.940 —> 00:08:47.380
So I did use this as an opportunity to prune several of them though.

00:08:47.380 —> 00:08:49.420
There are people like, I’m just not interested anymore.

00:08:49.420 —> 00:08:50.420

00:08:50.420 —> 00:08:53.260
Well, you know, if you just, you just take off, like it’s like, you know, do a plant.

00:08:53.260 —> 00:08:58.020
If you just do like the finger here, like the others will continue to grow around.

00:08:58.020 —> 00:09:00.620
So it’s not, it shouldn’t hurt that bad.

00:09:00.620 —> 00:09:01.800
But I did prune.

00:09:01.800 —> 00:09:07.000
I don’t remember if we talked about this, I bought an Aero garden a couple months back

00:09:07.000 —> 00:09:14.180
And I now am growing my own lettuce and dill and basil at home, indoors.

00:09:14.180 —> 00:09:16.260
That’s why you kept sending me pictures of dill pickles.

00:09:16.260 —> 00:09:17.260
Yes, exactly.

00:09:17.260 —> 00:09:19.900
No, I never sent you a picture of a dill pickle.

00:09:19.900 —> 00:09:20.900
Peter’s lonely today.

00:09:20.900 —> 00:09:24.900
Never once have I sent you a picture of a pickle dill or otherwise.

00:09:24.900 —> 00:09:25.900

00:09:25.900 —> 00:09:29.420
So let me talk about my beer for just a minute before we go on because we tend to give short

00:09:29.420 —> 00:09:30.860
shrift to our brews.

00:09:30.860 —> 00:09:31.860

00:09:31.860 —> 00:09:34.660
And this is not just a podcast about friends.

00:09:34.660 —> 00:09:36.260
It is also about brews.

00:09:36.260 —> 00:09:41.860
we should talk about the ruse. Right, so they claim… With our friends. What do they claim?

00:09:41.860 —> 00:09:44.260
They claim that it’s a limited release and they’re right about that.

00:09:44.260 —> 00:09:52.180
Roasty toffee malty. I would say it’s pretty accurate. It’s not super sweet. I don’t know

00:09:52.180 —> 00:09:58.980
what it is about winter ales, but they tend to be slightly… just ever so slightly bitter. And this

00:09:58.980 —> 00:10:05.140
one fits that mold. Okay. I didn’t say it has mold, I said it fits that mold. It sounds disgusting if

00:10:05.140 —> 00:10:05.980
if it’s got mold.

00:10:05.980 —> 00:10:08.940
Yeah. Roasty toffee, malty mold.

00:10:08.940 —> 00:10:10.060
So no, it’s pretty good.

00:10:10.060 —> 00:10:10.900
It’s not-

00:10:10.900 —> 00:10:11.740
Tasting notes.

00:10:11.740 —> 00:10:12.880
Notes of mold.

00:10:12.880 —> 00:10:15.380
If your family is standing in front of the door

00:10:15.380 —> 00:10:17.900
and you have to fight your way out to get to the store

00:10:17.900 —> 00:10:20.000
to get this beer and someone in your family

00:10:20.000 —> 00:10:22.540
is going to get injured, it’s not worth that.

00:10:22.540 —> 00:10:24.100
Or especially if you’re going to get injured,

00:10:24.100 —> 00:10:25.560
it’s not worth that.

00:10:25.560 —> 00:10:27.540
But it’s a good beer.

00:10:27.540 —> 00:10:29.260
Don’t fight to get injured.

00:10:29.260 —> 00:10:30.100
Right. Got it.

00:10:30.100 —> 00:10:31.900
Don’t fight an angry mob, whether they’re family

00:10:31.900 —> 00:10:33.180
or otherwise, to get this beer.

00:10:33.180 —> 00:10:34.140
But it’s pretty good though.

00:10:34.140 —> 00:10:36.260
It’s a decent winter ale, I would say.

00:10:36.260 —> 00:10:40.020
Don’t fight a mob, angry or otherwise, to get this.

00:10:40.020 —> 00:10:40.860
No, no, no, no.

00:10:40.860 —> 00:10:43.620
Don’t fight an angry mob, family or otherwise.

00:10:43.620 —> 00:10:45.740
How does that, oh, family or otherwise, got it.

00:10:45.740 —> 00:10:48.440
How does that compare to well if I was desperate?

00:10:48.440 —> 00:10:51.620
This is better than well if I was desperate.

00:10:51.620 —> 00:10:52.460
Okay, okay, good.

00:10:52.460 —> 00:10:53.420
‘Cause I chose this willingly,

00:10:53.420 —> 00:10:55.440
knowing that I’d had it before.

00:10:55.440 —> 00:10:59.480
I am thinking that we should probably modify

00:10:59.480 —> 00:11:01.580
our review scale.

00:11:01.580 —> 00:11:02.420
Oh, no.

00:11:02.420 —> 00:11:03.900
So instead of like one star or a th-

00:11:03.900 —> 00:11:09.480
We’re just doing thumbs up and thumbs down right right see that’s the problem. There are no thumb sideways icons

00:11:09.480 —> 00:11:16.900
I would have to draw my own. I think we might need a thumb sideways icon and the label should be well if I was desperate

00:11:16.900 —> 00:11:22.180
Because I would drink it like there’s thumbs down is thumbs down means. I’m not drinking this again

00:11:22.180 —> 00:11:25.460
I would not drink this again. I would just drink this again

00:11:25.460 —> 00:11:33.340
If I was desperate, you know see right now thumbs down doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t drink it again

00:11:33.340 —> 00:11:36.940
But what it means is I I well, how can it not I?

00:11:36.940 —> 00:11:43.380
Think it means no, I wish you would you buy it again. I guess not. I don’t know

00:11:43.380 —> 00:11:46.660
I think thumbs down should mean I’m not gonna drink it. I think we need

00:11:46.660 —> 00:11:49.460
you know, I’d say

00:11:49.460 —> 00:11:55.400
Thumbs up. Well, here’s the other, you know, we could give two thumbs up. No, but then we’re basically back into stars

00:11:55.400 —> 00:12:01.620
Well, wait Netflix though. I did notice Netflix now has a I don’t like this

00:12:02.100 —> 00:12:04.960
like this and then two thumbs up for love this

00:12:04.960 —> 00:12:10.460
Hmm, so Netflix has gone back into like love don’t like like love

00:12:10.460 —> 00:12:15.760
See that’s the problem is whenever you have a rating system and you’re like this rating system is too arbitrary

00:12:15.760 —> 00:12:21.520
There’s too many levels of rating. This is dumb. Let’s simplify it. And then when you get it simplified, you’re like

00:12:21.520 —> 00:12:24.960
There’s no nuance in this rating system. I can’t believe it. It’s terrible exactly

00:12:24.960 —> 00:12:30.440
Maybe we’ll just stay with thumbs up and thumbs down and say if I was desperate in the comments, that’s true. Yes

00:12:30.560 —> 00:12:35.680
Yeah, if I was desperate that should have been the name of this podcast if I was desperate if

00:12:35.680 —> 00:12:39.440
No, but these are good. I’m hoping these are gonna be good beers

00:12:39.440 —> 00:12:42.640
episode if I was desperate

00:12:42.640 —> 00:12:45.800
Okay, isn’t the correct way to say that if I were desperate

00:12:45.800 —> 00:12:51.120
Mmm. I don’t know that that is true actually so

00:12:51.120 —> 00:12:55.520
I’m not certain. I am not certain unclear Google grammar

00:12:56.120 —> 00:13:02.700
Does why doesn’t Google have a Google grammar you can check out grammar girl. I’m sure she’s is she on mastadon yet

00:13:02.700 —> 00:13:07.960
I don’t know. I actually I think she is but so you are obviously down with you know

00:13:07.960 —> 00:13:11.640
Mastadu as opposed to mastadon’t yeah, that doesn’t mean

00:13:11.640 —> 00:13:18.280
Because just because I’m using it and liking it doesn’t mean that I think it’s going to be a Twitter replacement for everybody

00:13:18.280 —> 00:13:23.760
I didn’t say that you did say no. I’m talking to the listener. We have those maybe I know

00:13:23.760 —> 00:13:28.860
but you may make it sound like I just said, “So you think that Mastodon is going to be a Twitter replacement for everybody?”

00:13:28.860 —> 00:13:34.940
Well, yes, Peter, I do. In fact, I think it already is and the people on Twitter are just too dumb to know it.

00:13:34.940 —> 00:13:37.500
That’s so funny because I feel the exact same way.

00:13:37.500 —> 00:13:41.040
You know what’s weird though? When I do peek at Twitter again,

00:13:41.040 —> 00:13:46.940
I feel weird about the fact that a lot of people that I followed there are still using Twitter as though nothing’s happened.

00:13:46.940 —> 00:13:52.160
Hmm. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that I feel that way because maybe they’re right and maybe I’m wrong, but I…

00:13:53.120 —> 00:14:00.360
I’m telling you right now, not only is the Elon Musk thing going on, but it’s not just an illusion that

00:14:00.360 —> 00:14:07.160
The creepy people are more in force over there. They’re definitely more in force. There’s definitely more of them

00:14:07.160 —> 00:14:11.140
They’re definitely commenting on more things. It’s definitely harder to avoid them than it was

00:14:11.140 —> 00:14:17.240
Yep, and I just don’t feel good about using Twitter as though nothing’s happening

00:14:17.240 —> 00:14:20.580
And yet a lot of people that I followed over there are and I get it

00:14:20.580 —> 00:14:26.240
I understand why but I also don’t understand why I’m very divided on that. Yeah. Yep

00:14:26.240 —> 00:14:28.860
I am concerned that you know

00:14:28.860 —> 00:14:35.440
Musk has made it his actions and his veiled and not so veiled way of saying that essentially he’s you know

00:14:35.440 —> 00:14:42.280
Gonna turn Twitter into an alt-right platform. Well, he’s bringing that he’s unbanning all the crappy people. Yeah. Yeah

00:14:42.280 —> 00:14:46.880
Endorsing DeSantis, you know, okay. Well, at least we know now

00:14:47.100 —> 00:14:51.680
It’s funny that he banned the artist formerly known as… what was the artist formerly known as?

00:14:51.680 —> 00:14:55.240
What’s Ye’s name?

00:14:55.240 —> 00:14:57.440

00:14:57.440 —> 00:14:59.580
Oh really? I didn’t even know Ye changed his name.

00:14:59.580 —> 00:15:01.580
Is that how you pronounce Ye?

00:15:01.580 —> 00:15:03.580
I have no idea.

00:15:03.580 —> 00:15:06.120
See, I’m assuming that Kanye calls himself that for the end of his name.

00:15:06.120 —> 00:15:11.460
But he’s also fairly religious at this point in a very extreme way.

00:15:11.460 —> 00:15:17.040
And I also thought he might be using the… in certain languages the name Jesus is pronounced Ye.

00:15:17.040 —> 00:15:21.520
“Yay, yay-su, yay, yay-su-su, yay-su.”

00:15:21.520 —> 00:15:22.520

00:15:22.520 —> 00:15:25.520
Like in Japanese, it’s “yesu-ki-ri-suto.”

00:15:25.520 —> 00:15:26.520

00:15:26.520 —> 00:15:29.520
No, that’s not Chinese.

00:15:29.520 —> 00:15:30.520

00:15:30.520 —> 00:15:31.520

00:15:31.520 —> 00:15:34.040
“yesu-ki-ri-suto,” yeah, I get that.

00:15:34.040 —> 00:15:39.360
No, I assume it’s the end of his name, but knowing his ego, it just occurred to me.

00:15:39.360 —> 00:15:42.280
So anyway, I noticed that he didn’t ban him again.

00:15:42.280 —> 00:15:45.980
He did ban him when he started saying he liked Hitler and he liked Nazis, but that was after

00:15:45.980 —> 00:15:50.980
he’d already personally insulted Musk. And I do have to wonder, like other people were

00:15:50.980 —> 00:15:54.340
like, oh, it’s good to know that Musk does have some limits. And I’m like, this isn’t

00:15:54.340 —> 00:15:59.420
a fair test case because he, he gave Musk an excuse to ban him after he had personally

00:15:59.420 —> 00:16:04.940
insulted Musk. When did that happen? Exactly. Though, when, when was the week? Cause I’m

00:16:04.940 —> 00:16:08.820
not following, I’m not following it. I’m not either, but I see, I see enough other people

00:16:08.820 —> 00:16:15.420
that’s following you. Right. So I have not been using Twitter much at all. Like the only

00:16:15.420 —> 00:16:18.980
time I do is like when you’ve been sending me a couple links here and there to some folks

00:16:18.980 —> 00:16:24.540
who are still on Twitter. Have I been? A couple. It’s not like whenever the last time you did,

00:16:24.540 —> 00:16:28.700
that was the last time I was on Twitter. Other than logging into, you know, enable move to

00:16:28.700 —> 00:16:33.940
dawn. Oh, I think I sent you a couple things about Elon Musk. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But

00:16:33.940 —> 00:16:39.340
other than that, I haven’t been using it. Um, since I wiped my iPhone and started from

00:16:39.340 —> 00:16:43.560
scratch, I certainly have not installed the Twitter app on it yet. I wipe my phone at

00:16:43.560 —> 00:16:46.100
at least once a day, because I don’t like fingerprints on my screen.

00:16:46.100 —> 00:16:49.800
That’s that’s good. That’s good. Especially in COVID times, you know,

00:16:49.800 —> 00:16:52.160
it’s good to, you know, keep things clean and stuff. Yeah, sure.

00:16:52.160 —> 00:16:54.680
Is that the kind of wipe you’re talking about? Well, we’ll talk about,

00:16:54.680 —> 00:16:57.880
we’ll talk about your wipe. No, you don’t want to talk about your wipe.

00:16:57.880 —> 00:17:01.480
I don’t. That was covered on the blurring the lines podcast.

00:17:01.480 —> 00:17:02.360
So we’re going to keep it.

00:17:02.360 —> 00:17:05.840
Whatever you do. I think what you said on blurring the lines, and I quote is,

00:17:05.840 —> 00:17:07.880
don’t flush your wipe down the toilet.

00:17:07.880 —> 00:17:10.480
No, you can flush the wipe down the toilet.

00:17:10.520 —> 00:17:14.120
Don’t flush your wiped phone down the toilet is what I said.

00:17:14.120 —> 00:17:16.680
There’s a difference. You’re quoting me out of context here.

00:17:16.680 —> 00:17:20.320
Yeah, but it’s the municipal facilities that get all upset when you flush your

00:17:20.320 —> 00:17:21.160
wipes down the…

00:17:21.160 —> 00:17:25.560
You think how upset they’re going to be when a phone comes down the pipes.

00:17:25.560 —> 00:17:28.040
My God, we thought the fatberg was bad.

00:17:28.040 —> 00:17:32.440
Oh my God. Hey, I am about out of tea,

00:17:32.440 —> 00:17:35.440
so I would like to refresh my brew. Here’s the question.

00:17:35.440 —> 00:17:37.520
Since we’re doing the split recording,

00:17:37.520 —> 00:17:43.120
Do I stop and we restart or do I just record silence and you entertain our dear listener while I step away?

00:17:43.120 —> 00:17:49.180
I can get rid of silence a lot easier that I can line up an ex recording. Oh, I’m supposed to entertain you

00:17:49.180 —> 00:17:52.600
Yes, I will entertain you. So yeah, I am using Mastodon

00:17:52.600 —> 00:17:57.900
I think that I already see some subsiding of what I thought was going to be a culture war between

00:17:57.900 —> 00:18:01.240
people that have been using Mastodon for a long time and were

00:18:01.240 —> 00:18:03.520

00:18:03.520 —> 00:18:05.520
hardcore about content warnings for

00:18:06.080 —> 00:18:12.080
thing. And I’m not the only person who thinks that the content warnings have been a little excessive.

00:18:12.080 —> 00:18:16.080
Like, I’ve seen people content warning things that I can’t figure out why.

00:18:16.080 —> 00:18:19.800
People content warning pictures of them making eye contact with the camera.

00:18:19.800 —> 00:18:22.400
Which… I…

00:18:22.400 —> 00:18:27.060
I don’t know, it’s weird. Like, on the one hand I get it at some level,

00:18:27.060 —> 00:18:31.420
but on the other hand there have to be some limits. Like, in human interaction,

00:18:31.640 —> 00:18:37.420
That’s how we communicate with each other and I get that some people aren’t good with it. I don’t know. It’s weird. I

00:18:37.420 —> 00:18:42.700
Don’t know. I think that the culture on Mastodon is already changing and I think I’m pretty okay with that

00:18:42.700 —> 00:18:47.340
I think it has to if it’s going to be adopted by more mainstream people

00:18:47.340 —> 00:18:55.900
Now what I don’t know is if it will ever be adopted by a lot of mainstream people like I’m thinking a

00:18:55.900 —> 00:19:01.300
lot of us are on Twitter to follow journalists and local news and local officials and

00:19:01.300 —> 00:19:08.420
athletes. Formula One race car drivers, for example, because I don’t follow basketball

00:19:08.420 —> 00:19:11.860
players because they’re usually just talking about how flat the earth is. You know, I don’t

00:19:11.860 —> 00:19:16.740
know where Mastodon’s going to fall down on that. I do know that it has been increasing

00:19:16.740 —> 00:19:21.900
very rapidly. I think in the past week it gained 300,000 more people. I think it’s up

00:19:21.900 —> 00:19:27.780
over 8 million people, which is small compared to Twitter, but it’s early days of the Twitter

00:19:27.780 —> 00:19:28.780

00:19:28.780 —> 00:19:36.380
I think that the reason basketball players think that the world is flat is because they never leave the basketball court and those are generally flat.

00:19:36.380 —> 00:19:44.380
I think that they’re so busy always. They’ve spent so many millions of hours of their lives holding a round object that they’re just sick of it.

00:19:44.380 —> 00:19:45.980
Being round, yeah.

00:19:45.980 —> 00:19:47.580
Yeah, being round. Yeah, it just drives them insane.

00:19:47.580 —> 00:19:49.580
There’s got to be more to a round thing, yeah.

00:19:49.580 —> 00:19:54.380
And in their dreams it haunts them and they say, “Damn you, round thing! I will have flatness all around me!”

00:19:54.380 —> 00:19:55.980
Uh-oh, Peter’s leaving.

00:19:55.980 —> 00:19:57.980
He’s doing a remote control on something.

00:19:57.980 —> 00:20:04.660
I don’t know what’s happening. I feel scared. What if Peter’s having a stroke? Oh, he’s trying to control something in his house

00:20:04.660 —> 00:20:12.600
No, what I was trying to do was get enough light so that I could read the label because I can never remember the name

00:20:12.600 —> 00:20:18.880
Which there are two beer companies. I like one is Burlington beer company and the other is Burlington brewery

00:20:18.880 —> 00:20:23.640
Brewing a Burlington brewing company my god. Can we just have them have a cave match?

00:20:24.460 —> 00:20:31.780
Well, one’s Burlington, Massachusetts. The other’s Burlington, Vermont. This is Burlington Beer Company out of Vermont and

00:20:31.780 —> 00:20:34.740
I am about to open up Study Hall.

00:20:34.740 —> 00:20:38.760
Study Hall is a maple coffee amber ale.

00:20:38.760 —> 00:20:43.660
Sounds really good. It is. Now, it’s not as good as mochaccino.

00:20:43.660 —> 00:20:49.420
I still have mochaccino one left from the four-pack in my refrigerator from almost a year ago.

00:20:49.420 —> 00:20:54.240
Which you’ve never sent me one of those and I can’t get them here. Because it’s the last one.

00:20:54.240 —> 00:20:59.380
And I haven’t been able to find them this year. I haven’t seen that they’re actually selling them anywhere yet. But anyway

00:20:59.380 —> 00:21:06.120
Study Hall is much lighter. It’s five point five percent alcohol. So I’m gonna pop one of these guys right now

00:21:06.120 —> 00:21:09.900
I mean the mochaccino one was basically a dessert with some alcohol poured into it

00:21:09.900 —> 00:21:15.200
Oh is amazing, but it was only it was a nice seven percent alcohol, which is a nice sweet spot between

00:21:15.200 —> 00:21:17.680
week four and

00:21:17.680 —> 00:21:19.440
overbearing nine point eight

00:21:19.440 —> 00:21:24.240
Which means you will fall down the stairs, but you’ll catch yourself on the last step before you crash and die

00:21:24.240 —> 00:21:28.380
Pretty much, but not with a study hall. Now. I just have to say one thing

00:21:28.380 —> 00:21:32.700
There’s no study hall that I’m aware of that would accept you drinking that in it

00:21:32.700 —> 00:21:39.800
Adult colleges remote learning I mean hey Cheers Trump University

00:21:39.800 —> 00:21:45.980
Hey, maybe yay can start his own University

00:21:46.760 —> 00:21:52.460
Yay, since apparently he’s out of jobs now everyone’s dumped him his he doesn’t have an agent. He doesn’t have his contracts anymore

00:21:52.460 —> 00:21:58.360
Apparently people don’t like it when you say I like Hitler when you literally say the words. I like Hitler

00:21:58.360 —> 00:22:01.180
Huh Nazis probably would

00:22:01.180 —> 00:22:04.640
Hmm you’d think right, but they’re not funding any

00:22:04.640 —> 00:22:07.520
hip-hop artists I

00:22:07.520 —> 00:22:10.300
Suppose that’s possible

00:22:12.320 —> 00:22:16.720
Well, what else is going on? I have to say I’m glad there’s no Nazi rap that I’m aware

00:22:16.720 —> 00:22:20.900
Actually, there probably is if I probably have supremacy subcultures

00:22:20.900 —> 00:22:27.000
I would probably find I don’t know if I would or not. I don’t want it’s not look

00:22:27.000 —> 00:22:32.000
Let’s not go looking for for that. All right, Peter, you have something here called counterculture

00:22:32.000 —> 00:22:38.400
Slow-motion, what is that all about? That’s something I’m not yet drinking. So stop. Oh, I’m sorry

00:22:38.400 —> 00:22:41.280
Oh, I didn’t know it was a drink. It sounded like a social movement

00:22:41.280 —> 00:22:47.760
Yeah, no, Counter Culture, I have drunk Counter Culture on this podcast before, I think, is

00:22:47.760 —> 00:22:50.760
a brewing company, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

00:22:50.760 —> 00:22:54.720
Well, I’m the guy that makes the JSON file with all the beers in it, and I don’t remember

00:22:54.720 —> 00:22:58.160
that one, but let me go to friendswithbrews.com and type-

00:22:58.160 —> 00:23:04.000
Maybe I haven’t actually drunk it yet, but I did buy it with the intention of drinking

00:23:04.000 —> 00:23:05.280
it on the podcast.

00:23:05.280 —> 00:23:07.420
Yeah, you haven’t had it on this podcast.

00:23:07.420 —> 00:23:12.140
Because the last time we recorded it was in late afternoon and I did not want to be up

00:23:12.140 —> 00:23:13.140

00:23:13.140 —> 00:23:18.300
So that’s why I’ve just gone to a beer route right now instead of the second cup of coffee.

00:23:18.300 —> 00:23:22.020
Although the coffee that I was planning on drinking today, as you can probably guess

00:23:22.020 —> 00:23:24.640
by the name, it’s called Slow Motion.

00:23:24.640 —> 00:23:25.640
It’s a decaf.

00:23:25.640 —> 00:23:28.220
Ah, yeah, that’s definitely Slow Motion.

00:23:28.220 —> 00:23:32.620
Okay, let me talk one last thing about something related to Mastodon and then I’ll get over

00:23:32.620 —> 00:23:34.480

00:23:34.480 —> 00:23:37.680
You and Adam were talking about Mastodon apps very briefly.

00:23:37.680 —> 00:23:40.900
You weren’t talking about them as much as you were talking about not having really tried

00:23:40.900 —> 00:23:41.900
any of them.

00:23:41.900 —> 00:23:45.760
Ooh, I just mentioned a couple that were mentioned.

00:23:45.760 —> 00:23:49.240
Most of them are fairly not good, I must say.

00:23:49.240 —> 00:23:50.240

00:23:50.240 —> 00:23:52.960
Not real polished in the UI department.

00:23:52.960 —> 00:23:58.920
But the people who make Tweetbot, a company called Tapbots, they now have an app called

00:23:58.920 —> 00:24:04.060
Ivory that is in beta, and I am on the beta, which unfortunately is full right now.

00:24:04.060 —> 00:24:09.700
But anyway, they’re working on their own Mastodon app and they’re going to make a Mac version

00:24:09.700 —> 00:24:11.400
and they, yeah, it’s in progress.

00:24:11.400 —> 00:24:12.560
And let me just say, it’s nice.

00:24:12.560 —> 00:24:14.080
I like it.

00:24:14.080 —> 00:24:16.440
Even Siracusa hasn’t gotten his beta yet.

00:24:16.440 —> 00:24:18.880
No, he was very outraged.

00:24:18.880 —> 00:24:19.880
How do you get your beta?

00:24:19.880 —> 00:24:21.240
You have to be like, is it invite only?

00:24:21.240 —> 00:24:22.240
It was just timing.

00:24:22.240 —> 00:24:24.200
I saw someone, I literally was on Mastodon.

00:24:24.200 —> 00:24:26.800
I saw someone say something about it and I’m like, Oh, how’d you get on that?

00:24:26.800 —> 00:24:31.000
And he’s, and after I asked that, I found, I saw the link.

00:24:31.000 —> 00:24:32.680
I went there, I got my test flight real quick.

00:24:32.680 —> 00:24:35.680
And then next thing I knew other people were already not being able to get it.

00:24:35.680 —> 00:24:38.200
It just filled up really fast.

00:24:38.200 —> 00:24:39.200
Got it.

00:24:39.200 —> 00:24:43.680
So now I believe they could increase that limit if they wanted to, but maybe they don’t

00:24:43.680 —> 00:24:44.860
want to.

00:24:44.860 —> 00:24:47.280
Maybe they’re trying to plan for capacity.

00:24:47.280 —> 00:24:52.640
Siracusa I was asking, John Chidgey was asking, people were asking for exceptions, but as

00:24:52.640 —> 00:24:55.480
far as I know, Tapbots hasn’t responded to any of them.

00:24:55.480 —> 00:24:56.480

00:24:56.480 —> 00:24:57.880
But what I’m saying is it’s a nice app.

00:24:57.880 —> 00:25:02.400
If you try some of the current existing ones and you’re like, Oh my God, this is not the

00:25:02.400 —> 00:25:08.440
most handsome app I’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, there’s a pretty polished looking and nice

00:25:08.440 —> 00:25:14.000
to use app on the way. Look, I hate to say that because it sounds very dismissive of

00:25:14.000 —> 00:25:18.560
people who have been making apps way before Tapbots decided to come in and grace the world

00:25:18.560 —> 00:25:24.200
with their app. And I get that they’re probably frustrated, but the fact of the matter is

00:25:24.200 —> 00:25:28.760
most of those apps are nowhere near as polished in the UI department. And it does make a difference.

00:25:28.760 —> 00:25:30.240
It just does, you know?

00:25:30.240 —> 00:25:31.240
It just does.

00:25:31.240 —> 00:25:32.240

00:25:32.240 —> 00:25:33.240
So I’m sorry.

00:25:33.240 —> 00:25:34.240

00:25:34.240 —> 00:25:36.880
Yeah, I don’t think you have to be sorry.

00:25:36.880 —> 00:25:41.480
Well, I’ve had conversations with people.

00:25:41.480 —> 00:25:45.460
And they feel more sorry for the other app developers, and I get it, but no matter who

00:25:45.460 —> 00:25:50.560
you are, when you use software, or you use any other product for that matter, you are

00:25:50.560 —> 00:25:54.920
gonna pick the one that seems the nicest for you and does the job for you and meets all

00:25:54.920 —> 00:26:00.440
things that you expect in a nice product of whatever category. And that’s how you choose.

00:26:00.440 —> 00:26:06.840
Unless you’re stuck at work using whatever crap they give you.

00:26:06.840 —> 00:26:13.480
Yeah, yeah, yeah. But what I’m saying is you can’t expect people not to use the apps that seem more

00:26:13.480 —> 00:26:19.240
polished and look nicer than the other ones. You just can’t expect it. It’s just not realistic.

00:26:19.880 —> 00:26:25.400
And I look, I’m a horrible designer. I totally get, you know, if I designed a Mastodon app,

00:26:25.400 —> 00:26:28.360
it would be ugly too. But I wouldn’t get frustrated and bitter and say, oh,

00:26:28.360 —> 00:26:31.240
those guys just come blowing in here and all of a sudden everybody’s worshiping them.

00:26:31.240 —> 00:26:35.080
I would say, well, their app looks pretty good. And mine, honestly, it looks a little bit like,

00:26:35.080 —> 00:26:40.360
you know, I would just have to be honest about it. I mean, that that’s honesty. That’s refreshing,

00:26:40.360 —> 00:26:46.920
honesty, refreshing, like your, how is your, so now talk about your beer. So it is, it is,

00:26:46.920 —> 00:26:52.800
You know, it’s an amber ale which I generally tend to like and there are notes of coffee in it

00:26:52.800 —> 00:26:56.700
So I think that’s the study hall, you know, like you’re studying so you’re drinking coffee

00:26:56.700 —> 00:27:00.780
Because if there’s coffee in your beer, there’s no way your study session is gonna go wrong

00:27:00.780 —> 00:27:02.980
No matter how much of you drink

00:27:02.980 —> 00:27:09.080
one of my classmates in college said that the trick if you were gonna be drinking while you were

00:27:09.080 —> 00:27:12.680
programming or if you’re gonna be drinking while studying

00:27:13.060 —> 00:27:18.460
You needed to be at the same level of inebriation when you took the test.

00:27:18.460 —> 00:27:25.860
I never actually tried that, but I am somewhat skeptical about that as a strategy.

00:27:25.860 —> 00:27:32.660
Okay, I wouldn’t try it either, but I will say that it makes complete sense if two things here.

00:27:32.660 —> 00:27:36.560
Number one, the initial level of abbreabbreviation.

00:27:36.560 —> 00:27:38.360

00:27:38.360 —> 00:27:39.360
Help me, Peter.

00:27:39.360 —> 00:27:42.060

00:27:42.060 —> 00:27:46.060
I was going to say, I wanted to stick with abbreviation. I like that.

00:27:46.060 —> 00:27:52.060
If the initial level of abbreviation is such that you can still actually study and retain some things,

00:27:52.060 —> 00:28:01.060
and then assuming that you actually can get to that exact same level or close enough and maintain it throughout the test,

00:28:01.060 —> 00:28:04.060
those are two very hard to meet conditions.

00:28:04.060 —> 00:28:10.060
My recommendation would be that the level of inebriation be sober.

00:28:10.060 —> 00:28:19.580
Right, it’d be zero, yes. Zero abbreviations. Yeah, that’s my recommendation. Zero inebriations.

00:28:19.580 —> 00:28:25.500
What it says to me is your previous classmate had a bit of a drinking problem, and they were

00:28:25.500 —> 00:28:30.900
trying to find a way to not have to not drink and yet still succeed at exams.

00:28:30.900 —> 00:28:34.460
Huh, drinking problem in college, hmm.

00:28:34.460 —> 00:28:38.000
And because they thought that they were applying a scientific approach to it,

00:28:38.000 —> 00:28:39.240
somehow it justified everything?

00:28:39.240 —> 00:28:41.940
Uh, probably.

00:28:41.940 —> 00:28:44.960
And I think they’re probably wrong.

00:28:44.960 —> 00:28:45.940
Do you think they’re dead now?

00:28:45.940 —> 00:28:48.740
Have you followed up with this person in the last 20 years?

00:28:48.740 —> 00:28:51.080
I have not actually.

00:28:51.080 —> 00:28:51.660
I have not.

00:28:51.660 —> 00:28:52.640
I think they’re dead.

00:28:52.640 —> 00:28:55.500
So, yeah.

00:28:55.500 —> 00:28:55.880

00:28:55.880 —> 00:28:57.280
So, so, so what are these?

00:28:57.280 —> 00:29:01.260
So you’re talking tweetbot, cause you put like ivory and obsidian and things.

00:29:01.260 —> 00:29:01.580

00:29:01.580 —> 00:29:01.860

00:29:01.860 —> 00:29:04.820
I’ve ivory is the beta app.

00:29:04.900 —> 00:29:08.900
It’s the beta massive on app by the people that make Tweetbot.

00:29:08.900 —> 00:29:10.600

00:29:10.600 —> 00:29:16.300
Which is probably the most popular third party Twitter client.

00:29:16.300 —> 00:29:17.700

00:29:17.700 —> 00:29:21.300
So what I’m saying is probably some of our listeners will know who they are.

00:29:21.300 —> 00:29:23.600
I doubt that we have listeners that don’t know who they are.

00:29:23.600 —> 00:29:27.700
However, we may have I don’t know what our demographic of 10 listeners is.

00:29:27.700 —> 00:29:30.300
I don’t know if some of them are on Android and they don’t use iOS.

00:29:30.300 —> 00:29:32.700
So they may not know what tweetbot or tapbots is.

00:29:33.300 —> 00:29:38.620
Well, there could be tens of listeners even, you know, maybe not more than 10.

00:29:38.620 —> 00:29:42.460
But I also expect that people that are willing to put up with Android are

00:29:42.460 —> 00:29:43.900
probably willing to put up with Twitter anyway.

00:29:43.900 —> 00:29:44.580
So there you go.

00:29:44.580 —> 00:29:47.900

00:29:47.900 —> 00:29:50.220
I’m back to firing our listeners, Peter.

00:29:50.220 —> 00:29:50.720

00:29:50.720 —> 00:29:51.740
Good job.

00:29:51.740 —> 00:29:53.060
We had too many anyway.

00:29:53.060 —> 00:29:55.100
I know it’s going too well.

00:29:55.100 —> 00:29:57.740
What is the English?

00:29:57.740 —> 00:29:58.560
What is the English?

00:29:58.560 —> 00:30:07.740
The English Peter is a TV show on Amazon Prime and it is an Old West show.

00:30:07.740 —> 00:30:10.060
Oh, I think I’ve heard about that.

00:30:10.060 —> 00:30:11.060
It’s really good.

00:30:11.060 —> 00:30:15.660
I didn’t expect to like it but it primarily follows two people.

00:30:15.660 —> 00:30:22.060
One is an English woman who comes to America to… well, I’m not 100% sure why she’s there

00:30:22.060 —> 00:30:23.060

00:30:23.060 —> 00:30:27.580
She’s there for vengeance and she might also be there to find a guy who used to be her

00:30:27.580 —> 00:30:30.860
her fiance, but then he went to America and terrible things happened and he decided to

00:30:30.860 —> 00:30:34.860
stay there so that he wouldn’t destroy her life as well as his. But it follows her and

00:30:34.860 —> 00:30:42.680
it follows an Indian who was in, I keep thinking, I keep wanting to say US Army, but it wasn’t

00:30:42.680 —> 00:30:50.360
the US Army. Anyway, it was a US military outfit that was fighting against the Indians

00:30:50.360 —> 00:30:55.360
and other, well, yeah, basically against the Indians because who else was there really?

00:30:55.360 —> 00:31:00.020
But anyway, the reason he did it is because these Indian tribes were already fighting

00:31:00.020 —> 00:31:01.300
each other, right?

00:31:01.300 —> 00:31:04.100
And so he figured the enemy of my enemies, so he joined up.

00:31:04.100 —> 00:31:05.900
He also had a lot of terrible things happen.

00:31:05.900 —> 00:31:10.980
The other reason he did it is because everybody in his family was already killed, pretty much.

00:31:10.980 —> 00:31:18.660
And it follows him coming to terms with what he’s done and what it means and what his relationship

00:31:18.660 —> 00:31:23.220
with other people in a world where the white people are clearly coming in and decimating

00:31:23.220 —> 00:31:29.380
all of Indian, all of American Indians, Native Americans. They call them Indians in the movie,

00:31:29.380 —> 00:31:32.900
that’s why I keep in the TV show, of course, because it’s period appropriate, that’s what

00:31:32.900 —> 00:31:37.940
they call them. That’s why I’m using the word Indian here, because I’m talking about what the

00:31:37.940 —> 00:31:43.700
show says. He’s dealing with a lot of stuff, she’s dealing with a lot of stuff, and they kind of wind

00:31:43.700 —> 00:31:48.180
up saving each other’s lives several times throughout the show because, my god, what a

00:31:48.180 —> 00:31:53.260
lawless play. It really captures the lawlessness of the West and what people will do to survive

00:31:53.260 —> 00:31:57.240
and not just survive, but to eke out a profit in a place where it’s really hard to make

00:31:57.240 —> 00:32:00.980
a living. There’s a lot of people that you don’t mind seeing die. Let’s put it that way.

00:32:00.980 —> 00:32:08.460
Do you ever watch Deadwood on HBO? No, no. I thought it was excellent. And yeah, I’ve

00:32:08.460 —> 00:32:13.380
heard that it was. I’m just not an HBO guy. Sounds familiar. Sounds, sounds similar. But

00:32:13.380 —> 00:32:16.340
But the guy who plays the…

00:32:16.340 —> 00:32:19.620
I can’t even remember what tribe he was from now.

00:32:19.620 —> 00:32:22.540
Probably because of this tribe of beer that I’m drinking, but…

00:32:22.540 —> 00:32:24.860
I just hiccuped in your honor.

00:32:24.860 —> 00:32:26.500
He is amazingly compelling.

00:32:26.500 —> 00:32:28.620
He is super, super compelling.

00:32:28.620 —> 00:32:30.300
And it’s just a really good show.

00:32:30.300 —> 00:32:32.540
I really, really recommend it.

00:32:32.540 —> 00:32:34.780
Emily Blunt is the actress who plays the English woman.

00:32:34.780 —> 00:32:35.780
She’s good.

00:32:35.780 —> 00:32:39.340
And I can’t remember his name, but he’s an interesting character.

00:32:39.340 —> 00:32:45.020
He didn’t actually become super successful in acting until into his 40s.

00:32:45.020 —> 00:32:50.780
He had a lot of drug and alcohol problems, and he finally got clean right before he got

00:32:50.780 —> 00:32:54.980
a big breakthrough role, and then now he’s doing this and he’s got some other projects

00:32:54.980 —> 00:32:55.980

00:32:55.980 —> 00:32:58.980
But the way he plays the part is really, really compelling.

00:32:58.980 —> 00:33:04.300
And it just makes for a good show because there is a lot of conflict in what he’s doing,

00:33:04.300 —> 00:33:07.660
even though, yeah, his tribe is enemies with other tribes.

00:33:07.660 —> 00:33:10.820
Does that justify him going to war against them?

00:33:10.820 —> 00:33:15.020
And the fact that is that he’s helping the people who are also decimating him along with

00:33:15.020 —> 00:33:16.540
the other Indians.

00:33:16.540 —> 00:33:17.540
It’s really fascinating.

00:33:17.540 —> 00:33:20.260
And the good thing is it’s not just a bunch of action of people getting killed, although

00:33:20.260 —> 00:33:23.260
there’s plenty of that.

00:33:23.260 —> 00:33:28.400
It’s the storyline and the characters and the really good acting that really make it

00:33:28.400 —> 00:33:29.400
a show worth watching.

00:33:29.400 —> 00:33:30.400

00:33:30.400 —> 00:33:31.400
It’s about the people.

00:33:31.400 —> 00:33:36.860
I mean, so I haven’t been into westerns as much.

00:33:36.860 —> 00:33:40.860
I haven’t either. That’s why it took me a long time to get to watching it.

00:33:40.860 —> 00:33:41.860

00:33:41.860 —> 00:33:42.860

00:33:42.860 —> 00:33:49.380
I used to be, I was much bigger, even recently I was bigger into westerns like last year

00:33:49.380 —> 00:33:54.700
when I would be playing and running games of Deadlands, which is essentially cowboys

00:33:54.700 —> 00:34:00.820
and weird west cowboys and zombies version of like Dungeons and Dragons if you’re familiar

00:34:00.820 —> 00:34:02.780
at all with D&D. It’s like that.

00:34:02.780 —> 00:34:08.340
So I was doing lots of different, watching all of my favorite Westerns and things to

00:34:08.340 —> 00:34:09.340
get in the mood.

00:34:09.340 —> 00:34:12.140
But what you’re describing sounds right up that alley.

00:34:12.140 —> 00:34:16.500
Yeah, I started losing interest in Westerns right about the time the Bundys took over

00:34:16.500 —> 00:34:21.660
the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and were protesting about their rights and all

00:34:21.660 —> 00:34:22.660
that stuff.

00:34:22.660 —> 00:34:25.740
I kind of started losing patience with people on the east side of the state, let’s put it

00:34:25.740 —> 00:34:26.740
that way.

00:34:26.740 —> 00:34:32.580
I’m sorry, it’s just the truth.

00:34:32.580 —> 00:34:37.500
In other news, I’m drinking this beer and it is very wheaty and something that I have

00:34:37.500 —> 00:34:45.420
noticed in relatively low alcohol, wheaty beers. They make me somewhat congested. They

00:34:45.420 —> 00:34:50.420
make my nose get a little bit stuffy. Something, a phenomenon I have noticed that I first noticed

00:34:50.420 —> 00:34:54.540
I think earlier this year, maybe the spring or so this one is doing it to me. According

00:34:54.540 —> 00:34:57.500
to the show notes, that won’t be a problem because nothing can come out of your nose.

00:34:57.500 —> 00:35:02.460
Well, it is a problem because as you just alluded I

00:35:02.460 —> 00:35:05.520
Two days ago just had my nose

00:35:05.520 —> 00:35:12.220
Cauterized the blood vessels in my left nostril because I tend to get frequent nosebleeds

00:35:12.220 —> 00:35:18.400
Especially this time of year. Okay, I guess so I saw a doctor and he was great. I really liked it

00:35:18.400 —> 00:35:22.940
You know, he went and stuffed the hot poker right up my nose and sealed that thing up shut

00:35:22.940 —> 00:35:26.200
I was gonna ask you what did they just heat up a soldering iron and go here you go

00:35:26.660 —> 00:35:39.360
Pretty much. No, what they do is, you know, he diagnosed it and he says, yeah, you have a really big blood vessel running down your left vein, your right vein, however, it’s nice and open and it’s even concave. I’m like, okay, if you say so.

00:35:39.360 —> 00:35:41.360
This guy’s infatuated with your right vein.

00:35:41.360 —> 00:35:44.360
He’s a doctor. It’s what he does.

00:35:44.360 —> 00:35:46.360
Yeah, but it sounds like he’s in love a little bit.

00:35:46.360 —> 00:35:52.520
So he, uh, first he applied some topical numbing agent, which actually the worst part about it was

00:35:52.520 —> 00:35:56.920
that it just tasted terrible because you know, some of it goes down your nose into, into your

00:35:56.920 —> 00:36:02.520
throat. Right. But he was able to like, you know, zap it up and cauterize it pretty well.

00:36:02.520 —> 00:36:08.680
And then as he discharges me, he says, yeah, don’t, uh, you know, here are things you can’t do

00:36:08.680 —> 00:36:16.680
for five days. And the list of things that I can’t do for five days includes blowing my nose.

00:36:16.680 —> 00:36:17.640
Oh my god.

00:36:17.640 —> 00:36:22.680
It’s gross. And here I’m like, I’m snorting and getting ready like, oh, I’d like, I also am not

00:36:22.680 —> 00:36:28.840
supposed to insert anything into my nose. So I can’t like poke around it to like, you know,

00:36:28.840 —> 00:36:34.280
manually like sop like osmosis, you know, the mucus out of it or anything. It’s like,

00:36:34.280 —> 00:36:40.280
it’s really gross and now I’m starting to get, oh I’m also not supposed to inhale sharply so I

00:36:40.280 —> 00:36:46.440
can’t even like snort it up and try to spit it out. It’s not a great place to be right now.

00:36:46.440 —> 00:36:51.880
Basically you can’t use your nose. Pretty much, yeah. And it was hilarious because yesterday the

00:36:51.880 —> 00:36:56.760
first thing I signed into my early morning yoga class yesterday morning, the first thing that the

00:36:56.760 —> 00:37:02.920
instructor says like we’re gonna start by inhaling sharply and then slowly exhaling. I was like,

00:37:03.480 —> 00:37:05.480
I’ll see you next week.

00:37:05.480 —> 00:37:12.560
You didn’t have to do that. You could still do the yoga and just breathe your own way.

00:37:12.560 —> 00:37:15.320
Yeah, I know. I was being being facetious.

00:37:15.320 —> 00:37:21.300
But yeah, I got my nose cauterized after dealing with like rampant chronic nosebleeds for decades.

00:37:21.300 —> 00:37:27.280
I’m really hopeful that this will, you know, stop it. Although the doctor said this isn’t, he alluded to the fact

00:37:27.280 —> 00:37:28.760
that’s not a permanent fix.

00:37:28.760 —> 00:37:33.320
that’s more of a temporary fix because he said, you know, like you should be good for a few months.

00:37:33.320 —> 00:37:41.320
Sure. I have a very American question to ask you. Is this considered a cosmetic procedure,

00:37:41.320 —> 00:37:46.840
Peter, and your insurance will not cover it? Or is this considered a vital and necessary procedure

00:37:46.840 —> 00:37:55.480
and your insurance will cover it? I am not sure. I did get referred and they asked if I had insurance.

00:37:56.200 —> 00:38:03.720
Right. I would think that stopping bleeding would be important enough to be covered,

00:38:03.720 —> 00:38:10.440
but then again, tampons are apparently considered a luxury item. And let’s be honest, you’re probably

00:38:10.440 —> 00:38:14.360
not going to bleed to death from this and it’s just unsightly for you and for everyone else,

00:38:14.360 —> 00:38:18.440
therefore it’s a cosmetic issue. I’m kind of curious. I don’t know. We’ll find out.

00:38:18.440 —> 00:38:23.400
I’d be amazed if they didn’t try to blow it off as some unnecessary… They did ask. I mean,

00:38:23.400 —> 00:38:30.040
they did ask what my insurance was at the doctor’s office so that implies that insurance might be

00:38:30.040 —> 00:38:36.680
covered so we shall see insurance in america is a weird thing oh my god from a record okay well i

00:38:36.680 —> 00:38:42.280
was curious about that because uh uh i was showing vicar show notes and he was like what’s the

00:38:42.280 —> 00:38:46.920
cauterized thing he he was very alarmed by that and i said i don’t know maybe it’s a sinus thing

00:38:46.920 —> 00:38:51.320
i didn’t know what it was yeah no but what do you see he numbed it up and then he had a little thing

00:38:51.320 —> 00:38:56.040
I’m presuming it was a hot poker and stuff, you know, just like a needle sized thing and he just kind of like

00:38:56.040 —> 00:39:01.720
Yeah, soldering arc. I felt a little bit of a pinch, you know, it was the pain was very manageable those

00:39:01.720 —> 00:39:06.160
It was it was mostly it was it was very uncomfortable, but it wasn’t painful

00:39:06.160 —> 00:39:13.320
The good news was I didn’t smell anything. That was my concern. I thought I was gonna cuz literally hot in nose

00:39:13.320 —> 00:39:14.480
I’m thinking

00:39:14.480 —> 00:39:19.880
Burning flesh within the say, you know because that was the weird thing when I had laser eye surgery when I had LASIK

00:39:19.880 —> 00:39:25.800
I could smell the eyes getting toasted. It was bizarre.

00:39:25.800 —> 00:39:31.920
Are you sure? What year did you have this done? Because when I had LASIK I couldn’t, I couldn’t. I could see the flaps go up.

00:39:31.920 —> 00:39:33.920
I could see them flip the flap up.

00:39:33.920 —> 00:39:36.680
That was weird too. That was weird because you have to keep it open.

00:39:36.680 —> 00:39:40.880
Yeah, keep it open and then I could see it flip back down, but I couldn’t smell anything.

00:39:40.880 —> 00:39:44.000
I smelled it and it was bizarre. It was like 20 years ago.

00:39:46.160 —> 00:39:50.600
Yeah, I’m trying to remember when mine was mine was quite a long time ago now to actually

00:39:50.600 —> 00:39:53.260
Probably approaching 20 years as well

00:39:53.260 —> 00:39:57.640
The place I went to they were pretty advanced they were using equipment that not everybody had yet at the time

00:39:57.640 —> 00:40:01.540
So I don’t know okay. Maybe it was the smell remover. Maybe they had a

00:40:01.540 —> 00:40:04.680
super silent vacuum sucking away the smell that I

00:40:04.680 —> 00:40:11.780
See you here. Giant sucking sound. Giant sucking sound. Here, hold on. Now what we’re gonna do is flip your eye open

00:40:11.780 —> 00:40:15.300
No, it wasn’t I would not go to that guy

00:40:16.040 —> 00:40:21.040
Don’t do it. Well, I’m glad that your nose is cauterized, I guess.

00:40:21.040 —> 00:40:23.040
Well, actually, I’m more glad that you made it through.

00:40:23.040 —> 00:40:26.040
And I will be curious to see if it helps with the nosebleeds.

00:40:26.040 —> 00:40:29.040
I have to say, I haven’t really noticed a lot of nose bleeding on this podcast.

00:40:29.040 —> 00:40:32.040
But… No, not today, which is great.

00:40:32.040 —> 00:40:34.040
But, you know, it’s just like, ehh.

00:40:34.040 —> 00:40:39.040
Has this ever happened at work where you’re just sitting there talking with the people and all of a sudden you’re like, “Oh my God, is my nose bleeding?”

00:40:39.040 —> 00:40:42.040
On rare occasions, it just happens.

00:40:42.040 —> 00:40:50.040
The most embarrassing times that it happened, most inconvenient times, was twice it happened while I was at a restaurant.

00:40:50.040 —> 00:40:59.040
And like at the dinner table, all of a sudden I’m like, “sniff, sniff, touch, oh $—t, I have to excuse myself,” and I’m gone for like literally 15 minutes.

00:40:59.040 —> 00:41:00.040
Right, right.

00:41:00.040 —> 00:41:10.040
It also happened once at a yoga class. Like right off the bat, the very first pose, my friend and teacher Sharon says, “Hey, we’re gonna start in downward dog.”

00:41:10.040 —> 00:41:14.500
And as soon as I invert and go into the first downward dog

00:41:14.500 —> 00:41:19.280
I see red drops on my mat and I was in the in the bathroom for about 15 minutes

00:41:19.280 —> 00:41:25.880
Waiting for that one to stop. She’s like, I’m sorry Peter. That’s bloody downward dog. We’re not doing that here bloody downward dog

00:41:25.880 —> 00:41:28.960
But no what what I don’t like is

00:41:28.960 —> 00:41:36.220
What’s interesting is a different thing first. What’s interesting is though is I have like two types of nosebleeds

00:41:37.060 —> 00:41:40.160
One is like just you know, just a spot

00:41:40.160 —> 00:41:46.800
I can hear a sniff sniff touch a Kleenex to it and then it’s done and then there’s like a gusher and

00:41:46.800 —> 00:41:53.040
I don’t know like maybe it’s you know, my heart rate, you know blood pressure is up and it’s really pumping

00:41:53.040 —> 00:41:56.760
But when it when that happens like nothing I do will stop it

00:41:56.760 —> 00:42:00.560
The only thing I can do is wait it out and it’s really really sucks

00:42:00.560 —> 00:42:03.840
How often does that happen often enough that I was like?

00:42:04.320 —> 00:42:09.460
Getting borderline losing my temper and it’s like what am I supposed to get angry at my own nose?

00:42:09.460 —> 00:42:14.700
You know like it was but it was really inconvenient and it sucked so I have a really

00:42:14.700 —> 00:42:19.940
Stupid question would it help to have something that you could shove up the left nostril?

00:42:19.940 —> 00:42:24.440
But I did I mean I would shove like, you know a clean

00:42:24.440 —> 00:42:29.420
I mean before I would hold up and so go out that day with something shoved high up high enough that people won’t see it

00:42:29.420 —> 00:42:34.820
Well, that’s the thing. It can’t be that high because it’s relatively low in the nostril where it happens

00:42:34.820 —> 00:42:38.680
So you’re gonna see something but even then there’s no predicting it right, you know

00:42:38.680 —> 00:42:43.860
Like I’d have to wear this every freaking day. So yeah, I don’t know. Glad we had that conversation

00:42:43.860 —> 00:42:48.900
Yeah, I thought when you were talking about health problems, I thought we were gonna talk about your knee or something

00:42:48.900 —> 00:42:50.780
How is your knee doing?

00:42:50.780 —> 00:42:51.740

00:42:51.740 —> 00:42:59.260
It sounds like I have a partially torn meniscus ouch. I had physical therapy yesterday

00:42:59.260 —> 00:43:01.320
I’ve had my third third session was yesterday

00:43:01.320 —> 00:43:10.080
And my PT and this is the same guy who I saw last year after my stress fracture in my foot

00:43:10.080 —> 00:43:12.040
yeah, he

00:43:12.040 —> 00:43:16.320
Was to you know, said asked me like so you got any big races come planned and I’m like, well

00:43:16.320 —> 00:43:19.140
I’m running the dairy cheap in April. I’m hoping to is it? Oh, yeah

00:43:19.140 —> 00:43:22.880
I was gonna run that and yeah blah blah, but you know, I’m gonna do Boston next year

00:43:22.880 —> 00:43:24.680
I just I’m just gonna take it easy and stuff

00:43:24.680 —> 00:43:32.260
But what he did not do was give me the sideways glance or say I don’t think you want to be planning to do

00:43:32.260 —> 00:43:39.700
That so I took that as a good sign that you know, he doesn’t seem overly concerned that you know

00:43:39.700 —> 00:43:42.080
About me doing a doing a marathon in April

00:43:42.080 —> 00:43:46.120
So we’ll see we’ll see I am planning I’m gonna be taking a vacation

00:43:46.120 —> 00:43:51.780
Soon or I’m gonna be gone for a month in between that time which is gonna be cool

00:43:51.920 —> 00:43:58.000
But you know, we’ll see I’m hoping to be you know practicing or you know training and stuff while I’m gone

00:43:58.000 —> 00:44:05.040
Because I deliberately Gardner or something anything that gets me anything that allows me to go live with you for a month. I

00:44:05.040 —> 00:44:11.620
Have guest rooms in both of the places that I’m renting in Costa Rica, right?

00:44:11.620 —> 00:44:15.560
But I need to get paid because I can’t afford right now. Well, Costa Rica is really cheap

00:44:15.560 —> 00:44:21.100
I know but my daughter’s going on a trip to Japan, which is not really cheap and that’s awesome

00:44:21.100 —> 00:44:25.100
But you could work, you could work, you could do your remote work from where we’re going to be, right?

00:44:25.100 —> 00:44:29.100
So as long as you don’t have to go onsite and someone else is going to have to pick her up from school too.

00:44:29.100 —> 00:44:32.100
That’s kind of a bummer.

00:44:32.100 —> 00:44:37.100
I’ll have to see if my boss will hire an assistant for me so that they can do the onsite work while I’m gone.

00:44:37.100 —> 00:44:40.100
Do that. Do that and then come on down.

00:44:40.100 —> 00:44:46.100
I’m actually due for a sabbatical. I could take a sabbatical. I could take a two month sabbatical anytime I want right now.

00:44:46.100 —> 00:44:48.700
Does it have to do you have to take the whole two months?

00:44:48.700 —> 00:44:51.340
Or can you take it in pieces?

00:44:51.340 —> 00:44:55.660
I don’t think I do. But if I was going to go somewhere, I would definitely take the whole

00:44:55.660 —> 00:45:01.300
two months. And then what I would do is go somewhere. And then I would spend the majority

00:45:01.300 —> 00:45:04.220
of that with my family. That’s the that’s the only reason I’ve really been waiting is to figure

00:45:04.220 —> 00:45:07.300
out when’s a good time for my family, which sucks because there is no good time right now because

00:45:07.300 —> 00:45:14.020
we’re still coming out of the tail end of a pandemic. And we’re also not super flush with

00:45:14.020 —> 00:45:18.420
cash right now. So my wife’s working a lot and then, you know, my daughter’s, I don’t

00:45:18.420 —> 00:45:22.860
know, it’s just, I don’t know what I’m going to do. But anyway, what I’m saying is you’re

00:45:22.860 —> 00:45:27.860
tempting me to try to figure out a way to spend a week or two of that elsewhere.

00:45:27.860 —> 00:45:35.120
I think you should. I think you should. So what I did is I rented two Airbnbs and one

00:45:35.120 —> 00:45:41.620
is closer to the beach and one is closer in the mountains, in the woods.

00:45:41.620 —> 00:45:45.180
So you’d probably stuff me in the woods and then you’d go to the beach. Is that what you’re

00:45:45.180 —> 00:45:46.180

00:45:46.180 —> 00:45:50.780
Sure. Let’s do that. My plan was to do running though, you know, like to be running in the

00:45:50.780 —> 00:45:56.060
woods, you know, a lot of trail running and stuff. And apparently it’s a, you know, a

00:45:56.060 —> 00:46:02.000
safe part of the country, safe neighborhoods, et cetera. It’s still, you know, central America.

00:46:02.000 —> 00:46:07.180
It’s not going to be United States, but you know, they, it’s not Brazil. So apparently

00:46:07.180 —> 00:46:12.140
it’s like a giant playground from the way people are describing it. But then again,

00:46:12.140 —> 00:46:17.700
people that I’ve talked to all, you know, like would go to resorts and stay in these,

00:46:17.700 —> 00:46:20.740
you know, like walled in hotel package deal kind of things.

00:46:20.740 —> 00:46:24.400
Right. Cause I was going to say, I think there, cause I’ve had friends that are like photographers

00:46:24.400 —> 00:46:27.880
and stuff and I’m pretty sure there are places there where you don’t want to go with like

00:46:27.880 —> 00:46:33.260
your camera gear and stuff. Could be. I mean, I plan, you know, like when I’m out, I’m probably

00:46:33.260 —> 00:46:41.320
gonna have my phone on me, my Apple watch and not a lot else. Passport, I don’t know.

00:46:41.320 —> 00:46:45.440
I don’t even know right now what the recommended best practice is. Are you supposed to keep

00:46:45.440 —> 00:46:51.240
your passport with you to prove who you are or do you leave it home? Yeah, I don’t know.

00:46:51.240 —> 00:46:52.680
I don’t know what the best practice is.

00:46:52.680 —> 00:46:57.760
Hey, do these BnBs have, do these places have safes in them so you can put your MacBook

00:46:57.760 —> 00:46:58.760
in your…

00:46:58.760 —> 00:47:03.400
Thinking about that, I don’t know that they do. That’s a very good question.

00:47:03.400 —> 00:47:04.400
I think we should get one.

00:47:04.400 —> 00:47:11.400
But I might at least bring a little security camera along, you know, at least as a backup.

00:47:11.400 —> 00:47:16.760
I think both of the places that I’m going to have security cameras on on-prem as well.

00:47:16.760 —> 00:47:19.960
I’m not 100% sure though now. I don’t have to think about it.

00:47:19.960 —> 00:47:25.160
Because not only would you be wildly inconvenienced if your laptop, let’s say, went missing,

00:47:25.160 —> 00:47:28.640
you would also be screwed because you’re presumably going to be doing some work

00:47:28.640 —> 00:47:29.480
during that period of time.

00:47:29.480 —> 00:47:33.680
Yeah. Oh yeah. No, I am planning. I’ll definitely take some time off. Um,

00:47:33.680 —> 00:47:38.400
but in general, this is just a relocation, not a vacation as much.

00:47:38.400 —> 00:47:42.100
So yeah. Yeah. But I might end up just like, you know what,

00:47:42.100 —> 00:47:43.880
I’m taking a freaking week off, whatever.

00:47:43.880 —> 00:47:48.160
Well, I’m gonna, let me just put it this way. I will,

00:47:48.160 —> 00:47:54.280
I will at least have the idea that maybe I should think about it as a,

00:47:54.280 —> 00:47:59.280
somewhat not certain, but also not impossible possibility.

00:47:59.280 —> 00:48:01.760
An impossible impossibility.

00:48:01.760 —> 00:48:03.980
That maybe I would go down there for at least a few days

00:48:03.980 —> 00:48:06.080
or a week or whatever.

00:48:06.080 —> 00:48:10.320
Well, I have extended the invitation to Adam and his wife.

00:48:10.320 —> 00:48:12.600
It doesn’t work with their vacation schedule.

00:48:12.600 —> 00:48:14.240
They’re going to be going to other places.

00:48:14.240 —> 00:48:17.960
I have extended it to four other people

00:48:17.960 —> 00:48:19.960
and all of them are like, yeah, that sounds amazing.

00:48:19.960 —> 00:48:20.840
I can’t do it.

00:48:20.840 —> 00:48:21.960

00:48:21.960 —> 00:48:24.800
So, so far, it’s I’ve got the place to myself.

00:48:24.800 —> 00:48:28.160
I’m like, all right, you know, it’s gonna be just me and going out and having fun.

00:48:28.160 —> 00:48:29.760
Then that’s totally cool.

00:48:29.760 —> 00:48:31.640
That’s pretty amazing, honestly.

00:48:31.640 —> 00:48:33.840
It might be exactly what you need.

00:48:33.840 —> 00:48:35.360
There you go.

00:48:35.360 —> 00:48:37.740
This is the perfect time to get your nose cauterized.

00:48:37.740 —> 00:48:40.800
That way you won’t go sauntering into a bar down there and…

00:48:40.800 —> 00:48:41.800

00:48:41.800 —> 00:48:46.860
That would be less than optimal.

00:48:46.860 —> 00:48:50.960
But the short answer though is, but the knee seems to be doing very well.

00:48:50.960 —> 00:48:54.040
It’s constantly stiff.

00:48:54.040 —> 00:48:58.220
And today I was just thinking, the only thing that hurts it though, that aggravates and

00:48:58.220 —> 00:49:02.300
causes pain is like external rotation.

00:49:02.300 —> 00:49:04.800
Like think pigeon pose.

00:49:04.800 —> 00:49:06.940
That’s what causes the pain.

00:49:06.940 —> 00:49:13.120
And then today when I was walking in my living room, like with the foot planted, I turned

00:49:13.120 —> 00:49:18.560
to the right and that torquing motion triggered it.

00:49:18.560 —> 00:49:25.200
Not terribly, but it hurt a little bit. So my thought is, when I was running this summer,

00:49:25.200 —> 00:49:32.880
on almost every long run, at some point during the run, I would trip and fall. It was always my left

00:49:32.880 —> 00:49:38.640
foot getting caught on something. And when I thought about it, the difference between, like,

00:49:38.640 —> 00:49:44.960
my left foot naturally pronates inward, whereas my right foot naturally supinates outward.

00:49:44.960 —> 00:49:46.880
Oh my God, you’re running sideways all the time.

00:49:47.680 —> 00:49:55.760
Exactly. Literally. So I had to deliberately crank things back. And as soon as I put, like,

00:49:55.760 —> 00:50:00.000
focused my attention on that, in addition to all the other things when I’m trail running,

00:50:00.000 —> 00:50:05.760
I stopped falling. As long as I would keep my attention and I could almost, I couldn’t even

00:50:05.760 —> 00:50:11.920
make myself trip over something like when I would try, like going over a rock or a root or something.

00:50:11.920 —> 00:50:16.880
So I fixed that problem. My suspicion is that I was overcompensating.

00:50:16.880 —> 00:50:20.560
Yeah, that’s what I was… or even if you weren’t overcompensating, it’s a change.

00:50:20.560 —> 00:50:29.120
It is a change, but that external rotation is the same motion that I felt with that foot planted and

00:50:29.120 —> 00:50:34.800
then turning to the right. So I’m thinking that’s probably what’s going on. Even if it wasn’t over

00:50:34.800 —> 00:50:39.840
compensation, let’s say you were actually picking an angle that would work well and wasn’t

00:50:39.840 —> 00:50:45.360
unreasonable. It’s just a change and you’re not reducing your mileage or working into it in any

00:50:45.360 —> 00:50:48.700
So it definitely causes strain.

00:50:48.700 —> 00:50:53.120
Right. But I mean, it didn’t manifest until like three, four months later.

00:50:53.120 —> 00:50:53.960
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

00:50:53.960 —> 00:50:57.660
But you know, these things, but that gives credit to like, they exactly,

00:50:57.660 —> 00:51:01.000
they built up and that’s probably what happened.

00:51:01.000 —> 00:51:03.860
I have a news for you. The older you get,

00:51:03.860 —> 00:51:08.060
the easier it’s going to be to injure yourself in that type of way.

00:51:08.060 —> 00:51:09.800
Like where you can tell that, oh my God,

00:51:09.800 —> 00:51:12.360
I just did something way too many times, you know,

00:51:12.360 —> 00:51:19.360
After a million times of doing this one thing my body is angry. I believe that’s called an RSI right repetitive strain injury

00:51:19.360 —> 00:51:22.340
It’s a lot easier to do that kind of thing without knowing that it’s happening

00:51:22.340 —> 00:51:26.480
mm-hmm all of a sudden you’ll just be in severe pain and

00:51:26.480 —> 00:51:29.920
It sucks because

00:51:29.920 —> 00:51:34.800
Overdo stuff without having any freaking clue that you’re overdoing it because you feel great at the time

00:51:34.800 —> 00:51:38.100
Feels fine feels fine feels fine all of a sudden. Oh my god

00:51:40.240 —> 00:51:47.440
Well, I probably need to start giving more attention to what’s called prehab as opposed to rehab

00:51:47.440 —> 00:51:51.720
You know and start doing these exercises and you know things like that

00:51:51.720 —> 00:51:56.880
I’ve got I’ve got two good physical therapists that I’m working with and I don’t know if they’re both runners

00:51:56.880 —> 00:52:02.560
I don’t know if the lady is but the guy he definitely he’s like yeah, I got into Boston for next year

00:52:02.560 —> 00:52:06.180
But I’m gonna delay it. I’m gonna do it in 2024 and I did two marathons last year

00:52:06.180 —> 00:52:09.000
I’m like, okay, these are my people he knows what I’m going through

00:52:09.880 —> 00:52:14.760
He’s probably like, you know, closer to half my age, but still he knows what, you know,

00:52:14.760 —> 00:52:16.560
he’s also a doctorate of PT.

00:52:16.560 —> 00:52:18.280
So he knows what I’m going through and he’s a runner.

00:52:18.280 —> 00:52:19.280
So I’m happy.

00:52:19.280 —> 00:52:23.520
You know, what’s funny is my PT guy that I just, I’ve only seen him one time, but I just

00:52:23.520 —> 00:52:25.320
started going for my rotator cuff.

00:52:25.320 —> 00:52:26.320

00:52:26.320 —> 00:52:30.180
And he is, at first when I saw him, I thought he was half my age.

00:52:30.180 —> 00:52:34.120
After I, we were both wearing masks of course, cause it’s a medical facility.

00:52:34.120 —> 00:52:38.660
After I interacted with him a little bit and I was looking, you know, got a better sense

00:52:38.660 —> 00:52:42.500
of his face and could see some of the wrinkles around his eyes and stuff. He’s probably not

00:52:42.500 —> 00:52:48.100
half my age, but he’s definitely younger than me, and the funny thing is he has a daughter

00:52:48.100 —> 00:52:51.820
the same age as mine, which cracks me up. It always cracks me up when friends of mine,

00:52:51.820 —> 00:52:55.220
their kids were graduating from high school about the time that my daughter was learning

00:52:55.220 —> 00:52:59.940
about the color yellow in kindergarten or whatever. But anyway, but this guy, he seems

00:52:59.940 —> 00:53:05.360
like he could definitely be a marathoner. He’s got that build and he definitely, he,

00:53:05.360 —> 00:53:09.100
I think he is definitely a yoga guy because I was telling him that one of my he’s like

00:53:09.100 —> 00:53:14.360
what are you trying to you know what’s your end expectation from this because he’s telling

00:53:14.360 —> 00:53:21.140
me you might not come out of this 100% pain free you might not come out of this a lot

00:53:21.140 —> 00:53:24.500
and I said that’s fine I already have other existing pains that I have to monitor and

00:53:24.500 —> 00:53:28.740
keep track of but they don’t stop me from doing what I need to do and they don’t get

00:53:28.740 —> 00:53:33.040
worse from me doing those things they’re just kind of there I said if my shoulders that

00:53:33.040 —> 00:53:37.920
way but I can do my full range of motion during yoga and other activities that’s

00:53:37.920 —> 00:53:42.200
the kind of thing that I’m looking for okay he’s like that’s a realistic

00:53:42.200 —> 00:53:46.000
expectation but he does seem to have a pretty good idea of yoga and he was you

00:53:46.000 —> 00:53:49.280
know he likes the fact that I’m doing yoga and stuff like that so I I have a

00:53:49.280 —> 00:53:51.920
feeling that working with him will be pretty good well I was gonna ask you I

00:53:51.920 —> 00:53:55.600
was like wait so you you think he’s into yoga because he tells you you might not

00:53:55.600 —> 00:54:00.880
come out of this pain-free that’s a weird conclusion no no no he’s because

00:54:00.880 —> 00:54:04.240
he’d know he understands when I’m describing the different yoga poses and

00:54:04.240 —> 00:54:08.360
what which way I need to rotate my arm in order to be able to do the pose and

00:54:08.360 —> 00:54:12.200
stuff like that I get that I mean a lot of no he’s just he’s just trying to be

00:54:12.200 —> 00:54:15.200
realistic he’s saying that having suffered this injury and having had this

00:54:15.200 —> 00:54:19.280
pain you’re probably never gonna get to the point where you don’t feel like this

00:54:19.280 —> 00:54:27.200
ever happened yep when I had my rotator cuff surgery my doctor that the surgeon

00:54:27.200 —> 00:54:34.800
told me that, you know, it’s not going to be a hundred percent. And I disagree. I think

00:54:34.800 —> 00:54:39.160
he got me back to what I think was a hundred percent.

00:54:39.160 —> 00:54:44.000
But see, I think the difference is, well, that is actually pretty amazing and that’s

00:54:44.000 —> 00:54:45.000

00:54:45.000 —> 00:54:46.000

00:54:46.000 —> 00:54:47.000
Might even be unusual. I don’t know.

00:54:47.000 —> 00:54:52.360
Well, of course he seemed to think so. Well, you have to factor in though, maybe it was

00:54:52.360 —> 00:55:01.000
the fact that I had been at so suboptimal for so long that that’s why it seemed like 100% you know

00:55:01.000 —> 00:55:07.400
that could be you also had surgery whereas all I’m going to do is physical therapy to build up

00:55:07.400 —> 00:55:14.040
the muscles in such a way that hopefully my arms won’t basically you’re compensating for a

00:55:14.040 —> 00:55:19.640
particular weak spot right and there is no plan to have surgery because mine aren’t that bad mine’s

00:55:19.640 —> 00:55:23.400
It’s not that bad. It’s not as bad as yours were. In fact, you know,

00:55:23.400 —> 00:55:25.920
he does the strength test where they tell you to hold your arms at different

00:55:25.920 —> 00:55:29.560
angles and they press on them and try to see if you can maintain without,

00:55:29.560 —> 00:55:32.160
you know, and he said, your arms are basically the same strength.

00:55:32.160 —> 00:55:36.440
I can’t tell any difference. So it’s not like it’s a super bad injury. Yeah,

00:55:36.440 —> 00:55:39.880
that’s a good sign. It’s just very painful in certain positions.

00:55:39.880 —> 00:55:44.720
And so I guess what I’m saying is because I’m not going to have anything

00:55:44.720 —> 00:55:47.240
massively interventional, like a surgery,

00:55:47.680 —> 00:55:53.020
I wouldn’t be surprised if it probably is true that while it’s not as bad to begin with,

00:55:53.020 —> 00:55:58.140
the overall outcome might not be as super good as yours, where I have no pain that I

00:55:58.140 —> 00:55:59.140
notice anymore.

00:55:59.140 —> 00:56:00.140

00:56:00.140 —> 00:56:06.740
I mean, that said, it did come back, you know, over time, and it did degrade mostly due to

00:56:06.740 —> 00:56:11.320
working out with a teenager in a jiu-jitsu class, and, you know, the kid had no proprioception

00:56:11.320 —> 00:56:17.080
and was wailing on my shoulder after I had already submitted to, you know, through the hold.

00:56:17.080 —> 00:56:20.040
So that was one of my last jiu-jitsu classes.

00:56:20.040 —> 00:56:23.480
Yeah. And then you couldn’t go back there because you killed the kid.

00:56:23.480 —> 00:56:26.600
I did not kill the kid.

00:56:26.600 —> 00:56:31.960
All right. Well, we have been going for an hour now.

00:56:31.960 —> 00:56:32.440
We have.

00:56:32.440 —> 00:56:36.920
And I didn’t talk about Obsidian. Let’s talk about it next time. But I do want to talk about it

00:56:36.920 —> 00:56:39.480
because I think you might find it very interesting.

00:56:39.480 —> 00:56:43.280
I don’t think that Obsidian is a direct Evernote replacement for you

00:56:43.280 —> 00:56:45.800
because it’s not a filing cabinet.

00:56:45.800 —> 00:56:51.560
But what it is, is a very fascinating organizational tool

00:56:51.560 —> 00:56:53.680
that can be scripted in different ways.

00:56:53.680 —> 00:56:55.560
And it’s got lots of different powerful plugins

00:56:55.560 —> 00:56:59.440
that you can get data from your notes

00:56:59.440 —> 00:57:01.120
and present it to yourself in different ways.

00:57:01.120 —> 00:57:02.600
It’s really, really cool.

00:57:02.600 —> 00:57:05.200
And I’m using it both for myself now,

00:57:05.200 —> 00:57:10.480
like for all the notes I take for servers, for podcasts, for anything.

00:57:10.480 —> 00:57:16.800
And I’m also using it for work now. I started using it for work because I noticed with stuff in OneNote,

00:57:16.800 —> 00:57:22.320
there are a lot of times I just drop the ball on something because it’s there in OneNote somewhere,

00:57:22.320 —> 00:57:25.920
but it doesn’t surface to me and I don’t… anyway.

00:57:25.920 —> 00:57:29.360
This makes it a lot easier to make sure stuff gets surfaced to you.

00:57:29.360 —> 00:57:34.640
And so, anyway, we’ll talk about it at some future date, but I think you might find it interesting.

00:57:34.640 —> 00:57:38.320
All right. I’m, you know, I was here interested to hear about new tech options.

00:57:38.320 —> 00:57:42.640
Obsidian is one of those things that air free buddy has been talking about.

00:57:42.640 —> 00:57:47.040
When you say everybody, who does that include?

00:57:47.040 —> 00:57:53.360
Mac communities that I listened to. Okay. I was just curious because you’re everybody does not

00:57:53.360 —> 00:57:58.720
obviously interact with my everybody. Cause I’d never heard of it until you know what I take that

00:57:58.720 —> 00:58:05.760
Beck, my godson might have mentioned that. He told me about this awesome note-taking app that

00:58:05.760 —> 00:58:12.720
he was using and I don’t have it in my shortcuts, in my reminders. Well, the two that everybody are

00:58:12.720 —> 00:58:16.880
talking about, there’s one called Craft, which I could not stand and my wife and I tried it and

00:58:16.880 —> 00:58:22.080
we were like, this is dumb. And then there’s Obsidian, which is very powerful and allows

00:58:22.080 —> 00:58:27.120
you to customize and program against it. I think that’s the one he told me about also.

00:58:27.760 —> 00:58:32.240
I kind of was against it. I’m one of those people that when everybody is raving about something,

00:58:32.240 —> 00:58:38.000
I’m kind of contrarian. But then at Thanksgiving, my brother showed me how he’s using it. And I was

00:58:38.000 —> 00:58:44.560
like, “Okay, now that is cool. Now I get it. Now I understand why I would use this.” And so it was

00:58:44.560 —> 00:58:50.800
really having my brother with his Mac there at Thanksgiving, bring it over and show me exactly

00:58:50.800 —> 00:58:54.240
how he was using it and what he was doing and some of the plugins. And I was like, “Okay,

00:58:54.240 —> 00:58:59.680
Now I’m on board and now I’m deep into it. Okay. All right. Like I said, like as you said though,

00:58:59.680 —> 00:59:05.520
yeah, I am using it. I use Evernote really as a, you know, a filing cabinet because, you know,

00:59:05.520 —> 00:59:10.960
again, it’s basically endless storage, you know, for my purpose. That said, I have no idea how much

00:59:10.960 —> 00:59:15.520
space I’m really using in Evernote. I haven’t done a massive export in a long time. It’s probably not

00:59:15.520 —> 00:59:20.080
even an issue. It’s probably, you know, like, oh yeah, one gig you’re done. Yeah. So yeah. My,

00:59:20.080 —> 00:59:25.200
My godson did tell me about obsidian. Yeah, so what you might do is talk to him and then

00:59:25.200 —> 00:59:29.360
don’t think of it as will I use this instead of Evernote. Think of this as will this help

00:59:29.360 —> 00:59:37.200
improve my organization and my planning and my information. Stuff that I need to work with all

00:59:37.200 —> 00:59:43.040
the time will it will it improve that part of my life. Got it. More than just here’s something I

00:59:43.040 —> 00:59:47.120
might need some time and it could be any type of file and I want to dump it in a cabinet.

00:59:47.120 —> 00:59:52.720
I don’t think they’re equivalent that way, but I do think that it’s super great at being able to…

00:59:52.720 —> 01:00:00.400
Like, for example, let’s say I have a folder and I’ve got a bunch of subfolders, and I can do simple

01:00:00.400 —> 01:00:05.040
things like have a top-level page that says, “Just show me the index page and all those things.”

01:00:05.040 —> 01:00:10.720
I can write a query against that with something called Data View, and then on those subfolders,

01:00:10.720 —> 01:00:14.880
I can have their own index pages and I can show me a list of all the nodes. And not just lists,

01:00:14.880 —> 01:00:20.160
but you can do table views, you can do Kanban boards, you can do all kinds of stuff. And querying

01:00:20.160 —> 01:00:25.600
by tag, querying by page title, querying by… It’s almost like being able to do SQL queries against

01:00:25.600 —> 01:00:33.360
notes. Yeah, that sounds really cool. That sounds really cool. And again, as you said,

01:00:33.360 —> 01:00:41.760
my Evernote usage is I just throw stuff in there and in excess of 99% of the time, I just forget

01:00:41.760 —> 01:00:50.720
about it and that’s it. And you know, but many times I have gone back in and I was just like,

01:00:50.720 —> 01:00:55.120
yep, I needed that. That was, that was, I’m, you know, the, yep, I’m glad I have it there,

01:00:55.120 —> 01:00:58.160
you know? So yeah, it makes sense. It can’t hurt to have it. And so like,

01:00:58.160 —> 01:01:05.360
this won’t replace my use of Apple Notes because Apple Notes is more similar to what Evernote is.

01:01:05.360 —> 01:01:11.840
And it’s stuff that I share with my wife and where documents, receipts,

01:01:11.840 —> 01:01:14.000
little bits of information here and there. And she’s, Hey,

01:01:14.000 —> 01:01:17.960
she’s never going to use Obsidian and B I just don’t see it as the equivalent

01:01:17.960 —> 01:01:22.000
use case. Right. And so, but yeah, we’ll, we’ll talk about it next time.

01:01:22.000 —> 01:01:22.840

01:01:22.840 —> 01:01:25.600
Cool. I’ll put it in the future topics to be addressed.

01:01:25.600 —> 01:01:29.300
Well, on that note, maybe we should wrap this episode,

01:01:29.300 —> 01:01:33.720
put a pin in it, you know, ever note, stick a stick a fork in it.

01:01:33.720 —> 01:01:35.720
It’s done or something like that

01:01:35.720 —> 01:01:37.920
Stick your mastodon trunk

01:01:37.920 —> 01:01:46.640
To this tell your friends tell your friends. What are we supposed to tell our friends? I don’t know

01:01:46.640 —> 01:01:48.700
Oh, I know what you’re supposed to tell your friends

01:01:48.700 —> 01:01:51.800

01:01:51.800 —> 01:01:56.800
Didn’t even hear that. I don’t do not know what I’m supposed to tell my friends

01:01:56.800 —> 01:01:59.420
Said get away from the computer. Oh

01:01:59.840 —> 01:02:02.900
Then all the hacker sound clips are very bad. Here’s another one

01:02:02.900 —> 01:02:07.440
You have a zero bug attack and all lock in an overlay file run antivirus zero bug

01:02:07.440 —> 01:02:12.420
Now I want to watch hackers and actually, you know what? I want to watch war games again

01:02:12.420 —> 01:02:17.120
That’s what I want to watch war games is really cheesy. But yeah, it’s not bad

01:02:17.120 —> 01:02:23.980
I guess some of those movies definitely don’t hold up. No, no cool. Well on that note, let’s let’s let’s rock it. Let’s rock it

01:02:23.980 —> 01:02:29.240
My button is orange, but I’ll press it. Anyway, boom kill it big orange button

01:02:29.240 —> 01:02:30.440
Big orange…