Episode 37 – Solving the World's Problems Online

It's a mishmash of topics but Peter and Scott both just really want some bugs fixed in the BONUS end of show segment. Before that, they talk about goals, Notion, some AI, and some TV. It's one of those days when they're feeling the brews.

Soundboard: Friends with Brews!

Peter: [

Scott: [clap]

Soundboard: Hi Peter!

Scott: Peter, I can say this for real now.

Soundboard: deconstruction.

Scott: I don’t know what happened but your mic just totally changed source.

Soundboard: you

Peter: audio cuts out] Are you had an imposter? Wow, that was cool. That’s awesome. I’m

Peter: assuming you hear me from my AirPods and I’m hearing you again from speakers now as opposed to in my AirPods. This is

Scott: Right, which means that I’m echoing into your mic and so…

Peter: great, Apple. Thank you. Oh, you’re definitely echoing into my mic. I’m sure you are.

Scott: This is why I quit using AirPods with podcasting. I don’t do it anymore.

Peter: Funny that you mentioned that. Well, how about now?

Scott: I can’t hear you now. I think you’re still on your AirPods mic.

Peter: Yeah, I am, but I’m recording from the blue snowball on my side.

Scott: Is my voice coming out your speakers or into your ears?

Peter: It’s gone into my ears where it belongs. Right now, on my side, things are working as intended.

Scott: Actually, this is more about behind the scenes in Apple and Bluetooth, because there’s s***

Peter: So dear listener, if you ever wanted an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes in a podcast recording, you now have it. You’re welcome. And we’re sorry.

Soundboard: (glasses clinking)

Scott: at it. Wait, I have a bottle. I have a bottle sound.

Scott: What? Why are we sorry?

Peter: We’re sorry for giving you, subjecting people to this. They don’t,

Scott: Why are we sorry? I think apple should be the one apologizing

Peter: they don’t need to see this or hear this. I mean, this is ridiculous. I agree. Apple should apologize for this.

Scott: Okay, what do you have what do you have for drink

Peter: I have two drink. So I’m going to start with this one first, and it’s a couple of reasons.

Peter: One, it’s a Guinness non-alcoholic beer. I don’t know what happened. I found this opened with some paper towel stuck in it in my freezer.

Scott: Sounds terrible.

Peter: So, I think my girlfriend tried to open it and… Okay, it froze because it’s non-alcoholic, so I’m not drinking this.

Peter: Although I did have some of one of this earlier today out on the kayak, and it tastes

Scott: Okay. [silence] Mm-hmm.

Peter: pretty much like a Guinness, just a little flatter.

Peter: So my guess is, given that the one she opened on the kayak also kind of exploded and bubbled over, I think that happened to her on this one, and she didn’t know what to do with it. She stuffed paper towel in it and then put it in the freezer for some reason. My guess is she opened it right from like when the DoorDash delivery person or the Instacart person brought it, it exploded and she was like “I don’t know what to do this.” Put it in the freezer, forgot about it.

Scott: I have a feeling that she’s not really from Boston because if she was when that thing happened on the cwas she on the kayak with you?

Peter: She was.

Scott: Okay, so when she opened one and it bubbled over she should have just thrown it in the river. Enemy Bostonian knows that. Yeah, you gotta fling it into the river though.

Peter: Well, she held it over the river So at least I was I was happy that she did that and didn’t just let it spray all over the kayak. That was good Yeah, well any good Bostonian would do that

Scott: (silence) Turn it so I can see it.

Peter: So I’m on the Friends with Brews site and I’m trying to find my my runner-up beer my second beer because I have a fallback Well, I’m trying to see I’m oh it’s called barista

Scott: And it says no results.

Peter: I did and I typing B A R I S T and I see no results for barista

Peter: So good, this is a first one. This is from Burlington Beer Company. No, sorry, Burlington,

Scott: Oh my god, I hate them both, just they can all go to hell.

Peter: Burlington. It’s either Burlington Beer or Burlington Brewing. I forget which one. One’s from Vermont, one’s from here.

Scott: I know that one of them has really good beer, but I don’t care, because they’d name themselves almost the same thing. Okay.

Peter: Well one’s in Burlington, Vermont, the other’s in Burlington, Mass. So, you know, they both kind of have a claim to it. I think this is Burlington Beer Company. It’s the Vermont

Peter: one. I don’t remember right now and I can’t read the freaking label because beer. But hey, it is a double coffee porter and it’s 7.3%. So my plan was to nurse this Guinness

Scott: [ Silence ]

Peter: thing along for a little while until the 7.3% one got up to temperature. But it’s pretty warm here in the studio today, so I’m just gonna pop a can and then pour some. And then

Peter: I’ll just have a taste as is. Now this, look at this sucker. Look at the head, look at the foam on this. You can’t see this, dear listener, and I’m sorry you can’t because

Peter: we don’t record this as a video podcast, but it’s got a really nice foamy head. It’s… So I know Guinness is a stout, this is a porter, but it looks like what I think Guinness wants

Peter: to be. That’s my take. Oh wow. Yeah. Yes, they definitely have. So, anyway, Guinness

Scott: Right. That is true, yeah. That’s what Guinness wants to be when it grows up. [silence]

Scott: But my guess is Guinness has been around a lot longer than those guys Well, I have something similar to what you’re having

Peter: has some reverse catching up to do. Mm-hmm. A robust porter, okay. How robust is it?

Scott: It’s a Rubens Bruise robust porter Yeah, I don’t know I’ll find out

Scott: That was a robust click It’s not bad.

Soundboard: you you [ Silence ]

Scott: It’s a little bitter.

Peter: Okay. Okay.

Scott: Robust porter. This one’s like 5.9%.

Peter: So, no, it smells kind of like ititit smells.

Scott: And it says eight malts, coffee and chocolate in the nose? What? A roasty brew with coffee and chocolate in the nose.

Scott: Right.

Peter: Hmm.

Scott: balanced by complex caramel malt flavor and a medium full, malty mouthful. One of the five beers we had on draft

Peter: Okay, so it’s a classic.

Scott: the first day we opened. Yeah, it’s not bad.

Scott: It’s pretty good, yeah.

Peter: All right, so I’m giving you a couple links. I give you this. This is good. And this is a good-

Scott: I’m not either ‘cause you were gonna send me one.

Peter: It’s no mochaccino, and supposedly they still make mochaccino, but I never saw it this year.

Peter: I’m not happy about that. Yeah, it’s a distant second, maybe a third even. Oh, it’s a good beer!

[ Silence ]

Scott: But it’s not bad though.

Peter: Oh yeah, no no no, don’t get me wrong, but I wish right now I wish I had like

Scott: You still would probably drink that over many other, yeah.

Scott: Some chocolate ants, a grasshopper.

Peter: a burger or a steak or a bar of chocolate or something else.

Peter: Uh, you had me then you lost me. Anyway, yeah, so that’s what I got there.

Peter: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. So, um, is this the part of the show now where we talk about whatever? Oh wait, that’s the whole show. That’s the whole show, isn’t it? This is the way. Remind

Scott: This is the show. Right, where we talk about whatever. What are you talking about? Why do you say that?

Peter: me you do not watch Star Wars correct you’re not a Star Wars or Star Wars fan

Peter: are you a Star Wars I don’t remember I get my friends confused okay including

Scott: Yeah. I’ve watched all of them.

Peter: the Mandalorian well yeah

Scott: You think all your friends look the same, don’t you? Yes, I have been watching “The Mandalorian,” but I’m not completely caught up on this season.

Peter: okay so this is the way but you you’re not finished with the way

Scott: This is the way, yeah. I kind of saw some of what’s coming because my wife was watching it and she got way ahead

Peter: Yes, from whoever, exactly. Okay, I liked it, but you know, it was fan service, but

Scott: of me. So I think I know what happens at the end. I definitely saw a scene in the cavern that they’re taking back from whoever.

Peter: it was also definitely hastily thrown together a lot. And you know that even if you’re like a third of the way through the season. It’s kind of like, that’s interesting. So anyway.

Peter: Yeah, they definitely got distracted. It certainly seemed like that.

Scott: Yeah, it seems like maybe they started off with a bigger budget than they wound up with, or… I don’t know, or maybe they got busy… [silence]

Peter: Could have been, could have been. They ran out of force sensitivity or something.

Scott: Maybe the writers for that show went on strike for everyone else. [silence]

Peter: So I made a couple of goals for this quarter, which is rapidly coming to a close. I’ve got, you know, or two-thirds of the way through the quarter almost. But I get done that way. Click.

Scott: You sound way too much like work when you start talking about stuff that has to be done by the end of the quarter and reminding me that it’s almost over.

Soundboard: [little bell rings] [ Silence ]

Peter: Anyway, so I decided I wanted to get my kitchen cabinets painted, get those redone, and I also wanted to replace my couch, my sofa, because it was falling apart.

Scott: And you want to start wearing pants. [silence]

Peter: no, I’ve been doing that consistently. So I did all that. I reached out to three painters.

Peter: I got three quotes. There was one, just didn’t make a great impression on me, so I didn’t really like him. So I was like, “Eh, next guy.” No, he wasn’t actually. Next guy showed

Scott: Was that the lowest bidder? [silence]

Peter: up and he was, you know, pretty good. Seemed to, you know, understand. He was, he paid attention to detail. He took thorough notes. He had a good looking proposal. I liked it.

Peter: I asked him if he could do any better on the price though, because the part that he wanted

Peter: to do, he broke the proposal, they all broke it down into one part is doing the walls in the living room and the floors, and the other is doing the kitchen cabinets part. And his

Peter: quote on doing the walls and ceilings was twice as much as what the other guys wanted.

Peter: So I was like, well look, if you give me a comparable rate on that part of things as to what everyone else is doing for that, you got the business. And he came back with, “Well, we’ve got a spring promotion, 10% discount.” And that put him down and made him the lowest bidder. So I was like, “All right, send me your references and let’s go.” A couple days

Scott: Mmm. I don’t know what it is about people in the, let’s say home business, construction, contracting,

Peter: went by, no response. I called the office, got his assistant or receptionist or whatever, said, “Thank you. Just waiting to hear from him. You know, I haven’t heard back yet.” That was more than a week ago now. Haven’t heard back.

Peter: [silence] Contracting, home construction, handyman, repairs, plumbers, electricians…

Scott: they’re the worst at communication. It’s like they don’t understand that words have to be exchanged, right?

Peter: Yeah. Yep. Yeah, they have a reputation and I don’t get it.

Scott: Maybe.

Peter: I’m like, dude, he’s got assistants, you know, he’s got other people. So it’s not like he should have a hard time unless he completely fabricated those references, but… Anyway, so I reached out to the second one now. We’ll see what he has to say.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah. Wow.

Peter: But anyway, yeah, so finding a painter is kind of, it’s proving to be kind of frustrating right now.

Peter: So there you go. You know what else has been frustrating? My AirPod Pro, the right one. The tip, the replaceable, you know, I use the foam, the comply tips, the replaceable thing there.

Peter: They keep getting stuck in my ear when I go to pull the air pod out of my ear. It leaves the foam tip behind in my ear. It’s like it’s wearing down or something and I can’t tell.

Scott: Those comply ones must…

Peter: I broke the other day

Scott: I thought I had comply ones before and I thought they snapped on pretty well but I don’t think the Apple ones will come off like that. The Apple ones you have to

Scott: twist pretty good to get them off. you [ Silence ]

Peter: I was cleaning my girlfriends and they they were stuck on so hard that when I pulled the the rubber you know, the silicon portion out, it ripped, leaving the plastic part still stuck. So,

Peter: which is the opposite of the problem that I was having. So anyway, I did note that a

Peter: friend of the show, Adam Bell offered, ordered up his AirPods Pro second generation. And then I just noticed that again, they are on sale now on Memorial Day, which is, you know,

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: one of the biggest sales events around Black Friday. They were on sale for 200 bucks at

Peter: Amazon. So I was like, all right, I’ll do it. I got to Amazon. They’re there and they’re like, or you can have a new inbox version for $180 or something. I was like, sure, I’ll take that. Fine.

Soundboard: you you

Peter: Because I can still get AppleCare for it. Great. Don’t care. Ordered it. And then I thought,

Soundboard: you

Scott: $5 cheaper. And you can still get Apple cure on these I would assume.

Soundboard: you

Peter: I wonder if Best Buy has any open box ones. And I looked there and sure enough, $5 cheaper. Best Buy has them. Same thing, new open box or refurbished.

Soundboard: you

Peter: So for five bucks I was like, sure, cancel the order on Amazon, order from Best Buy,

Peter: because it was the same day to arrive and everything. I can still get AppleCare on them. Although now that I just thought about it,

Scott: See, you just shot yourself in the foot.

Peter: wait a minute, I get 5% back with Amazon on my Amazon Visa card. See, now I gotta kill it and reorder again. Darn it all! All right, sorry dear listener,

Scott: You got the wrong five. [silence]

Peter: Please stand by while I, um, cancel an order. sigh Brother.

Peter: Okay, over to you, Scott. laughs Uh, this is what happens when you try to nickel and dime yourself to death. That’s what I’m doing.

Scott: Right, that’s why I don’t do it.

Peter: I can.

Scott: Now as you can see, I’m clicking buttons in the background because I’m running tests for work

Scott: and then I’m also helping these guys who apparently managed to kill a server last night, and this particular server isn’t imaged by me, it’s imaged by the vendor, so they’ve gotta come up with a new one and they’ve gotta reimage it themselves,

Soundboard: Thank you.

Scott: and they’ve gotta do all that, so…

Peter: So question, is that setup that I see in the background blurred?

Scott: Huh?

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: Is that your work setup? You have your work office on, or work on one desk and personal on the other desk?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, those are the ones I was telling you, those are 1080p,

Scott: Those are my old at work monitors and I brought them home

Scott: and then they bought me the, not the UXH, but whatever the in-between is, the 2K or whatever they are.

Peter: Yeah, yeah.

Scott: Those are at work, but these are, yeah, so. Scott: Nowhere near as nice as using my Mac,

Peter: Got it. [silence]

Scott: but a hell of a lot better than just staring at my work laptop sitting on a desk.

Scott: Especially because when we remote into servers,

Peter: Got it, got it. Okay, all right then. I wanted to ask you, because I couldn’t figure out how to do it on purpose, how do you tell

Scott: you can’t see because for some reason, FaceTime is blurring it.

Scott: The displays are so huge that when I try to look at them on my laptop, I’m panning all over the place and I still can’t see some of the stuff I need to see. Well, I think the way it’s happening for me is

Peter: FaceTime to blur it? Isn’t that the little, in the picture in picture view, the little icon in the

Peter: the bottom? Is that how you do that? Is that how you turn that on? Yeah, that’s how you blur it.

Scott: I’m using my iPhone as the camera. And if you go to the system set, not the system settings,

Soundboard: you

Scott: but you know up in the menu bar,

Scott: there’s those little dials next to the date, whatever those are. It brings up control center or whatever it’s called. Video effects are what do that. So I can turn off this portrait. There, that sharpened it up, right? Your background is still blurred, yeah.

Peter: Yes. Yep. But what about me? Is my background blurred now? What about now? Okay. Cause if you look at the picture in picture of yourself, there’s a little

Scott: It already was. Now it’s not. [silence]

Peter: person icon in the bottom right corner of that. That’s all I’m clicking. That turns the blur on

Scott: Yeah. [silence]

Peter: and off. Got it. Got it. Got it.

Scott: Oh, okay, yeah. That’s FaceTime’s control. But mine was happening automatically through my iPhone being the camera.

Scott: And it was just like, every time I put it on, even if I turn off that portrait setting,

Peter: Okay then. Well, there you go. Now we know, and knowing is half the battle. Hey, so another

Scott: it just automatically does it. I don’t know. Anyway. Now we know. [silence]

Peter: thing that I ordered in addition to this, oh, and I can’t, so I plan, I guess my plan will be to keep my regular, my first gen AirPods. Those will be like my computer pair. So they

Peter: will always sit here at the desk. And then my second gen with the better noise canceling and stuff will travel with me. Oh yeah, yeah, it will connect to whatever it connected to

Scott: Oh, you turned off… You don’t want them to switch automatically anymore. I heard you telling Adam to turn that off, but do you have that turned off? The reason I don’t have that turned off

Peter: to last. That’s all I’ve got it set to. Huh. Right.

Scott: is because even with that turned on, they’ve never automatically connected to my Mac anyway. I’ve always had to tell them to connect to the Mac. And so I don’t have to worry about them switching from a phone to the Mac. Occasionally what I do have to worry about is

Scott: if I am on a phone call on the iPhone, I have to remember not to do anything on my iPad or they will switch over to the iPad. They switch really well between iOS devices,

Peter: Okay, related, but that’s not exactly what I was looking for.

Scott: but on the Mac, the Mac just sits around waiting.

Scott: And I have the utility, what’s it called? Oh, AirBuddy, I have AirBuddy on. So when they get close, it shows a big thing.

Soundboard: you

Scott: And it also lets me single click connect

Soundboard: you

Scott: and single click disconnect those.

Scott: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Peter: That’s not what I was talking about. I mean, just physically, I will leave this pair sitting here at my desk.

Scott: Right, I understand that.

Peter: Yeah.

Scott: But it made me think that maybe your use case was

Peter: I do not have auto switching enabled, but I could also, could I not just unpair?

Scott: you don’t have auto switching enabled. And I think it will unpair it from everything,

Peter: Is it possible for me to unpair those pros from my iOS devices? What is that? Will that automatically unpair it from everything? It’s iCloud thing.

Scott: because I think it puts those in the cloud. Yeah.

Peter: Yeah, it probably will. Oh, well, you know, you can’t win whatever.

Scott: I can’t win, that’s for sure.

Peter: So I’ll give you an update on Notion. Peter: I have been using it as my new note-taking platform. So like whenever I go to take a new note, I’ll either do it in Notion or in Apple Notes if I want to use by hand.

Scott: Peter’s taking out.

Peter: I will, but not right now.

Peter: But I’m not making anything new in Evernote right now. One thing I did see is while Notion makes it trivial

Peter: to import everything from Evernote into Notion, not at all surprising, there is no easy way to go from Notion to Evernote.

Scott: Sure, yeah, not surprising.

Peter: Not surprising, you know,

Peter: ‘cause Notion is like, hey, we’re new, we’re innovative.

Scott: Right, what’s that Evernote thing?

Peter: Evernote, and Evernote is just like, huh?

Peter: Import?

Scott: Import. What?

Peter: What? Yeah, which is one of the reasons

Scott: No, I don’t think they’re thinking at all. I don’t think they’re doing good on purpose, and I don’t think they’re doing anything on purpose.

Peter: I want to get away from them. That’s just like, they’re not forward thinking.

Peter: Are they even thinking? I don’t know if they’re backward thinking. Yeah, exactly. So anyway, if anyone out there has done that, I’d be curious. Not that I’m hoping that won’t be necessary, but you know, I’ve given myself a…

Scott: Why are you is this so here’s here’s what I’m thinking you’re gonna change from Evernote anyway

Peter: Probably.

Scott: You’re importing stuff into notion which uses markdown, right?

Peter: Yes. Yes.

Soundboard: Thank you.

Scott: It formats it basically that takes stuff and there’s markdown behind the scenes, right?

Peter: I believe that is correct.

Soundboard: scored. A

Scott: okay, so instead of worrying about going from notion back to Evernote and

Peter: Go from Notion to something else like Obsidian or something or yeah, or even Apple Notes or whatever, right?

Scott: [silence] Exactly, which should be, yeah. Which if you do decide on going from Notion to Apple Notes, that’s probably gonna be painful too.

Peter: Yeah, it is painful. I don’t know why I put myself through these things.

Scott: Well, you have to, you have to,

Peter: I’ve been on Evernote since 2008.

Scott: you have to have a Notes thing. You have to have an e-brain. Yeah, but eventually it’s gonna go away.

Peter: Just the scanner.

Scott: And even if it doesn’t, Peter, These new ones like Notion and Obsidian, they have so much more functionality and plugins. Like you said, the only single thing

Soundboard: you

Scott: that I can think of the Evernote is superior at is the,

Scott: yeah, the text, getting text out of PDFs and stuff.

Peter: Oh, yeah.

Scott: So that’s where it really is superior.

Peter: Yeah. OCR. Yeah, that’s OCR. Mm hmm.

Scott: So the scanner thing, whatever,

Scott: I have a PDF app from whatever those guys in the Ukraine are, I have got their app and it scans stuff really well.

Scott: and I also have a couple other, I don’t care about the scanner as much. Would it be nice? Sure, but whatever. But if I’m not using Evernote anyway, who cares about the, but yeah, none of the others, none of the other note takers have built in scanners like Evernote did. [silence]

Peter: Right. And I had even, I still have the Scannable app installed on my iPhone and I still use

Peter: that every now and then. But most of the time, if I want to scan something, it would be scanning to Evernote. So I just use the built-in Evernote scanner, which is functionally pretty much

Peter: the same. It’s just that Scannable, I can still use the send sheet or the, what’s it called? The share. Yeah, but it’s got an actual note. Merlin man pointed out, told me, Siracusa,

Scott: Share sheet, yeah. [silence]

Peter: The Sharrow, that’s a, the Sharrow.

Scott: Oh, sharrow, yeah.

Peter: Yes, it’s got a Sharrow so you can send it to, you know,

Peter: something else if you want to, which is nice too. So Scannable, I might keep that even after I

Scott: Yeah, I’m not gonna say

Peter: eventually ditch Evernote, who knows. Have you thought about using Whisper

Scott: anything bad about Merlin Mann, so I’m gonna change the subject completely now and just say, there’s a podcaster

Scott: that I can’t listen to because he is too… There’s something wrong with that guy’s brain. He’s too all over the place. I don’t know how that would be possible.

Peter: or some sort of technology to filter out a podcast host that you can’t stand so that you could just hear

Peter: John Siracusa and just his side of the whole podcast. I’m sure with voice recognition,

Peter: you could tune something to say, this is the name of the person that you don’t like whom I’ve previously stated and don’t, you know,

Peter: whenever you hear this, just tune it out and just do Siracusa and then strip silences.

Scott: If you hear a guy making jokes that are kind of funny and then laughing ridiculously at his own jokes for three or four minutes, tune that guy out.

Peter: I’m sure AI could do that.

Scott: I’m sure it could.

Peter: So, painters in Evernote, painters in Notion,

Scott: Painters?

Scott: Painters?

Peter: Notion in Evernote and painters, oh my, and my AirPods.

Scott: I don’t… Okay. Oh, so you’re keeping track of your painters with these.

Peter: Well, no, I’m just taking,

Scott: I see.

Peter: I’m keeping track of things that we’re talking about.

Scott: Oh.

Peter: I’m writing your show notes for you.

Scott: I saw that.

Peter: I also bought a new wallet. Yes, it’s a nice little wallet. It’s the Haunik genuine leather slim something something AirTag wallet.

Scott: But tell the listener. And if I remember correctly, if I remember correctly, if I remember too, I will put that picture in the show notes. I have a feeling you can substitute that name “Hwanuk” with 20 other names.

Peter: Probably. It is pleasantly genuine leather.

Scott: [ Silence ]

Peter: It really is leather. So it’s not a you know, fake leather kind of knockoff and it’s just got this little clip-in pocket that you

Peter: Can slip the air tag into it’s very nice and slim

Scott: [ Silence ]

Peter: which I really like the air tag doesn’t make it a lot fatter and what I had been using was a Wallet with a keychain attachment and another air tag pouch on top of that and it just was becoming

[ Silence ] [ Silence ]

Peter: It was bulky. It was nice at first but having to pull it out of my pocket all the time

Scott: [no audio]

Peter: It would get caught on something and so I finally ditched that so I’m very happy that I now have a slim Genuine leather brown AirTag wallet. It holds my three credit cards, my driver’s license and cash

[ Silence ]

Peter: And that’s all I need a wallet to do and the AirTag This one is not a Rifid blocker now

Scott: This one’s not an erfid blocker. [no audio]

Peter: I looked around at that and I was just like I

Scott: Right. Which I would like. I wish they would combine those two. [no audio]

Peter: I don’t know. I’m… Part of me feels like I should be more concerned about that. Where I do use an RFID blocker is on my passport.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Peter: Because I think there’s more of a chance of somebody trying to target an American citizen, you know, with a, you know,

Scott: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just in case you’re headed for a secret meeting with Snowden or something.


Peter: when I’m traveling abroad than there is someone trying to, you know, scam my credit cards or whatever, which I can…

Peter: Something like that

Scott: So while you were saying, “Maybe I should care about that more,” I was thinking,

Peter: Yeah, I don’t know I am sure it’s possible we’ve seen definitely seen hacks out there where you know

Scott: “Maybe I should care about that less,” you know, as far as the wall-out goes. [silence]

Peter: People can like scan this and scan that but I don’t even know like well I mean, I’ve got my cards that have tap to pay enable and that’s RFID right? Those are RFID chips. Yeah

Scott: Yeah, it’s NFC, so it would be, “Is NFC RFID?”

Peter: Yeah, we know it’s NFC but is NFC RFID ID. Okay, so that sounds like a yes. So theoretically someone could get my credit card info by doing

Scott: NFC is a subset of RFID. [ Silence ]

Peter: that. Oh yeah, I mean I haven’t seen a card that doesn’t have that yet. Ah, okay.

Scott: Yeah, and the bad thing, the stupid thing is that in the United States of America, generally, not all, but many of our cards still have the old stripe as well as the RFID, which is kind of stupid.

Scott: Oh, well, if you ever get the physical Apple card, it won’t have one. And if you ever get, and I think my,

Peter: Okay, I’m not there yet. Mm hmm.

Scott: I think I have a credit card from a different bank that also now stopped putting the magnetic stripe on it.

Scott: By the way, speaking of NFC and RFID and Apple cards, it’s really funny to me that a lot of the stores that were holdouts to not use Apple Pay

Scott: because they were gonna be part of that currency competing, well, I say competing, it was a frickin’, What do you call those? QR codes? Anyway, they’ve all given up and finally the grocery store that I go to the most has real-

Peter: The only places I see that don’t accept Apple Pay don’t take tap and go payments. You know,

Scott: Now they accept Apple Pay. It works just fine with the watch now. Right.

Peter: they’re like still like, “Oh yeah, we take credit cards, but we have to slide it.” And

Peter: I was like, “H-aren’t you paying more in fees from the credit card companies now than it

Peter: would be to just update your stupid hardware?

Scott: Is that true? But they still pay credit card fees. I would be amazed, Peter, if the credit card companies were like,

Peter: No, but I would think…

Scott: “You know what? Let’s make them pay less fees if they use these others.” I doubt it. It’s kind of like anything else in life. Once they—it’s kind of like property taxes. Do you think they’re ever going to lower them? No. [silence]

Peter: But that’s not what I said, Scott.

Peter: I said they would pay more fees if they’re not using those. That’s not…

Peter: Functionally, it may equate to that, but that’s not the same. If I say, “You right now, on your old equipment, you’re paying 5%, if you put in my new hardware, which you have to pay for, you will pay 5%. If you stay on this old, crappy hardware, you will pay 10%.” That’s what I’m saying.

Peter: That’s not the same.

Scott: Oh, okay. Okay. You’re saying that eventually they’re gonna penalize people from-

Peter: Yeah, that’s because the Home Depot breach, that’s what I thought.

Scott: Yeah. Uh-huh. Well, obviously it happened before 2021 or you wouldn’t know about it.

Peter: That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I thought that you had to upgrade to modern hardware or you would be paying more fees. I may be completely hallucinating like an AI and making that up, but I thought that was the case. As an AI language model, as a generative AI, I don’t know anything that happened.

Scott: [laughs]

Peter: My knowledge cuts off before September 2021.

Scott: I showed you that fight I was having with chatgbt over Xcode versions, right?

Peter: Yep.

Scott: And it kept insisting, and I kept saying, “No, no, this version was introduced in 2023

Peter: Yes. Yep. No, don’t. I can’t believe you. So, so I forget now I’m trying to decide,

Scott: and it has this version of Swift.” And they’re saying, “You are absolutely correct. This version of Xcode was introduced in 2021 and has this older version.”

Scott: It’s like, “You box of rocks, just take my word for it.” I don’t know. Here’s what I’m… So here’s what I’m wondering.

Peter: is it worth, should I kill my ChatGPT plus subscription at this point? Can I get everything I need out of Bing and Google. Yeah. You’ll let’s use plugins, they say.

Scott: Does ChatGPT+ let you use add-ons? That’s what I mean, I guess.

Peter: Huh. Hmm.

Scott: Like, for example, there’s a Wolfram Alpha plugin, supposedly, for chat.gbt, so that

Scott: if you ask it math questions, now it’ll actually know math because it’s consulting a source of information, a repository of actual math knowledge. So if you have use cases like that, and you want to use plugins that you can only use

Scott: with that account, you might look into that first before you make up your mind. See what’s out there, see what you want to get more accuracy from, and see if there’s

Scott: a plugin or a source that does that, and then decide if you want to pay for it or not. Other than that, I would say cancel it. [silence]

Peter: Yeah, so they now do plugins, but the only one that I’ve seen work is the one where you… where it searches the web. And more than half the times when I try to use it, it doesn’t…

Peter: It’s like, I’m loading this page. Oh, I failed. And it doesn’t work. So what I’m wondering is, and there are supposed to be more plugins too. There are supposed to be more plugins.

Scott: For that use case, you can do something similar to what Vitici did for S-GPT

Peter: Right.

Scott: and just write a script that downloads the friggin page and shoves the contents to chatgpt and says “summarize this”

Scott: instead of giving it the URL. You know what I mean? You can do that yourself. You can write a script that will do exactly what Viteegee did.

Peter: Or I could just use BING or BARD.

Scott: Or you can use his sgpt.

Scott: Well, the reason I say that is because on Safari on the Mac, for some reason, whatever it passes to shortcuts,

Peter: [ Silence ]

Scott: it’s not a proper URL. It doesn’t… I don’t know what it is passing,

Scott: but Safari on the Mac can’t pass stuff to shortcuts correctly.

Peter: [ Silence ]

Scott: So if a shortcut relies on a URL, forget it. It’s not going to work. There’s so many bugs on shortcuts on the Mac. It also just throws an error,

Scott: but then I don’t see the actual error until the next time I run shortcuts. It’s so bizarre. Anyway, shortcuts on the Mac needs help.

Peter: So what is the, I forget which, Bing has three modes, creative, balanced, and precise. And

Scott: And I’m really hoping that Apple gives it some good quality of life bug fix updates with the next version of macOS, since they seem insistent upon the model

Scott: of only really fixing bugs with every software release which is only annual. I don’t, I hate that. Just push some freaking bug fixes to me anytime. I’m good with that. But whatever.

Peter: I thought one of them is supposed to be like GPT 4, one is GPT 3.5.

Scott: Is it or is it just the waiting that they used?

Scott: Even with ChatGPT 3.5, I know that you can change that.

Peter: Somebody said that they were.

Scott: There’s a slider for that.

Peter: That’s where I don’t understand.

Scott: I think it’s the temperature setting, yeah.

Peter: Someone told me that I think maybe it’s just the temperature. Is that the, you know, the temperature setting they talk about?

Scott: That’s right. And by the way, when I made your fake alter ego

Peter: Huh.

Scott: for last episode, to get it to have any variation in tone whatsoever, I had to slide the variability thing almost, I had to slide it to the left until it said 30%. And even then, it would start off with some variability, and it might end with some, but in the middle, it would go monotone again.

Scott: It’s just, to get ChatGPT voice to have anything resembling inflection of any kind is a struggle. It wants to be very monotone.

Peter: You’re talking that but that’s that’s 11 labs to know not ChatGPT

Scott: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry, you’re right.

Peter: Okay, just making sure that’s like when I say Siri, but I mean dictation

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Peter: There you go

Scott: For some of those, what I was doing was putting a question into chat.gbt and then taking the

Scott: answer and having 11 Labs say the answer. I have two, which is really bad because I’ve got at least 12 hours more testing to do today.

Peter: Oh boy, whoo. I’m feeling my I’m feeling my my seven point

Peter: to… woof. Well, I migrated all of my HBO Max to Max today.

Scott: It’s going to be a long day. I got a lot to get done and I haven’t been getting it done. Yes, tell me about that because…

Scott: Oh, okay, how do you watch that? Because everything I’ve heard about the Max app on every platform is that the Max app is the worst. It’s horrible. [silence]

Peter: I heard only on, well, so far I have not watched anything. I started watching something and then I got your text about,

Peter: hey, you want a podcast today? And I stopped watching it.

Peter: I just heard on one podcast that the app is better. It’s literally, that’s all the feedback

Peter: I can give you right now. I have to actually go sit down and watch something to make a decision.

Peter: I didn’t actually use it yet. I’ve installed it on my Apple TV and on my iPhone,

Scott: What device are you using this app on? Apple TV or something else? [silence]

Peter: but I haven’t actually watched anything on the iPhone yet. So this is on the Apple TV.

Scott: Alright, I’ll be curious.

Peter: And then for some reason, after I started,

Scott: the other one.

Peter: I opened up HBO Max. It’s like, “Hey, you need to install Max.

Soundboard: you

Peter: Do you want to download it?” I said, “Yes.”

Peter: And at the same time, I was trying to download it on my iPhone and I was getting pop-ups and confirm, download, confirm purchase for both devices on my phone. ‘Cause the Apple TV was like, “Do you want to confirm your purchase on your, confirm this download on your other Apple device?”

Peter: I was like, yes. So I was like, yes, install. And then I got another, yes, install. And then, and then I was like, okay, I think that’s done. It all settled down. And then Apple

Scott: Right? No, it said, “Do you want to link it to Apple TV app?” is what it’s asking.

Peter: TV on the, the Apple TV said, do you want to link this to your Apple TV account or something like that? And I was like, I’m already logged in. I was literally about to start watching

Peter: something. App. So when I open my hardware Apple TV if I

Scott: Yeah, it’s asking, so when you go into the Apple TV app, it’s asking, “Do you want to show up next?

Scott: Do you want to see that stuff in there? And the answer should be yes, you do want to. That is right.

Peter: Want to watch HBO Max I can open the Apple TV app to watch HBO Max

Scott: It’ll show you where you’ve left off and it’ll say up next.

Peter: Does that feel at all recursive to you?

Scott: Right, you have one place that shows you,

Peter: So is the idea that my Netflix, my Amazon Prime Video, and all that would be in one app? Is that right here that you speak of the home screen on my Apple TV? It’s the Apple TV app.

Scott: Oh, up next. Oh, you were watching this episode in Amazon. Oh, you were watching this episode on Hulu Oh, you were watching this episode of Max. You can resume any of those from right here. That’s the idea

Scott: The only non-player that I know of is Netflix No No, it’s the Apple TV. Yeah, which it tends to go into anyway all by itself even when you don’t want it to

Peter: app. Right, so that part, that’s where you lost me. If it was just like I’ve opened up

Scott: You could just leave the Apple TV app running, and then you won’t have that problem.

Peter: my Apple TV and I’m at the home screen, here’s your up next, here’s your continue watching. And by the way, it was in HBO or Netflix or YouTube and you don’t have to worry about it. That makes sense. But having to open the Apple TV and then open the Apple TV app to

Peter: try to remember what I was watching in HBO seems a little recursive. I could. Okay, am

Soundboard: ango [ Silence ]

Scott: Let that be your home screen.

Peter: I the only one? Am I? Is it the beer that I’m drinking that thinks it’s funny that you go to your Apple TV physical hardware device, you go to Apple TV and you want to watch HBO

Peter: Max but you go to Apple TV to watch HBO Max. I think I got a kick out of it.

Scott: No because the Apple TV app isn’t just about the Apple TV+ content.

Peter: Got it.

Scott: It’s about anything on your Apple TV and also Apple TV+ content. It’s trying to be a cohesive everything in one.

Peter: I understand that.

Scott: The only non-player that I know of is Netflix. But then if you didn’t wanna use,

Peter: Had I designed it, I would have brought it back one level of indirection higher so that the home screen is that central place, and that you didn’t have to go into an app.

Scott: if you didn’t wanna watch those things

Peter: No, your home screen would say, here’s your Netflix if you want it, here’s your HBO if

Scott: and you wanted to use some other app, you’d have to exit out of it to get to the other apps. It doesn’t do it that way.

Peter: you want it, here’s your Apple TV if you want it, here’s your…

Scott: It doesn’t, no, no, it doesn’t break it down that way. It shows it by show.

Peter: Okay, my home screen on my Apple TV shows my apps.

Scott: Right, what I’m saying is,

Peter: But I don’t want what was in an app on my home screen.

Scott: if you wanted what was in the Apple TV app on your home screen, it doesn’t break it down by source,

Scott: it breaks it down by show.

Peter: That’s my point. I want to say like, whatever, whatever I was watching, give me that as a home screen. Okay, so I don’t have to go into my Apple TV app to actually watch HBO.

Scott: That’s exactly, we are talking about the same thing.

Scott: But the way you said it was, here’s what’s in your Amazon, here’s what’s in your, it doesn’t say that. It says you were watching this show, watch it. It doesn’t tell you where it’s from and it doesn’t care where it’s from. You do if you, yeah.

Scott: Okay, Peter, let’s talk about this again someday.

Peter: But that’s not what I want.

Scott: After you haven’t been drinking beer,

Peter: Well, maybe you want to reconsider the name of this podcast.

Scott: because you’re totally not following. Yeah, we did.

Peter: Wait, we already did. Let me go get a coffee.

Peter: Okay, anyway, hard right turn.

Scott: No, we’ll talk about this again. It makes sense, it’s just-

Peter: It’s not my fault I’m a lightweight, and you knew that.

Scott: No, no, no, it’s fine.

Peter: I’ve warned you.

Scott: You should be a lightweight. If you weren’t a lightweight, you would have a problem.

Peter: I’d be an alcoholic.

Scott: That’s right.

Peter: So since the new Bing, sorry, yeah, since the new Bing requires you to use the Edge

Scott: Correct.

Peter: browser, that is now my purpose browser on the Macintosh.

Scott: Oh.

Peter: So I stopped using the Edge browser a while ago because it was like breaking things and

Peter: doing stuff and trying to be just like smarter than it really is. I went back to slightly begrudgingly Google Chrome as my default because I need profiles and Safari doesn’t support profiles. So I need to be able to open this group over here as this

Peter: Google account and this over here. I have four Google accounts that I use regularly and the

Scott: Yeah, I understand that. Let me ask you, what are these Google accounts doing for you?

Peter: ability to break those all up into separate windows is very useful. It’s either that or I I run opera, Firefox, Google, you know, being Safari. They’re different clients. And there’s also, there’s paradigm,

Scott: But what is inside of those that’s different?

Peter: there’s personal there’s client number one, there’s client number two and client number three, Gmail docs,

Scott: Oh, okay.

Peter: calendars, all the Google G suite stuff. Mm-hmm. There’s an actual use case.

Scott: See, I don’t like the OpenAI website experience.

Peter: So, Edge has now become my AI thing. But anyway, so my Edge now opens up 3Tab

Peter: and a ChatGPT prompt. So that’s my AI center. What I don’t like is, I’ve gone to my settings,

Scott: I know that you want all your history in one place, so you have no choice, basically. That’s why I go to the OpenAI website. I don’t want to be put on the Internet.

Peter: I’ve gone to beta features.

Scott: I want to be able to use my phone.

Peter: Okay, browse with Bing, sure, plugins, sure.

Scott: I want to be able to use my phone.

Peter: Data controls, export data.

Scott: I want to be able to use my phone, and I think that’s what we need to do.

Peter: Export. Your account details and conversations will be included in the export. The data will be sent to your registered email in a downloadable file.

Scott: I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do.

Peter: Processing may take some time. You’ll be notified when it’s ready. Proceed. Confirm export below. Confirm export.

Scott: I think that’s what we need to do. I think that that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do.

Peter: This is at least the fifth time that I’ve done this and it has been weeks since I first did it.

Scott: I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do.

Peter: I have not been notified when my data would be ready and you know what? I don’t have that much data.

Scott: I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do. I think that’s what we need to do.

Peter: Uh, yeah, because I get their status notifications telling me all kinds of things like, “Hey, Peter: you know, OpenAI, you signed in!” or “Hey, we’re having some users can’t see their history.

Soundboard: Thank you. [ Silence ]

Peter: Oh, hey, history issues are fixed.” I have their I subscribe to their uptime and availability thing, and it’s the same email address. So yeah. And I know it’s not in my junk folder, because I’ve been having to go into my junk folder a lot lately, because a lot of stuff has been slipping through. [silence]

Scott: Well, Peter, Sam Altman’s too busy scanning people’s irises to send you your history.

Scott: I’m sorry.

Peter: Which gets me to maybe the, uh…

Scott: Nice.

Peter: Oh, wait a minute! Guess what I just… Sorry. I was gonna go to the main topic.

Peter: I was gonna ask you, “So what’s the verdict on Sam Altman? Is he evil or do we like him?” But wait! Before that, I have to read this email that I just went into.

Peter: I just went into my junk folder and I see this subject line. Your account is hacked. Your data is stolen. Learn how to regain access. Hi! I am a hacker and I have successfully gained access to your operating system.

Scott: Very informative, I like that. Of course.

Peter: I also have full access to your account. I have been watching you for a few months now.

Peter: The fact that your computer has been infected with malware through an adult site that you visited.

Peter: If you are not familiar with this, I will explain.

Peter: The Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device.

Peter: This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it. Wait, hold on. You just told me! I know now!

Peter: Sorry, that was me.

Scott: [laughter] Yeah, you blew your cover, bastard.

Peter: Dude, you’re exposed!

Scott: Oh, after you said I have access to all your correspondence and I heard the word “ant,”

Peter: I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence. Why did your antivirus not detect malware? Oh man, this is great.

Scott: I thought you were going to start talking about, “Why did your aunt call you to talk about blah blah blah?” laughs gasp

Peter: Why did your antivirus not detect malware? Question mark, new line. Answer colon. It didn’t say question first. Come on guys, up your game. Answer. The malware I used is driver-based.

Peter: I update its signatures every four hours. Hence your antivirus is unable to detect its presence.

Scott: gasp Nice. NIIICE.

Peter: I would like to say, props to Mr. Hacker,

Peter: “It’s presence, it’s no apostrophe, good on you!” Yeah, I mean this makes me want to jump ahead and pay him some Bitcoin right now, but anyway.

Scott: And, he’s also apparently an excellent driver, like Rainman slowing the driveway on Saturdays.

Peter: I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and then the right half shows the video you are watching at the time.

Scott: Peter tried to satisfy himself in the right half of the screen, but he just couldn’t do it.

Peter: Nope. With one mouse click, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on your social networks.

Scott: Oh my god.

Peter: What, all two of them? I can also make public all your email correspondence and chat history on the messengers that you use.

Peter: If you don’t want this to happen, transfer $1,490 in Bitcoin equivalent to my Bitcoin address. I’ll ask him. If you do not know how to do this, just search “buy bitcoin” on Google.

Scott: Why 1490?

Peter: Helpful! My bitcoin address is “bitcoin btc wallet” and he gives the wallet, which means

Peter: we can track him down. After confirming your payment, I will delete this video immediately and that’s it! You will never hear from me again. I will give you 50 hours, more than

Scott: Peter, this is a bargain.

Peter: two days to pay, I will get a notice when you open this email and the timer will start.

Scott: Wait, Peter. Is it 50 hours comma more than two days, or is it 50 hours more than two days?

Peter: Filing a complaint somewhere does not make sense because this email cannot be tracked like my bitcoin address. Hmm. 50 hours parentheses more than two days close parentheses.

Scott: Oh, okay.

Peter: Wait, wait, wait.

Scott: Oh, never.

Peter: Last, we’re almost done here. I never make any mistakes. If I find you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.

Scott: Peter, you just scaredIf this guy’s a podcast listener, you just screwed yourself.

Peter: Best regards!

Peter: Best regards! Exclamation point! Oh no! But no, I mean the thing is though, if I reply, this email was spoofed.

Scott: Oh my god.

Peter: This came from ------------------- But I have DMARC and SPF set up.

Scott: You’re extorting yourself!

Peter: So this tells me that FastMail has a loophole.

Scott: Mmm. Hey, are you sure this wasn’t from Neder picolytus?

Peter: No, it says it’s from-

Peter: But this tells me that I think FastMail might have a configuration problem? Because I’ve been drinking, but I believe-

Scott: But is that the actual headers or is that just the return address?

Peter: Yeah. Let me, let me go. Thank you for reminding me of that. Let’s go into view message raw

Scott: ‘cause the return address can be anything. That’s why HTML was written,

Peter: source received by mail x.ny.internal receipt to dude. It is hard for me to process raw

Peter: HTML when I’m drunk. Oh, is that what it was? HTML was an effort on sobriety? Wow.

Scott: so that people wouldn’t get drunk anymore. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It came out of Alcoholics Anonymous. They had the first website.

Peter: It came from compute5.nyi.internal. Oh, look at that. Spam. No DKIM or SPF. Likely forged.

Scott: Didn’t you know this? ChatGPT told me.

Scott: Uh-huh. You think?

Peter: Ya think? Peter: So, all right, great. Well, there you go. Yeah, so I see the IP address that it talked to and that was enough that FastMail was like, yeah, this looks like spam. But I would think that this wouldn’t have even gotten to me. Wow, mailer! Pegasus mail for Windows.

Scott: Yeah, yeah. [silence]

Soundboard: Thank you. [ Silence ]

Peter: That’s a deep cut. I have not… it’s been a long time. Anyway, dear hacker,

Scott: Ooh, that’s old. I don’t want to see, no don’t send them to me hacker, I don’t want to see Peter satisfying

Peter: I’m really sorry. Do me a favor. Look, tell you what. Send me the videos and if they’re any good, I will pay you $2800 in Bitcoin. That’s almost twice as much, okay? So that’s my offer.

[ Silence ]

Scott: himself on the left side of the screen, on the right side of the screen, in the middle of the screen.

Peter: I didn’t say send them to Scott. I said send them to me.

Peter: And obviously they know, you know, my email address because that’s my email address. Oh, I didn’t even think about that. Wow. That’s awesome.

Scott: Although with my window management program I could probably put it in any side of the screen I want. It doesn’t have to be the left side. [silence]

Peter: I found a couple of, I found some junk though. I did find a, I got a junk email from Strava while I was in here. So I got to unjunk that one. That one’s actually, that one’s useful.

Scott: You’re going down the hole of the rabbit, Peter.

Peter: Yeah, I do that.

Peter: That’s why I generally try not to multitask while I’m recording a show, but I’m drunk.

Peter: So, Hey.

Scott: Hey, I have a question. So do you really want to know about Sam Altman?

Peter: Yeah.

Scott: I don’t think it’s as simple as he’s good and evil.

Peter: Okay.

Scott: I’m sure that he thinks he’s good. Because he’s involved in WorldCoin and they think they’re doing the world good by providing the largest identity and financial network as a public utility, giving ownership to everyone.

Peter: But we think that Elon [SOUND] [ Silence ]

Scott: Probably the least of the world’s problems right now. But hey, what do I know? Why do these guys always find the solutions to the world’s problems online?

Scott: If it’s not online, screw it.

Peter: Yes, it does. But remind me, have you or have you not watched Silicon Valley? So this was

Scott: So forget about climate change, forget about water, forget about drought, forget about famine, forget about all these things that actually are happening. Let’s build something online because that’s what’s good for humanity. This is the type of thing that drives me insane.

Scott: No. [ Silence ]

Peter: one of the reasons that I edged one inch closer to canceling my subscription to a podcast that I listened to. They were talking about HBO and you know like “Oh, what’s on it? You

Scott: [ Silence ]

Peter: know, there’s blah blah blah. There was Game of Thrones but that’s gone. There was this but that’s gone. And there was Silicon Valley. Oh my God, that was terrible.” I was like,

Peter: Silicon Valley I think remains one of my favorite series of all time. And if you work in tech

Peter: or you work in venture capital or you work in a startup or a dot-com or you have anything to do with that or you’re a web designer or an application developer, you’ve got to watch

[ Silence ]

Peter: that show because it is so freaking accurate and hilarious. That’s all I’m saying.

Scott: Yeah, it probably is. I just am not—it’s just one service that I’m just not gonna pay for, though, that’s all.

Scott: I don’t subscribe to all the services.

Peter: My girlfriend has HBO. I have Disney+ and Amazon Prime. I guess she probably has Amazon

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: Prime 2. I’m just yanking. Neither of us has Netflix at this point. And we’re like, we’re okay with that. You know, sometimes stuff comes up and we’re like, we’re on Netflix. Oh well.

Scott: The only reason we have Netflix, and I have to admit, I enjoy all the food-based stuff on Netflix,

Peter: Hmm. Okay.

Scott: but the only reason we actually have Netflix right now is because they have a lot of Korean stuff,

Scott: and my wife watches the Korean stuff. If it wasn’t for that, we probably would not have it. But that’s the only place to get the best Korean stuff with the best subtitles and all that. Sometimes Hulu has it, but they screw it royally,

Peter: Gotta, gotta, gotta… sigh

Scott: and then they decide that they’re gonna do voiceovers,

Scott: and they’re gonna do dubs instead of subs, and it’s just no good. So, anyway, other than that, yeah, Netflix is kind of a tosser at this point.

Scott: It’s a tosser, Peter.

Peter: Toss it. Yeah, I don’t know.

Scott: But the Sam Altmans of the world, the thing about these guys,

Scott: compared to Elon Musk, he’s probably great.

Scott: But compared to somebody who is actually as open and transparent as he says he is, I don’t think he’s that great. That’s the problem is these guys all get to where they have to protect their power, they have to protect their image. And like, for example, they won’t show, they refuse to disclose what kind of data

Scott: they trained GPT-4 on.

Peter: Okay, but compared to Elon Musk, Lex Luthor is great.

Scott: Right, but we didn’t know that, like, two years ago, how many people actually realized

Peter: Right. Hey, dude. Not proud. Driving a Tesla.

Scott: how bad Elon Musk really is? Right.

Peter: But that’s what I’m saying is that at this point, like, you know, we should be looking now,

Scott: So two years from now, we could find out that while Elon Musk is Satan, then this guy could

Scott: be the Antichrist or something. It could be in— Right, but you’ve got to listen to what they’re actually saying, too.

Peter: Like, okay, what are the signs? Because I thought, you know, up in front of Congress, I thought he was all right, you know? But again, maybe I’m comparing him to Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Scott: The reason they’re asking for regulation is because if they ask for it now voluntarily,

Scott: they can help steer how that regulation looks. The other thing is, he specifically said, the technology that we have now does not need to be regulated because it is not as dangerous as the stuff

Scott: that’s coming in the future. But it’s way more likely, assuming they do their jobs correctly, what we have right now is way more likely to lead people astray.

Peter: Well, yeah, yeah, I’m like, yeah.

Scott: So they’re specifically, they’re creeping along going,

Peter: But you know, I’m torn on that, because I would rather have somebody, you know, I would like some kind of representation, which I would think they already have in Congress there.

Scott: yeah, yeah, yeah, but don’t do it now,

Scott: don’t do it to this stuff, but in the future, really gotta regulate us. Yeah, for sure.

Peter: Okay, what I don’t want is another series of tubes! Right? That I don’t want. Right? So that much I don’t want.

Scott: I think there are people that are getting smarter as time goes on.

Scott: There’s always been people like Wyden who knows what he’s talking about with technology, But I also think that if these old dinosaurs start dying, and hopefully they will, and younger people come in, there’s going to be way more younger people that already understand the technology, and surely some of these people’s aides must know some of this stuff.

Scott: But I think it’ll get better from that regard. I think what you’re more

Peter: Mm-hmm

Peter: And I hard-pressed to disagree with you on that one

Scott: worried about in terms of Congress is A. Political division. Can you actually get anything done? And B. Do they actually care? Because right now we’re in a world where the Republicans want to ban everything that doesn’t look like them, and the Democrats are so lazy and careless,

Scott: they just don’t seem to understand that we’ve got serious problems on our hands. So, I don’t know, I think all of these guys who are helping to “shape the world and change the future”

Peter: Yep.

Scott: very monoculture, and that alone is a problem. That alone is a problem for minorities. It’s a problem for women.

Peter: Water

Scott: It’s a problem for anybody that doesn’t look exactly like those guys.

Peter: you you

Scott: It’s also a problem for people that don’t have the kind of money those guys do.

Peter: You You

Scott: Because when they start talking about how AI would be great to help underprivileged

Peter: options

Scott: children learn instead of fixing and funding the existing public school structure.

Scott: You’re saying that the rich people are going to get real human tutors and everybody else

Peter: You

Scott: is going to have to rely on some chatbot. That’s insanity. That is that’s not a good world to live in. That is dystopia. But somehow that is being touted as something that’s not only possible, but probably good.

Scott: And it’s just crazy to me. It’s going to be very stratified.

Peter: Well, I was hoping to close this on a high note, but…

Scott: Hey, it doesn’t mean we should get all depressed about it.

Scott: I just think that you have to listen to the critics.

Scott: This is why I bring up the Emily Benders of the world, because people like that who are super smart, but they also are not hesitant whatsoever to point out the

Peter: I have a high note to end the podcast on.

Scott: the emperor is wearing no-the king has no clothes or whatever the thing is. You-you have to listen to them because they’re willing to point out when these guys are doing

Scott: stuff that’s advantageous to them, and they are. Like, OpenAI supposedly started out as a super transparent, super open, but it’s not that way anymore. It’s not that way at all. Okay, end it. [silence]

Peter: of tech luminaries and all their bullshit and stuff. Elizabeth Holmes is heading to prison.

Soundboard: (glasses clinking) [ Silence ]

Peter: For a mere 11 years.

Scott: Yes. [silence]

Peter: Psychopathy or sociopathy.

Scott: I have a question for you. [silence] Do you think that Elizabeth Holmes is anti—

Scott: What is it when you’re— What is it when you have no empathy for other human beings? [silence]

Peter: sociopathy, sociopath or psychopath.

Scott: Yeah. Is she a sociopath or is she just a big fat liar?

Peter: I think she’s… so, okay, not a doctor, don’t play one on the internet, but on this podcast,

Scott: That whole thing is a crazy story.

Peter: I think she’s… making a case… I would, I would bet at least AB her that she’s a sociopath. They are just frickin’ nuts.

Scott: Like, even if she was as nutty as she appears to be, Why did she get involved with that guy who was the CEO or whatever he was? It just is weird. The whole thing is just weird. You’re just like, these people are freaking nuts. If you like a good yarn about a bunch of crazies getting a lot of money from a lot of gullible people, it’s pretty good.

Peter: Whoo! Yeah, no, I mean, I watched the documentary on that a while ago,

Scott: Occasionally,

Peter: what a year or two ago or two and that was, that was entertaining. But anyway, so rarely occasionally, and every now and then the bad guys get what they deserve.

Scott: Every now and then. The rest of the time the good guys get what the bad guys deserve.

Peter: So there you go. Okay. On that note, exactly. And on that note, I need a freaking nap. So, uh,

Scott: Okay.

Peter: if you want to find us, you can find us at friendswithbrews.com,

Scott: Hey, let’s not tell them about anything else.

Peter: but this is what happens when you drink a 7.3% Wait, you didn’t want to tell them anything else so you could just tell them everything?

Scott: Just go to friendswithbrews.com and the reason why is because I just updated it. The colors look better, but the header

Scott: Looks a lot better. It’s got it’s got a new menu that Yeah, go to Friends with Brews calm it looks great now it’s it’s got a responsive menu now and

Peter: Is that what I mean? It’s… Geez, okay, fine. Ooh. Ooh.

Scott: But you’ll find us go to the follow page that has our massa Don account go to the friends that has our links to ourselves and It’s great. Just do that Big red button

Peter: Sounds good! Big red button!

Soundboard: [BEEPING]

Peter: Is that a drum roll?

Scott: That’s a drumroll for the bonus episode.

Soundboard: Yeah, but I got questions that need answering. Scott: We’re tacking this on to the end of episode 37, and the reason why we decided to come back slightly after we already pushed the button. You know why?

Peter: Because WWDC is next week! [silence]

Soundboard: [BEEPING]

Scott: I got questions that need answering, Peter, regarding what your expectations are, what

Scott: want, why you’re standing there trying to look all sexy in your underwear.

Peter: [sigh] [silence] Okay, so first off I’m not trying. Yes, I am in my underwear. Under the clothes that I’m wearing!

Scott: [laughter] You’re not trying.

Scott: Oh, humblebrag, I don’t try, I just look this way.

Peter: I just woke up like this. Complete with the glasses and everything. I fell asleep reading a book and woke up with my glasses on.

Scott: Well, it’s important to be able to see your dreams clearly, so I’m glad you wear your

Peter: Right, but first let’s talk about the bruise. Yeah, I have.

Scott: glasses to bed. Yeah, let’s talk about the Bruce.

Peter: You are correct, sir.

Scott: Let me guess. Wait, wait, let me guess just based on the can. I’m going to say that’s a different one from Brooklyn Brewery.

Scott: Uh huh.

Peter: It is the Brooklyn Brewery Non-Alcoholic Special Effects Pills.

Scott: Whoo, special effects. And don’t let anyone ever say this podcast doesn’t have special effects.

Peter: I mean, they may be low budget cheapo special effects, but we have special effects.

Scott: Nice. I even saw your MacBook took one for the team.

Scott: It sprayed towards the computer. I saw that. They’re non-alcoholic.

Scott: Okay, I’m going to have something that I already just had in episode 35.

Peter: Okay.

Scott: I’m having another can of the Munkles Belgian Ales Sheplikofen.

Scott: So. See, I don’t feel that guilty about it,

Peter: I almost grabbed the Brooklyn Brewery Hoppy Amber, but I realized I already had one. I had that last time. I was like, nope, we’ve got to do it different.

Scott: because this is a tacon to an existing episode, but here we go.

Peter: Yeah. Well, that would have made sense.

Scott: Yeah, that’s great. Sure.

Peter: Let me recan this and go down and grab a different one. Now, dear listener, if you think that, but wow, Peter’s drinking a non-alcoholic beer,

Scott: Ooh. Ooh.

Peter: but he sounds like he’s had a beer. It’s because I had, because just about half an hour ago, before Scott messaged me, I had

Peter: a Jack’s Abbey Copper Legend, which is their Oktoberfest, which I have had down in the cellar since last year.

Scott: Oh, that was enjoyable.

Peter: So I’m premedicated.

Scott: Well, you know what? I’m glad you had that not on the podcast, but just by you probably enjoyed it more.

Scott: You probably savored it. You probably thought, my God, I’m living. Yeah, OK, cheers.

Peter: So cheers buddy.

Scott: Cheers to you, my friend. All right, let’s talk.

Peter: Cheers to you listener.

Scott: I think you and I are both in agreement that there’s not a whole lot we want out of this WWDC personally. I thought you were gonna say the only research you’ve done is checking to see which year

Peter: I honestly, the only “research” that I’ve done on this so far was listening to the latest

Peter: episode of Accidental Tech Podcast.

Peter: All right, well, Safari helpfully fills in. I type in WWDC 2023 and it autocompletes

Scott: it was so that you would know that it was WWDC 2023. Oh, yes.

Peter: rumors for me. So I’m going to go there and we’re going to go to macrumors.com.

Scott: Oh, yes.

Peter: June 5th. Here are the MacRumors overview. Okay, overview. It is on June 5th. We will have a

Scott: Yep, that’s next Monday.

Peter: keynote. I should… Let me just look at my calendar right now. When is that? That is… That’s… It’s a Monday. Wow. Okay, what is it? Like noon our time or nine your time,

Scott: Yeah, yeah, I have a countdown widget on my phone telling me that it’s five days from now.

Peter: noon my time? What time?

Scott: It’s probably, it’s probably 10 o’clock my time?

Peter: So that’d be like 1 o’clock my time.

Scott: It might be nine, might be 10. I’m not sure to be honest. What time the keynote is? The keynote is 10 o’clock my time.

Peter: Right, 1 o’clock my time.

Scott: Yeah, just say, no, just put it in your work calendar

Peter: So I’m gonna put that in there and just say WWDC.

Scott: and say busy with a client or something. Just make something up. Don’t say WWDC. Hmm.

Peter: Well I’m putting it in my personal calendar. And then I’ll just block it off in my Word calendar.

Scott: Mm-hmm

Peter: Of course my co-workers know I listen.

Scott: Right, we know that

Peter: Okay, so what are we supposed to hear? Big rumor. AR/VR headset. I literally could not care less.

Scott: I think I care for the long term

Soundboard: are

Scott: I don’t care right now, but I think what I do care about is that Apple actually what? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what I’m saying is I do hope that whatever it is, I hope that they do it, right

Peter: I’m living in the moment and I don’t care right now. [silence]

Scott: I hope it’s good and I hope it has a reason to exist beyond that. I don’t care right now, but in the future

Peter: Mmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Absolutely.

Scott: someday Would I like glasses that have AR VR capability? Yeah. Well, you know what I’ve wanted it work forever

Soundboard: both

Scott: What I’ve wanted it work forever is heads-up display to tell me which equipment’s down heads-up display to give me diagrams or

Scott: The inside view of equipment stuff like that. I’ve wanted that it work forever

Peter: I just had the most amazing thought about heads-up display AR/VR stuff.

Scott: Oh no.

Peter: Back in my Krav Maga days, doing shark bait attacks when you get attacked by four people,

Scott: It could be a bit distracting too. You would have to definitely practice in that mode.

Peter: allowing it to like prioritize who you should attack, what their weaknesses are. Strike this guy first in the knee, uppercut that one over there. This one’s gonna run away. You know, that would be so awesome.

Soundboard: Thank you. Good day everyone. Good day everyone.

Peter: You have to pride Oh like anything I mean getting attacked by four guys is also distracting

Scott: Right, but

Soundboard: Good day.

Peter: Those are the neighbors dogs they’re visiting they feel very angry at me for not including them on the podcast

Scott: It can be. Yeah, it would be nice to see what’s happening behind you, for example. I hear dogs. I feel like your neighbor’s dogs are always with you now.

Soundboard: Good day. Good day.

Peter: She has come back they went back for a day they came back again and we have to one different dog

Scott: I think that neighbor’s never coming back, Peter. Oh. [ Silence ]

Peter: so we have one of the the Bichon frieze and also the little terrier mutt as well. Anyway, my girlfriend just, she has, she loves one of these dogs to death. We had two of them over for most of the day. The boy decided

Soundboard: you [ Silence ]

Peter: he wanted to go home, but the girl was invited to stay. And then I got there and the other boy,

Peter: who’s not part of them, he’s the third wheel, he just got back from the vet and he was high on

Peter: meds to calm him down. And so he’s still kind of like just wobbly. I’m like, I’ll take him too. So they’re downstairs, which is another reason we have to do a short episode, because they can’t be left alone for a while.

Scott: Okay, all right.

Peter: Oh, I’m not wearing it now because it’s on the charger, but my watch is also heavy.

Scott: In addition to the headset that we both don’t care about, so let’s move on.

Scott: I kind of am interested in what the watch OS updates are gonna bring because I’m a heavy watch user. However Yeah, your watch is heavier than mine I would I would wager

Peter: Happy? [Silence]

Scott: iPad I don’t care anymore iOS I don’t care anymore except for bug fixes honestly if the only thing that happens on the iPhone is that CarPlay starts actually reading my messages out loud again like it used to instead of just showing me the

Scott: Completion spinner in complete silence and then I would be happy with that. That’s all I want

Peter: Uh-huh. [silence]

Scott: I don’t care if they introduce any other features whatsoever. Just fix my freaking carplay audio Everything works except for when it goes to read mess anything Siri related the Siri voice just doesn’t come out of the speakers anymore

Scott: It’s not a volume thing. I’ve already adjusted it Well on the Mac on the Mac

Peter: Yeah, bug fixes. That’s all I want. I just want bug fixes. That’s all I’m going so far.

Peter: But anyway. [silence]

Scott: I would like them to clean up notification center get rid of all that nonsense because on the Mac you get all these dumb Notifications that never go away until you go and look at them and they’re from 20 days ago even if you clear them on iOS they stay on the Mac and

Peter: YES ski YES

Scott: they’re useless they just pile up and

Peter: Julie Yes!

Scott: I would like them to fix the widgets on the Mac because I don’t like how every time a new version of drafts comes out My drafts widget just goes away. It just disappears and I have to re-add it and re-add

Scott: Reconfigure it. It’s just annoying the widgets on the Mac are a total disaster They should either make them work and make them usable or just get rid of them. But yeah, so bug fixes primarily That’s it. That’s really all I want out of life is bug fixes. I can’t think of anything that I want for new features at all

Peter: Yeah, just make everything better, that’s all.

Scott: Make it work

Peter: Make it work.

Scott: But what about the watch do you have any ideas for how you would like to use your action button better stuff like that

Peter: Make it work and make it work better. Yeah, I mean, the action button, the only…

Peter: I have it set right now to just use the stopwatch because out of all of the useless functions that you can set the action button to do, that was the least useless.

Scott: Right, it’s their best bet idea.

Peter: Yeah, it’s the best bad idea.

Scott: That works. [silence]

Peter: So yeah, I don’t know what I’m supposed to… I don’t want to start a workout with that because I occasionally hit the action button by accident.

Scott: Tim Nahumck, who you may or may not remember, was somebody that Ronnie and I used to talk

Peter: So I don’t hurt myself against dogs and yeah, it’s a good buy. I’ll go ahead and give it to you later—“Man is

Scott: about on Pocket Size Podcast. Tim Nahumck wrote a shortcut that he assigned to his action button.

Peter: almost dead.” Then I can think that if I’ve got a dog that can Moby up and get me both Seah FAMily

Scott: And what that shortcut does is pop up a menu of several actions that he likes to take all

Peter: wings to do it then maybe that guy will evolve into this regular dog.

Scott: the time. He can message his wife, he can start a workout, he can do all these different things right

Peter: But hey this younger person can do it. But anyway it’s awesome.

Scott: from that one thing. So basically it launches a shortcut that has a submenu and it has like five things that

Peter: I like to ride…

Scott: he can just choose very quickly. it’s faster than getting to them any other way.

Peter: I did not realize that you could assign a shortcut to…

Scott: Yeah, see?

Peter: Look at that!

Scott: See?

Peter: A shortcut! Huh! Okay, is that new? Has that always been there?

Scott: I think it’s always been there.

Peter: I never noticed that.

Scott: Anyway, I’ll send you, I’ll put a link in the notes for Tim Nahumck’s shortcut.

Peter: Oh, well now that I know that a shortcut’s an option, jeez!

Scott: Right.

Peter: That’s way cooler. Of course now that I’m gonna do that I’ve already pretty much gotten used to using it to start the stopwatch.


Peter: But out of all of the shortcuts that I have available to me on the watch right now, from the list that pops up when I say I want to assign a shortcut,

Scott: Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Peter: Overcast seek forward is probably slightly more useful.

Peter: When I’m listening to Overcast I can just click it to fast forward for those times when I don’t want to do it on my AirPods.

Scott: Yeah, but that was everything.

Peter: So, where were we? That was WatchOS. Oh, we covered iOS? We were like, we’re good?

Scott: Well, I did.

Peter: Right, oh okay. I didn’t think of that as iOS. I thought of that as CarPlay OS or something.

Scott: I said I don’t care. I just want my CarPlay voice back. No, no, it’s on the phone.

Peter: Like I said, bug fixes, as Marco was saying, his ideas on the watch face.

Scott: What about you? What do you want from any of those?

Peter: and the but when you know when you push the button when you push the the button button not the action button but the other Button the crown when you push the crown in you get the tiny little you know like thousand stars view of things

Peter: Which is too long

Scott: See, I don’t get that because I have them arranged in a list, an alphabetical list. You can scroll super fast though.

Peter: It’s too long it’s too long it is not an efficient way to find apps so I’m with Marco on that

Scott: It’s in alphabetical order. It’s the only way I can find them.

Peter: I understand that, I understand that, but it takes too long to, it’s just, it’s unwieldy.

Scott: Right.

Peter: All right. And the other option is I used to arrange the other view constantly and I would be like, I would have like all of my health apps

Scott: it.

Peter: clustered here and all my financial apps clustered here, my communications and productivity apps clustered here and then I would like install an app or

Peter: uninstall an app and the whole thing would get messed up and stuff. So I stopped doing that. I switched to the list It’s… unwieldy to say the best.

Scott: It’s like it’s like on the iPhone.

Peter: App library.

Scott: I was so happy when they what is that thing called? Yeah, the app library. The app library was a lifesaver because I don’t want to manage my apps.

Scott: Every time I install an app, I don’t want it to ruin whatever setup I already have.

Scott: So I don’t have apps show up on my home screen. They only show up in my app library. And then my home screen stays the way I put it and it never changes and I like that.

Peter: Mm-hmm. [silence]

Scott: If you’re gonna use the weird cloud view for apps on the watch, I wish they would do something like that where you can say here’s my arrangement and anything else I install, I have to find a different way. Because chances are,

Scott: Most of the time you’re gonna want a very specific subset of apps and then for the times that you really Want this other app that you hard to ever use you can go find it in a list or something There there has to be a better way because that app cloud it’s too slow it relies on pattern recognition

Peter: Mm-hmm. I’m with you. Yes.

Peter: No, it’s not. Yep, I’m with you on that.

Scott: I have to remember the app icon. It has to trigger in the brain. Is it where I thought it would be?

Peter: So I’d like that to be better, you know, anything else, iOS.

Scott: No, it’s not. I tapped something else because I thought it was going to be in a certain position now I’m in a different app and forget it. It just kills me Okay, so there’s that. Oh my God, Peter, I was walking to the MAX train station, and my friend Adam called to

Peter: Gee, would that be where they fix Bluetooth issues?

Soundboard: you [ Silence ]

Peter: [ Silence ]

Scott: see if I was there, because he was driving over there to meet me so we could hop on the same MAX and go into Portland. And I put my-I said, “Hold on.” I answered the phone, I said, “Hang on, I gotta put my earbuds in.”

Scott: I put my earbuds in I switch it to the AirPods. I start talking to him and then it ten seconds later

Peter: [ Silence ]

Scott: It switches back to speaker. I switch it back to AirPods ten seconds later. It was like on a clock It would let me talk to him on the AirPods for so long and then it would stop fourth time

Scott: I said forget it I put the AirPods away and I held the phone to my ear like an animal

Peter: Yep.

Scott: Like a caveman walking along on the street with my phone up at my ear and I just was mad I was just freaking angry. I was cursing Apple like no tomorrow and he pulls up next to me after I got to the train thing. He goes so apples total shit, huh? And I’m like, yep, that’s pretty much it

Soundboard: (bell dings)

Scott: But it’s only with the phone

Peter: Let’s do it.

Scott: I don’t have a whole lot of I have a few minor ones But I don’t have a whole lot of major air pod problems with anything but the phone on the phone But whenever I try to use the phone, it’s just like nope. You’re not using these air pods Not today, even if you already have a man it decides you’re not gonna use them as you well know

Peter: Nope, not today Santa.

Scott: No.

Scott: Not today, Santa. Yeah, they really need to fix that, because I think Bluetooth is entering its 88th year

Peter: It’s more than the eighth year but probably less than the 80th. But probably

Scott: of existence or something like that, and Apple still hasn’t figured out how to make it work. Right, right.

Peter: less than the 80th, so yeah.

Scott: Okay.

Scott: What else?

Peter: That’s it. I mean battery life would be nice. They were talking when the ATP

Scott: Anything else? Nothing? [silence]

Peter: crowd was talking you know about the battery life on the headset you know about how like dude you know we’re not gonna make it super heavy we should you

Peter: know I think like a battery pack that hooks on your hip is better look no John

Scott: An external pack, yeah. No, no, no, no.

Peter: what are you thinking they have they’re gonna follow in the footsteps of the

Peter: iPhone and the Apple watch and they’re going to give you 18 minutes of battery

Peter: life with a minuscule battery that stays on your forehead. That’s what’s gonna happen. You don’t think so?

Scott: The rumors are already very clear about the battery pack. No, the battery pack is happening for sure.

Peter: Okay fine. I was sure they were gonna follow the 18 rule and just go with 18 minutes.

Scott: No, actually, I have I never run out of battery on any of my Apple devices anymore.

Peter: you [ Silence ]

Scott: I am very happy with battery life on my current watch. Very happy with battery life on my current phone. And I don’t even have a giant phone.

Soundboard: [BLANK_AUDIO]

Scott: I’m very happy with battery life, even on my Mac is great.

Peter: [ Silence ]

Scott: In fact, usually I have too much battery on my Mac. I’m always lamenting the fact that it’s always charging to 100% when it’s plugged in, which is not supposed to do.

Soundboard: [SOUND]

Scott: It’s supposed to regulate so that it’s not constantly charging to 100% so that it doesn’t


Do they now —

Scott: wear out the battery but for some reason my Mac does not do that and people keep telling me oh yes it does and I’m looking at my charge indicator and it

Scott: doesn’t do that I don’t care what those people who don’t own my Mac say about my Mac it does do that yeah they yeah do they know so anyway no I’m super happy

Peter: I don’t either now that I have an ultra.

Scott: with battery right now I don’t run I’ve I don’t run out of battery on stuff anymore [silence]

Peter: What happens is every now and then I forget. It’s been a day or two that I’ve charged and I look like, “Oh, I’m down to 30% okay.”

Scott: My wife and daughter, they don’t have ultras. They’ve got regular watches, but even with their both their phones and their watches, they’ll be like, get up in the morning and then they’ll be like, oh, I’m out of battery.

Scott: And I’m like, why don’t you just charge it at night? I don’t understand why you do this to yourself. And those are just regular devices. I could I could absolutely see that happening with an ultra because you don’t have to charge it so often.

Peter: Mm-hmm. [silence]

Scott: And so I could totally see missing it when it.

Soundboard: you [ Silence ]

Scott: Now, I wonder if it would help if you just had the battery widget showing on your Mac, showing on your iPhone. Always have a battery widget that shows you and it’ll show you your watch’s battery level. Would that be a reminder?

Peter: So I deliberately turned off the battery percentage indicator on everything.

Peter: I still have, yeah, I have had the indicator on time to time, time. But I generally go for less is more in this case because it’s one less thing for me to like I drive an electric car so I already have range anxiety I don’t

Peter: need to have more battery anxiety than I you know then I already do so I generally let that go.

Scott: I’ve heard about your range performance anxiety.

Peter: That’s distance anxiety that’s totally different.

Scott: There we go. That’s all my beer.

Peter: Ahh.

Scott: Okay, well I think that’s about it. I think honestly, I don’t even know if this is worth

Peter: Yeah, but we had a chance to drink an almost beer.

Scott: recording because basically we could have summed it up in “please fix your gosh darn bugs, Apple.” Yeah, I got to see you in the Boston summer, such as it is. Yay!

Peter: Woo hoo! Yes, it’s so much fun.

Scott: Yay!

Peter: And now I’m going to go downstairs and just crash on the couch for a while.

Scott: Go kiss some fuzzy faces first and then go crash on the couch.

Peter: Yeah, I think they’ll do most of the kissing.

Scott: Okay.

Peter: I’ll just go like, “Oh, God.”

Scott: Cheers.

Peter: So anyway, there you go.

Scott: Cheers!

Peter: Cool. Cheers.

Scott: What do I have to play that would be a good, uh…

Peter: Where everybody knows your name.

Scott: What do I have to play that would be a good, uh…

Soundboard: We’re done. Remember? This is what we agreed to. The last step. We stick with the plan. We leave.