Friends with Brews Podcast is about friends Peter and Scott, beer, coffee, tea, and podcasting! It's also about Apple, fitness, food, random news, and sometimes our friend Adam!

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Episode 64 • The Accidental Decaf Podcast

Tuesday, 09 Apr 202437 minutes

Peter and Scott decaffeinate themselves, but not intentionally at first. Software quality is declining, Scott and Peter’s bodies are declining, and Notion and AI continue to be products in the lineup of tools they both use.

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I didn't have a drinking problem before this podcast, but now I do. I can't get those voices out of my head! - HelpMeImTrappedInAPodcast
I listened to the WHOLE episode, not because of how great it was, but because I was working on my car, my hands were covered in grease, and I couldn't skip ahead to something else. You're welcome. - BustedTurbo
I used to suffer from imposter syndrome, but then I started listening to this podcast and now I know I'm doing better than at least two people in the world. - ImBadass