Friends with Brews Podcast is about friends Peter and Scott, beer, coffee, tea, and podcasting! It's also about Apple, fitness, food, random news, and sometimes our friend Adam!

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Episode 51 • Excited and a Little Disappointed

Monday, 11 Sep 202335 minutes

Peter is a runner, Scott's a pretender, and they both have beer. You can be built from broken, and you can learn what your cron jobs are doing.

Three Philosophers
Ommegang Brewery
Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale
Anderson Valley Brewing Company


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I was cutting them some slack because they are drinking beer, but then they started drinking coffee sometimes and I realized they just really are that stupid. - InconceivableButTrue
I wonder if these guys know people can hear them. I don't think so. There's no way they'd say some of the stupid things they do if they did. - IHeardThat
Your podcast is like the Apple Watch – it's saving lives! - Ronnie Lutes