Friends with Brews Podcast is about friends Peter and Scott, beer, coffee, tea, and podcasting! It's also about Apple, fitness, food, random news, and sometimes our friend Adam!

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Episode 68 • Drinking Motor Oil Like It’s WWDC 2024

Monday, 17 Jun 202429 minutes

It's Scott, Neter, and Lonnie! Here they talk about WWDC 2024 and all the wonderful things both real and artificial announced by Apple this year. We have all the lukewarm takes to go with our lukewarm beverages!

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You know that time you won 452 million dollars in the lottery and then lost it all gambling and drinking and paying hitmen for services rendered? Yeah, this podcast is exactly like that except without the part about winning the 452 million dollars. - TragedyOfTheCommonistas
Your podcast is like the Apple Watch – it's saving lives! - Ronnie Lutes
Even Vic couldn't listen to this as background noise, and that's how he listens to everything. Well, maybe after a few beers he could TRY. - TooPainfulToListen