Friends with Brews Podcast is about friends Peter and Scott, beer, coffee, tea, and podcasting! It's also about Apple, fitness, food, random news, and sometimes our friend Adam!

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Episode 69 • Force Fed a Can of Blueberry Badness

Saturday, 13 Jul 202452 minutes Transcript

Peter is back, and this is good news for Scott! This time Peter is not AI, but for some reason he and Scott talk nonstop about AI anyway. Tools, workflows, valid concerns vs. boogeyman concerns. Also blueberry poison.

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You know that time you won 452 million dollars in the lottery and then lost it all gambling and drinking and paying hitmen for services rendered? Yeah, this podcast is exactly like that except without the part about winning the 452 million dollars. - TragedyOfTheCommonistas
Just when I think these guys are finally growing on me, I realize that's just a terrible fungus. - Slowly44Dying
I listened to the WHOLE episode, not because of how great it was, but because I was working on my car, my hands were covered in grease, and I couldn't skip ahead to something else. You're welcome. - BustedTurbo