Friends with Brews Podcast is about friends Peter and Scott, beer, coffee, tea, and podcasting! It's also about Apple, fitness, food, random news, and sometimes our friend Adam!

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Episode 36 • Killing as Few Humans as Possible

Wednesday, 24 May 202323 minutes Transcript

Peter is away this week... or is he? A special appearance! Scott drinks some wacky coffee that's not really all that wacky and does arguing with a person who really IS wacky. Is it worth listening to? You tell us! Or rather, don't. We'll leave that to the AI to decide.

Water Avenue Coffee


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This podcast is an outstanding example of why not every idea that pops into your head is a good one. - WhyOhWhy42
I was cutting them some slack because they are drinking beer, but then they started drinking coffee sometimes and I realized they just really are that stupid. - InconceivableButTrue
Sometimes you need a really good podcast to listen to. Other times you just need background noise. This is background noise. - IwontListen2721