Santa's Private Reserve Honey Mama's

Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Honey Mama's

Rogue says:

Santa has always been convinced that all great confections come from the North Pole, so we reached out to our friends at Honey Mama’s to help us show him otherwise. The Honey Mama’s crew whipped up some of their favorite tasty treats and we sent them up to Santa in a care package. It’s safe to say he feels a bit differently now, for mere minutes after receiving the delivery Santa was on the phone with us gushing about the delicious goodies, begging us to recreate this in his annual Private Reserve. Per his request. we teamed up with Honey Mama’s to create this tahini, tangerine and chocolate flavored stout. Santa is sure to love it. and so are you.

Scott says:

Quite good, much better than last year's Santa's Private Reserve. I enjoy it even though I probably won't buy it again.