Trailhead Coffee Roasters

Sweater Weather

Trailhead Coffee Roasters says:

We wanted a super cozy coffee awesome enough to cut through the snow and freezing rain of the Pacific Northwest. This Fair Trade Organic sweet pastry of a coffee comes from Chiapas, Mexico. It has been awhile since we’ve had a Mexican coffee and we’re stoked for its return. It brews nicely as a precise pour over. Our recipe calls for 21g semi fine ground coffee, 300g 95C water. We use the ceramic Origami pour over and have achieved great results using the Matt Winton 5 pour recipe but deviating by using a the Origami setup.

Scott says:

This is one of my favorite Trailhead coffees currently. I don't taste all the notes they proclaim I will, but I also don't taste sweater, and that's a bonus. It actually is a very nice morning cup of coffee.