Trailhead Coffee Roasters


Trailhead Coffee Roasters says:

This coffee is amazing. We are beyond excited to have it in our wheelhouse. Drink it. Love it. Juicy with notes of Papaya and Brown Sugar. Superb as a pour over and a punchy little beast as SO espresso. As espresso, you might utter the following, 'Whoa…wtf…Dang…ok…ok, yeah' in a coming to terms with the amazing taste. Kind of punk rock that way but quite delicious in the end. I put a photo of the grounds in an Origami brewer so you can see the color and richness of this dense little bean.

Scott says:

I might have brewed it a tiny bit weak. I don't get the Papaya for sure. The brown sugar I could believe. It's good. It's not a bad coffee, it's just I don't always pick up the flavors they say I should pick up.