Episode 49 – They're Rubbish at the Moon

Vic is back yet AGAIN, and with him returns Country Boy Brewing. The Russians are rubbish at the moon, ZoiglHaus is rubbish at websites, and Ronnie is rubbish at door locks. Finally, CATS!!

Episode 48 – You Counted Us Down

Vic is back, this time with a really good beer! Scott and Vic talk about Vic's resurgence into gaming, Microsoft, and cats. And if you think cats are the evil ones in that list, you're WRONG!

Episode 47 – Have I Been Paid?

Peter runs 10 miles, employers make people Zoom back to work, Troy Hunt's new business model is Have I Been Paid? Peter's home life goes to the dogs, and Scott still can't get over Raycast.

Episode 46 – Casting Rays

Peter wants to know how Scott's using Raycast, so Scott tells Peter how he's using Raycast. That's pretty much it! We do drink beer, and we do talk about the beer, so there's that. But it's all fun because beer in extreme moderation is fun, and Raycast in giant doses is fun!

Episode 45 – A Ducking Run

There is no alcohol in either of the brews in this episode. Peter laments the death of a Tesla, and Scott and Peter mock the death of a Twitter. Then it's Mac settings, some Mac apps, and the Apple Watch public beta.

Episode 44 – In Soviet Russia, Strava Cancels You

Peter and Scott launch into an impromptu Count impression session, inform you that your body isn't luggage, then talk about the various AIs. Finally, cancel your Strava before it cancels you.

Episode 43 – When Two Vowels Go a Walkin'

HI, PETER! Peter's back, and Scott barely knows what to do with himself, so he drinks a beer brewed in Boring, Oregon. Evernote is rapidly becoming Nevernote, and Vermont is flooding.

Episode 42 – Full Stack Vertically Integrated Kitchen

Scott promised Vic he'd be back on Friends with Brews, they just didn't realize it would be on the very next episode! Vic has the g@#$%ed internet, a full stack vertically integrated kitchen, and loves his buns very much.

Episode 41 – Kentucky Belgian

This is a show about brews, and the topic of whether or not whiskeys are brewed has come up before. But we needed someone passionate about this to help us understand this complex topic. Vic Hudson is passionate about whiskey, and he educates Scott on the whiskey creation process from start to finish, as well as the incredibly complex rules around categorizing whiskeys. It's enough to make your head spin, and that's before taking a single sip!

Episode 40 – 99 Bottles of Brew on the Wall

It's the 40th episode of Friends with Brews, and that calls for a midlife crisis! Peter and Scott look back at the good and bad of the 99 brews they've consumed in those 40 episodes. Then Peter talks about Puerto Rico and AirPods Pro 2.

Episode 39 – I Believe in Beer

Peter is gone! But Adam isn't! Adam Bell joins Scott and they celebrate getting rid of old cars and paint the picture of Adam's IT origin story.

Episode 38 – I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own

It's WWDC 2023!!! And apparently some things were announced that Peter and Scott feel like they should talk about in a very beer drinking manner.

Episode 37 – Solving the World's Problems Online

It's a mishmash of topics but Peter and Scott both just really want some bugs fixed in the BONUS end of show segment. Before that, they talk about goals, Notion, some AI, and some TV. It's one of those days when they're feeling the brews.

Episode 36 – Killing as Few Humans as Possible

Peter is away this week... or is he? A special appearance! Scott drinks some wacky coffee that's not really all that wacky and does arguing with a person who really IS wacky. Is it worth listening to? You tell us! Or rather, don't. We'll leave that to the AI to decide.

Episode 35 – Good Enough for My Wife to Steal

Peter is so desperate (how desperate?) he drinks Hop Wtr, Scott doesn't, and they fill in the backstory of their notebook journeys and leaving Evernote.

Episode 34 – What is a Computer?

Peter drinks something sour, Scott drinks something sour, and they both talk about window managers, outliners, and why they both are on the same page with respect to Mac vs. iPad Pro for getting work done.

Episode 33 – Memory Lane is Full of Old Computers

Scott balances out a bad beer with a good beer. Peter cuts his own hair. Peter sets up Auto-GPT and Chat-GPT in a cage match, the guys talk about text editors and IDEs, and then both Peter and Scott drone on for almost an hour about the old days of computing.

Episode 32 – Tripping Fences

Is Peter real, or is he just a voice synthesis dream? All the GPTs, Scott hates bad drivers, Peter's running shoe obsession, and lots of Apple Watch failures for both Scott and Peter.

Episode 31 – Ironic Hot Cold Brew

Bart Busschots joins Scott with a hot cold brew coffee, and they talk about their Macs, Bart's career path in IT, collaboration and communication, self-awareness, teaching, and Bart talks about a new admin toy he's been playing with.

Episode 30 – A Little Less Distinctly Different

Scott's bluetooth is out of control. Peter wins big in the class action lawsuit world, and takes inspiration from the works of Hokusai. Both Peter and Scott learned to type at one point, and Roy Kent plays hide and seek with Elmo.