Episode 69 – Force Fed a Can of Blueberry Badness

Peter is back, and this is good news for Scott! This time Peter is not AI, but for some reason he and Scott talk nonstop about AI anyway. Tools, workflows, valid concerns vs. boogeyman concerns. Also blueberry poison.

Episode 68 – Drinking Motor Oil Like It’s WWDC 2024

It's Scott, Neter, and Lonnie! Here they talk about WWDC 2024 and all the wonderful things both real and artificial announced by Apple this year. We have all the lukewarm takes to go with our lukewarm beverages!

Episode 67 – It’s Terrible but I Loved It

It’s a wonderful coffee day! Peter and Scott ponder the enbleepification of things, heaters dying, loans that refuse to be born, rotators with cuffs, Wi-Fi with the number 6, and some things they’re watching.

Episode 66 – I Was a Federico, Almost

Ronnie can’t drink tannins but doesn’t know why, Scott and Ronnie used to podcast together but don’t know why, Ronnie and Scott had iPads Pro and don’t know why, because now they’re fully back on Mac laptops (and they do know why).

Episode 65 – A Teacup for Your Tempest

Peter has a Tempest (mic), Scott has a Bochi Bochi (beer), 3 bodies are a problem, technology is good but annoying, but Godzilla X Kong and Tonkatsu sandwiches are good and not annoying.

Episode 64 – The Accidental Decaf Podcast

Peter and Scott decaffeinate themselves, but not intentionally at first. Software quality is declining, Scott and Peter’s bodies are declining, and Notion and AI continue to be products in the lineup of tools they both use.

Episode 63 – Linus Hates Everything

Peter’s got the healing meniscus, Scott almost stole a dog, Linus Torvalds hates everything, and ChatGPT CLEARLY hates Linus.

Episode 62 – Sports with Balls

Peter hates it when Lego are lonely. Dogs aren’t people (but they should be), and Scott tries some AI software tools. Peter reviews Ted Lasso, a show with all the feels. Scott really wants to find the ultimate notes app for documentation, while Peter just misses the time when Evernote was a trustworthy company.

Episode 61 – Fashionably Smaller Meniscus

Is Peter’s meniscus too large? His surgeon seems to think so. World champion coffee is a thing, and Peter owned a coffee shop, once. Scott doesn’t like lizard brain or excessive masculinity, and neither Peter nor Scott have any desire to buy an Apple Vision Pro.

Episode 60 – Weekending in Vermont

Houses are a nightmare, but weekending in Vermont is worth it. Scott drinks less, Peter’s knee hurts more, and they both remember Chicago. The font, that is. Keyboards, trackpads, mice, detectives, vampires, and the Post Office – it’s all here!

Episode 59 – Caught up on Monsters

New Year’s was had by all, Peter loves New Orleans and hates Sonos line-in, Scott loves Cheese & Crack snack shop, and they both love the apps of ATP and some stupid TV shows.

Episode 58 – I Hear You like Oxygen in Your Blood

Christmas ale and coffee, pro tips on recording with Audio Hijack, monster movies and Christmas movies, and forcing cats into friendships and SSH keys into 1Password!

Episode 57 – My, What Big Hands You Have

Peter and Scott continue their monstrous journey into monstrous movies. Scott takes a monstrous journey through podcast apps, and they neither of them can stand the thought of Elon Musk and his monstrous Cybertruck.

Episode 56 – Monarch: Legacy of Black Friday

Peter and Scott love monsters and coffee and monsters who love coffee. Black Friday came and went without TOO much money being spent – ok, who are we kidding? Money was spent. Mostly by Peter, but partly by Scott. Scott says f-u to the Brie Larson haters and whiny little misogynists in general. Peter says hello to Kaiju board games, and Scott wants in. Stop playing those games without him.

Episode 55 – Bring in the Copilot

Peter and Scott use AI, but why? And why does Okta never believe it when someone tells them they've been hacked?

Episode 54 – Imagine the Smell

Hacker beer, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a great sequel, speech and sandwiches both start with the letter s, and numbers go up when people are stupid.

Episode 52 – If I Were a Beer

Peter and Scott talk about the betas (yes, this was recorded a couple weeks ago), which beer Peter would be if he were a beer, text editors, books, first cars, and why Peter's blood pressure suddenly spiked.

Episode 51 – Excited and a Little Disappointed

Peter is a runner, Scott's a pretender, and they both have beer. You can be built from broken, and you can learn what your cron jobs are doing.

Episode 50 – Moderately Desperate Regret

Peter is BACK for beautiful episode 50, but he regrets to inform you his beer of choice tastes like moderately desperate regret. Scott has coffee and talks about a blog post on Raycast that he's writing VERY slowly, and they both launch into an impromptu impersonation of John Siracusa watching other people use their computers very slowly and inefficiently.

Episode 49 – They're Rubbish at the Moon

Vic is back yet AGAIN, and with him returns Country Boy Brewing. The Russians are rubbish at the moon, ZoiglHaus is rubbish at websites, and Ronnie is rubbish at door locks. Finally, CATS!!