Episode 28 – It’s Egg Freckles All Over Again

Peter's down with 2% beer, Scott can't find the iPhone hanging right in front of his face, and Photos app is scared to use any battery. Finally, the argument about the value of ChatGPT never ends.

Episode 27 – Your Dad's Greek Spinach Pie

Peter's dad had an amazing Greek spinach pie, but only on the specials menu, Friends with Brews has transcripts, Peter has a 4k monitor, and Scott can't figure out why Mac users are so afraid of touchscreens.

Episode 26 – Jittery Enough

It's a special episode of FwB with Clay Daly, cameras, and computers – all the best C suite words!

Episode 25 – The Next Best Thing To Costa Rica

Want a vacation in the tropics? Peter had one! Scott listens in rapt envy as Peter talks about his new life and his future bungalo. Then Peter gets all Authoritarian, and Scott talks about transcribing the whole thing.

Episode 24 – Aspirational Decaf

Scott couldn't handle another long distance phone call with Peter, so John Chidgey of The Engineered Network is here to give a more balanced view of AI, ML, ChatGPT, and other societal-techno issues.

Episode 23 – Running From Zombies, with Love

LIVE FROM COSTA RICA, IT'S ... one of us, anyway. PETER! Adam and Scott are here too, in case you care. We love running from zombies, but only with love in our hearts.

Episode 22 – The Year of the Megapickle

Lots of tech, and a little rotator cuff! Eufy and LastPass suck at being private and secure, Peter is headed for Costa Rica, Mario Guzman makes apps you should use, and most importantly, Peter is a Strava legend! Plus a new segment called Overheard.

Episode 21 – These are not Google Drive’s Toasted Nuts

Scott hates Google Drive, Peter hates software on GitHub and searching for virtual KVM's, but they both love a good cup of coffee.

Episode 20 – I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

It's a coffee epsiode!! 2001 is a Space Odyssey, and Friends with Brews is a Podcast Odyssey! Coffee, audio software, movies, browsers, programming languages, and Peter’s nose!!

Episode 19 – If I Were Desperate

It's not just about Twitter and Mastodon. Peter and Scott also complain about various body parts. Well, what did you expect? We're getting old and it's our duty to hurt and then talk about it!

Episode 18 – The Richest Richard

Adam joins Peter and Scott to brew things and talk about technology and Peter's knee, which apparently is not good technology.

Episode 17 – The Most Mundane Halloween

Beer AND coffee again! It was a slow week in social media (or was it?). Peter's work status is complicated. Scott asks questions about it. The Japanese love themselves a mundane Halloween, and we're here for it! Peter loves speakers in the ceiling, and Scott says you should check out a certain William Gibson book TV adaptation.

Episode 2 – Things

Peter and Scott get meta by thinking about the act of thinking, and list some interesting podcasts in the process. Also hell has frozen over with respect to Evernote and Apple Notes.

Episode 1 – Friends?! With Beer?!?

It's time for the first sips of Friends with Beer! Peter and Scott have some nice chocolatey stouts and talk about things that matter (to them)! Cats, cholesterol, cellphone carriers... it's all on topic!