Episode 4 – Every Horse They Rode In On

We drink a couple beers each and ponder business meetings, training, and TV shows. Then we talk about Windows 365 for at least two minutes, which is probably more time than it deserves.

Episode 3 – Drinking on Empty

Peter and Scott are drinking on empty, which isn't always the best bad idea. Peter likes to smile at tire pressure monitors, smoking duck lovers are people kids don't like, and you should always end all your sentences in "dammit"!

Episode 2 – Things

Peter and Scott get meta by thinking about the act of thinking, and list some interesting podcasts in the process. Also hell has frozen over with respect to Evernote and Apple Notes.

Episode 1 – Friends?! With Beer?!?

It's time for the first sips of Friends with Beer! Peter and Scott have some nice chocolatey stouts and talk about things that matter (to them)! Cats, cholesterol, cellphone carriers... it's all on topic!