Episode 52 – If I Were a Beer

Peter and Scott talk about the betas (yes, this was recorded a couple weeks ago), which beer Peter would be if he were a beer, text editors, books, first cars, and why Peter's blood pressure suddenly spiked.

Peter: Hi, Scott!

Scott: That is not the finger I thought you were going to give me when you counted down to

Soundboard: Friends with Brews! Hi Peter! Hi Peter!

Scott: one.

Peter: You’re so mean. Hey, let’s cut right to it. I’m Peter, you’re Scott.

Scott: No I deserve it because for whatever reason, and by the way if you’re listening Rogue Amoeba because I’m sure there are amongst our millions of listeners, Rogue Amoeba for some reason

Peter: Rogue amigaba. Right.

Scott: Audio Hijack when I fire up FaceTime, it’s only with FaceTime and when I tell it to record

Soundboard: Hello Peter!

Scott: FaceTime the first time I click record it will very often have my input level super

Soundboard: What’s happening? Ahhhhhh

Scott: super super low and then all I do is stop it and record again and it’s normal and I

Soundboard: What’s happening?

Peter: So, I have a question.

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh

Scott: don’t know why.

Soundboard: What’s happening?

Scott: Now luckily I have a clean enough sound that if I don’t catch it and I boost it I can still

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh What’s happening?

Scott: have a but why take a chance?

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh

Scott: Why take the possibility of introducing tons of noise into it?

Soundboard: What’s happening? Ahhhhhh

Scott: Anyway it’s annoying. Rogue Amoeba I don’t know how to prove it to you.

Soundboard: What’s happening?

Scott: Yeah we have sort of a problem here.

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh We have sort of a problem here What’s happening? Ahhhhhh

Peter: I didn’t even remember, is there a tvOS beta right now?

Soundboard: What’s happening? Ahhhhhh What’s happening?

Scott: I’m sure there is yeah.

Peter: Okay, public.

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh

Peter: I didn’t even think to look at that because for the first time in a long time, I am running

Soundboard: What’s happening?

Scott: Yeah I’m sure there is.

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh What’s happening?

Peter: the beta versions on all my Apple devices except my TV.

Soundboard: Ahhhhhh What’s happening?

Scott: You know what’s hilarious I am running betas on everything except my TV and my iPad which

Peter: I liked getting the health access on the iPad and I’m pretty sure that’s the only change

Scott: I just don’t even care anymore.

Peter: that I’ve noticed.

Scott: That will be nice yeah I don’t mind that. I don’t spend a lot of time gazing at the you know so it’s like whatever I don’t care.

Peter: I don’t spend a lot of time gazing at it but I am frequently looking at my health records and my stats and stuff and so it’s just nice to be able to do it on the iPad when that’s

Scott: Yes.

Peter: the device I have handy.

Scott: Yeah I am definitely not questioning your choice. I will say one thing I think that my ambivalence towards the iPad right now is the result of two things. Number one as you know I’ve given up trying to force the iPad to do things it doesn’t really want to do and the other thing is this iPad that I’m using now since I gave the good iPads to my wife and daughter this iPad doesn’t have the greatest screen it’s nowhere near as nice to look at as any of my other Apple devices.

Peter: I don’t think you understand how hand-me-downs are supposed to work, Scott. You’re supposed to keep the good one for yourself.

Scott: But why would I keep an iPad Pro for myself when I have no desire to make it a work device anymore.

Peter: Because you’re a self-centered, narcissistic bastard?

Scott: That is what most people do but I don’t want to do that.

Peter: Fair enough. Click.

Scott: My wife only uses an iPad Pro she doesn’t even have a computer anymore. My daughter only uses an iPad Pro she doesn’t have a computer yet and I plan to get her a Mac at some point either senior year in high school or definitely for college. But they both have iPad Pros as their only computer so I would be the world’s biggest Apple. Yeah if I kept that for myself even though I really don’t use it that much anymore that would be a dick move.

Peter: Speaking of clinking sounds, I have a beer today.

Scott: So glad you didn’t say speaking of dicks.

Peter: Speaking of dicks, how are things going, Scott?

Scott: Oh great. Thank you Peter. Now I want to burst into song and German accent.

Peter: So we have talked about this beer before but it has not been on the podcast. This is if I were a beer, this is the beer I would be. This is Opa Opa Brewings Oktoberfest.

Scott: Oh if I were a beer.

Peter: It is a Greek breweries German fest beer.

Scott: Oh so you sent me a link.

Peter: Oh, you gotta find this is one of the best beer websites ever.

Scott: Oh now I got to find it there it is.

Peter: You’ll love this one.

Scott: It’s literally just pictures of their building.

Peter: Look at copyright on it.

Scott: Oh my God. Copyright 2013.

Peter: I think it’s MySpace.

Scott: Oh and they have a what is that link. Is that Twitter. No what is that old link. No they have a Facebook link. The funny thing is both of those links just go to their own Web page with a pound sign after it they don’t go anywhere.

Peter: All of the links just go right back to the same. I went to the beers page and all the pages, they just went back to the same thing.

Scott: It’s a single page Web site with a picture of stainless steel vats.

Peter: So I am going to start officially, when I go to breweries or whatever, I’m going to

Scott: That’s it. Oh my God.

Peter: start offering my services in exchange for beer.

Scott: Yes please please do. Yes.

Peter: Just for beer.

Scott: Yes.

Peter: Like you know, I would like, you know, guys, give me a case of this Oktoberfest. I will give you an exponentially better website than you have right now.

Scott: Yeah guys you’re amazing at beer your utter shit at Web sites.

Peter: Indeed. What are you drinking, by the way? Speaking of utter blank at websites, what are you drinking?

Scott: Yeah this is a local brewer but let me preface it by saying that I found a variety box of

Peter: Ok.

Scott: this at Costco and it had four six packs in it.

Peter: So you’re drinking a can of piss.

Scott: So this is Laurelwood Brewing which is a local brewer. This is their piston pale ale and I haven’t had this one yet. No piston. It shows two pistons on the thing.

Peter: It’s two piss-tons.

Scott: I don’t know. Here’s the weird thing about their beers is they all have completely the logo is the same as you would expect but they all have completely different looks and it’s like a schizophrenic beer company. Have you seen these where all the things coming out of the beer company look different. You don’t know why it’s like you got 20 people working for you and they all had an idea for a can of beer and that’s I don’t know it’s kind of like that.

Peter: Everyone gets to have their choice, you know.

Scott: So I don’t think I’ve had this one before.

Peter: Doesn’t look familiar. Well, I’m guessing that in addition to that pale ale that you have, there might have been

Scott: No I mean I know I haven’t had this on the show but I can’t remember if I’ve drunk it since I bought these before. I don’t think so. So can you remember Peter. Why am I asking can you remember. So can you guess Peter what one of the types of beer was that was in that combination box that I don’t necessarily like but I actually did drink one of. Yep.

Peter: an India pale ale.

Scott: There was there was and it’s an India pale ale all right. They call it their Laurelwood workhorse IPA and it tastes like horse.

Peter: Horse pistons? No, I’ve been waiting for you to toast.

Scott: Did you drink yours yet. Do you like it. What happened. Oh my God. All right here toast.

Peter: Cheers, my friend.

Scott: I like your cup by the way. That’s not a metaphor.

Peter: Oh, I like what’s in the cup.

Scott: It’s too hoppy.

Peter: Mm-hmm. Yep. I think it is official that I have transitioned now away from liking Belgians as my favorites to liking German beers as my favorite.

Scott: I will never judge you for your transition but I always fondly remember what you once were.

Peter: I’m glad that you think that way, guys.

Scott: I actually I actually don’t care.

Peter: Maybe it means I’m maturing.

Scott: I think you’re right. I think that I am going that way too. I don’t like the sweet thick heavy beers as much as I used to and I do like the well the kinds of beers you’re drinking right now. Quite frankly more than those. Maybe it means we’re all Peter and we’re going to die.

Peter: I don’t know. Could be. Yep. We’ll audition for grumpy old geeks next. So what do we got on tap for today besides the beers?

Scott: Oh let’s talk about the frequency of the podcast first. Listeners may have noticed that I missed a week of releasing an episode.

Peter: I don’t think they did. I don’t know.

Scott: The reason why this happened thanks. The reason why this happened is I was just too busy and so I just didn’t get it done.

Peter: I don’t know. you

Scott: The thing is is that this podcast that we do is the easiest edit because it’s short. We generally keep them pretty short.

Peter: you

Scott: There’s only two of us. I’ve gotten used to our you know looking at our waves and seeing the arms and the odds and the things that I want to clip out as much as of as possible. And so it’s a pretty quick edit and yet I still just did not have time. So what I want to ask you this is real live.

Peter: Scott: I’m not gonna judge you if you just want to be bi

Scott: Strategy podcast strategy people I want you to see how it’s done. This is super important. Hold on. Now I feel like I should be wearing a kung fu suit. Peter do you want to officially say let’s just be biweekly and get it over with or should we still try to be weekly and Scott just get his act together. What do you want to do. Wow. Do I though.

Peter: Now you know how I feel like every episode So yeah, yeah. Yeah you do

Scott: OK. Hey everybody.

Peter: I think we should go officially bi-weekly and if we happen to want to record something in the meantime, let’s do it

Soundboard: Tell your friends.

Scott: That was a great episode.

Soundboard: What’s happening?

Scott: No what do you want to do.

Peter: Great that’s the beer talking already. I can tell

Scott: Perfect you are a man of perfect decisions right now. This minute. Yep. All right.

Peter: You He sounds like he’s had a few beers

Scott: So listeners if you have questions let us know.

Soundboard: Yeah, but I got questions that need answering. Thanks for watching. Thank you.

Peter: To you toot. Yes

Scott: Yeah OK. Now the other thing I want to talk about since we got that out of the way. OK so we’re officially biweekly and I’ll toot that out on our tutor. What do you call that. Her mastodon account.

Peter: You

Scott: So the other thing that my change in personal schedule has resulted in is that I also had

Peter: Mm-hmm

Scott: to quit. Is this the show podcast which just started and it was myself. John Chidgey and Clay Daley and it came about because John was really sad that he didn’t

Peter: You

Scott: have he just wanted a casual. Let’s talk about tech together with friends podcast again which I understand 100 percent and the other thing was he knew that he and I could take turns being the editors of the

Peter: Mm-hmm

Scott: episodes so that it would never become too much work for any one person. So that’s why I kind of feel like a big fat jerk but I had to tell him look I just don’t have time for it because the edits are longer they’re 90 minute episodes with three people and the other more crucial thing is that I was hired into the group that I work in because of my ability to work a 12 hour Saturday and get a bunch of testing done on the weekend so that engineers don’t have to always work weekends to get software releases out.

Peter: You Mm-hmm

Scott: Specifically one of the things that I was hired for.

Peter: You

Scott: So I can’t record on the weekend. I just can’t do it is too painful. I have to be sharper than I already naturally am on Saturday anyway and to get up even to

Peter: You

Scott: get up earlier and to add that and then like I just want to have the flexibility to start

Peter: I mean, it’s better than ghosting them. So, you know

Scott: my work day when I want not not be tired. Anyway, it sucks to say no to people that you’ve already said yes to but I just realized that it wasn’t working. I thought it would is why I agreed to it. It is better than ghosting them. I do apologize to them but for the zero listeners out there that listened to both this and that I apologize to you.

Peter: I accept your apology. I was out there. I was listening. I

Scott: Oh that’s right you were out there.

Peter: I I am listener number zero apparently

Scott: You were out there. You weren’t listening. You were just out there. Hey, some great world champions have had the number zero on their car.

Peter: Wonderful well, let’s take a look. I mean I threw a couple of things into the show notes

Scott: Well it only happened once or twice. What do you got Peter? Let’s talk.

Peter: Yes

Scott: Yeah you’re pasting a lot of crash logs stack traces into the what’s going on there.

Peter: Well, what’s going on there is audacity crashed because you cursed it but you’re saying wait audacity Peter

Scott: Peter: , why are you using audacity?

Peter: Why are you using audacity? I thought you recorded this in piezo That that was brilliant, thank you I did use piezo but piezo is not supported on Mac OS Sonoma yet

Scott: I thought you recorded this in piezo.

Peter: I know I did not

Scott: Did you say nassoma?

Peter: I

Scott: What did you say?

Peter: Said Sonoma

Scott: Oh and why are you using Sonoma Peter?

Peter: Well because I installed the beta Beta what beta whatever beta 5 or it is. It’s the most recent

Scott: Oh sure.

Peter: I figure we’re close enough to release date that I could go with a late public beta Close enough to release. Yeah, so the good news is so far

Scott: That’s kind of what that workhorse IPA was like close enough to release. Uh huh.

Peter: No regrets everything is pretty much as I would expect it to be it, you know, it doesn’t feel Beta II it feels like a plain old operating system upgrade Well, that was a hardware problem and I which I’ve since had fixed so when I press the M key

Scott: And let me ask you sir what happens when you press your M key? I thought maybe Sonoma was the release that somehow compensated for their failing keyboards.

Peter: Yeah, I mean it’s not completely unprecedented for a hardware problem to be fixed in software

Scott: Uh damn it.

Peter: But I don’t think a keyboard failure is gonna be in that category

Scott: Apple.

Peter: So anyway

Scott: Okay so you’re liking Sonoma.

Peter: Yeah

Scott: Do tell me about the widgets because we all know that the current widget system sucks. It just is no damn good.

Peter: They’re kind of cool. I don’t use

Scott: You and I are the same.

Peter: Okay in general I favor a not so cluttered desktop so the widgets tend to go against that right Yeah, so what I do have on here that I actually use I have the weather and I have my calendar and tiny

Scott: I can’t stand those people that have 40,000 icons on their desktop and somehow they find their stuff. I don’t get it. Do you have pictures of my cats on there?

Peter: You know two little widgets weather and calendar No, but I do have the dynamic screensavers which are nice I do like those yes, those are pretty cool

Scott: Oh. If it’s like the iPad OS there’s a setting for that.

Peter: Yeah, the flyover screensavers beautiful. I like those the widgets, you know, they’re okay one thing that’s interesting is when you click on the desktop all active windows Scatter so you can actually see the desktop Yeah, that’s the default so that’s kind of cool

Scott: You can change that. See I don’t think I’d like that.

Peter: I Do I do

Scott: Actually I might like that because I have a hot corner set up so when I go to the lower

Peter: Right, yes

Scott: left and I’m constantly accidentally going to the lower left when I’m just trying to

Peter: I recently changed those hot corners so that you have to hold the ctrl key to make it happen

Scott: get to the dock or something and I’m flinging my windows off this.

Peter: You

Scott: You know what I should just turn those bloody hot corners off because oh that’s a great

Peter: Sleep sleep

Scott: idea. But the other hot corner I used was my screensaver but now with Raycast I just tend to sleep the screen with the command screen sleep. So don’t do it.

Peter: Podcasting don’t sleep. So that’s what I did while I was at it

Scott: Don’t do it now we’re podcasting.

Peter: I also this is not a new feature of the operating system I use stacks on the desktop and I had them set by the default which is by document type and

Scott: I always forget about those.

Peter: While I was in there, I set it by date So I have like today previous 30 days last week July etc. I

Scott: That is brilliant.

Peter: Don’t know why I just never really noticed that before so I turned that feature on and I’m liking that so that’s nice

Scott: That is brilliant Peter. I like that. I love the ability to quickly see what documents have changed or been added today.

Peter: Yeah, what I’ve been throwing here where’s that screenshot that I took oh there it is right so and then you know

Scott: Mm hmm.

Peter: Not finding it cuz oh wait, that’s a JPEG not a PDF. That’s why I can’t find it. Right? So yeah, I moved that too

Scott: Yeah. Did I ever tell you the story about a guy I worked with at Monolith 3000 who organized

Peter: Yeah, all your word documents are here and all your powerpoints are there and your Excel documents are

Scott: his documents by extension type? Not according to project.

Peter: You

Scott: Yeah so he could be working on an important project and those documents would be scattered

Peter: I used to do that

Scott: to hell and high water because they would be in folders that were for specific types of documents.

Peter: I used to do that about

Scott: And this is not a stupid man. Not a stupid man. Right you don’t say oh this channel is only for happy face emoji.

Peter: 30 years ago because for me it was you know Like this is a word document or you know, this is a word processing document versus this is a spreadsheet That’s how I used to operate and then I realized you know grouping it by project. It’s just like slack channels you know, I like to group slack channels or teams channels by topic you know, so Well, what if the topic is happy face enough

Scott: This channel is only for the letter M. Hey Peter how come no one’s using that channel anymore? Peter get in here and M with us.

Peter: No, everyone’s in there except me how come I’m not in that channel anymore I Can’t and I can’t blank. Oh Man this beer is going quickly, which is good Yeah, so I don’t have any complaints iOS

Scott: My beer’s going very slowly. Okay so you like Sonoma.

Peter: What’s new seeing the workouts that I start on my watch on the home screen of the phone kind of cool You

Scott: Only does it for certain kinds I’ve noticed like it doesn’t do it for Apple Fitness and

Peter: You

Scott: I… Is it only for open workout? It’s only for like generic workouts that you start.

Peter: Yeah, I did it for like cycling and stuff

Scott: Like I assume it does it for outdoor running.

Peter: I really like shared air tags within the family account

Scott: Yeah yeah yeah yeah right. Only does it for those.

Peter: So now my father will has stopped asking me why he hears a doot-doot-doot sound all the time Because one of my air tags is on his keychain He doesn’t have hearing aids and of course his phone, you know pops up a message and tells him hey, you know

Scott: You know how you could have solved that problem you could have just taken his hearing aids away.

Peter: There’s an air tag following you around but he doesn’t actually read the messages on his phone. So that doesn’t help

Scott: Your son is tracking you.

Peter: And he would say thank you. And then that’s it. Anyway, so that’s cool the new widgets You know a widget while iOS iPad itches. They’re pretty much the same You

Scott: Here’s the problem is I don’t think I have any widgets on my iPhone that take full advantage

Peter: Yeah

Scott: of the new features. So I can’t tell you whether or not the new widgets are revolutionary for me.

Peter: Yeah, I haven’t seen any changes there Right watch OS, you know, the user interface has changed the way, you know certain buttons do things differently

Scott: We would have to be using test flight betas of apps that support that new thing in order to because they can’t release it yet.

Peter: I’ve totally gotten used to it

Scott: So have I. I am all about it. In fact I would say it is a huge upgrade because I now have one screen that I use and I don’t

Peter: Yep

Scott: need any others.

Peter: Pretty much. Yeah because hitting the crown takes me home to all my most commonly used apps, so I don’t need to

Scott: That’s been a really good question.

Peter: Strategically try to stick them all on, you know, like a scatter of watch faces. They’re all just right there I like that so as to what else is coming out in the Apple event tomorrow Well, I mean I didn’t hear I heard somebody it wasn’t the ATP guys I don’t think though someone talking about the Apple watch maybe Being able to take blood pressure readings and I don’t know if that’s just an upset upset said yeah a

Scott: That’s been a rumor for a long time that Apple’s supposed to be working on that.

Peter: long time

Scott: But I don’t know but I haven’t paid any attention to rumors so I don’t know if there’s more

Peter: I bought a blood pressure meter recently

Scott: smoke around that fire. I don’t know if there’s more insistence that it’s going to happen this time.

Peter: And of course that would make perfect sense that now that I just bought one that Apple would add that capability that would track You

Scott: So as soon as you read that your new blood pressure meter said.

Peter: Blood pressure is going through the roof on that note though Of course I went back up to visit my my dad past week and what do I see sitting there on the bench? Which has been sitting there for over a year. Oh, no, no a blood pressure meter

Scott: His watch.

Peter: Which I didn’t remember that he had had and he hasn’t used in well over a year

Scott: Oh my God.

Peter: So, of course I bought one and I could have had just taken that one. So I Well, no, I didn’t get him a blood pressure meter

Scott: No no no you could not have because the goal is that your father will finally adhere to your commandments of wearing these devices.

Peter: flows from my mom

Scott: Well someone did. Oh he’s like worst gift ever.

Peter: Someone did yeah, but he didn’t he didn’t remember that and it’s just sitting there. So He probably is oh man You

Scott: OK so you’re not looking forward to anything like you don’t care about a new phone.

Peter: For me

Scott: I don’t care about a new phone. I am interested in obviously the only thing that I care about iPhones now is like any camera enhancements are always welcome but that doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and buy one. I’m not going to buy one. I don’t feel like spending money on iPhones anymore. The price is supposed to be going up again and I just don’t I just don’t get it. Yeah.

Peter: Battery life has always been a thing and then in most you know, like recent versions I haven’t really cared as much you know battery life has seemed pretty good You know, I went again from a 12 Pro Max to just a 14 Pro But I am noticing like if I start my day in the morning either listening to podcasts or streaming Anything air playing anything from my phone or if I like this morning?

Scott: Interesting.

Peter: I attended a zoom call for a little over an hour air playing it to my TV If I do that, my battery life is low throughout the day, even if I’m having it sitting on a charger So I’ve just noticed that like if I plan to beat out like right now It’s at 56% and it’s been sitting on a you know, a cheap charger for some time But I even had it plugged into firewire for a while also 14 Pro

Scott: Can you remind me what phone you have. Wow your phone is newer than mine.

Peter: Yeah

Scott: I think mine’s a 13 Pro. Interesting I have zero battery problems with my phone.

Peter: It’s not a problem it just uses I use the battery

Scott: No but that’s what I’m saying.

Peter: Yeah, I don’t know

Scott: I don’t I don’t have to charge until I get home no matter what I’ve been doing. That’s interesting. I wonder what the difference is.

Peter: I mean, I’m here at my home Wi-Fi the whole time

Scott: I may spend less time in places that have dodgy signal.

Peter: I re-upped everything and put in an eero

Scott: I may spend less time in places that have dodgy signal.

Peter: Dodge this

Scott: Okay okay I’m sorry. I’ll never talk about your dodgy signal again.

Peter: Fff…

Scott: Yeah okay so maybe that’s not it then but I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know. I will say one thing. The watch battery is horrible on this beta and the watch battery.

Peter: You

Scott: Here’s the weird thing when I got this Apple watch series 6 the battery seemed amazing to me. And over time the battery has seemed less amazing especially if I’m at monolith 3000 working on the test floor where the signal is absolutely dodgy. Then my battery I can just watch the I can watch the watch and watch the battery drain away Peter. And so it really sucks. But even days where I don’t go in I still have to sometimes charge it in the afternoon before I can work out.

Peter: So I’m running the Apple watch ultra here right and I ran with it this weekend

Scott: You’re the half marathon man.

Peter: I had a half marathon trail run And that was fun right now I ran without my phone

Scott: Yep. Yep.

Peter: I wanted to carry as little stuff as possible But I did want to have my music and I wanted my step count and vitals measurements, etc So I charged up my phone It took them a little while to get started the start times for the main racers like those doing the ultra And the 50k and the half and the 20 milers They started an hour and a half late because the trails needed clearing

Scott: Oh.

Peter: But my race started half an hour after them. So we were on time. Although there was a huge line at the

Scott: Oh. Oh.

Peter: Restrooms, so we started about 10 minutes late that said my watch battery life was at around 85 percent or so when I started and Using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and Low power mode with music playing almost the whole time It used about 40 percent of the battery over the course of two and a half hours It was down in the 40s

Scott: That’s way more than normal. Have you ever seen the 40s before on the ultra?

Peter: Oh, yeah all the time

Scott: Oh that’s true but that’s after you haven’t charged it for a day and a half or so.

Peter: About a day or so, yeah, I mean like right now it’s at 56 percent But this morning it was it only charged up to 80 But still that’s that doesn’t seem very ultra like that seems like the battery is

Scott: Okay.

Peter: Sucking fast and this watch is less than a year old

Scott: I think this beta is particularly bad on battery Peter I really do.

Peter: That’s exactly where I’m going with that my iPad battery life was definitely bad So I’m just chalking that up to beta life for right now and hoping that in a couple of weeks things will shake out and be back to normal

Scott: Yeah I will say one thing that they seem to have fixed in this most recent beta release that I really was hating was the fact that I would try to send messages and it would just say can’t do it like I would try to send a message to my wife I want those messages go through I’m sorry I would get a notification much later saying hey you know what she never got that message and I’m like great.

Peter: You I’m having worse results for me, it looks like messages go through and they don’t Mmm-hmm about a week or so ago. I was out running my friend Jacob was about to fly back from Iceland and

Scott: And you never get a thing saying it didn’t send.

Peter: I was like commiserating about you know, family health issues and things and I was like, you know what?

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: I’m gonna send him an audio message. I was like audio message Jacob blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I looked down 55 second message. It’s like, okay, I’ll send it never saw another trace of the message again No failure. No nothing and he never got it Yeah, so that blew so yeah if you don’t see the confirmation of the send on your screen it never happened

Scott: Wow that hurts.

Peter: No, but I’m sure he could tell us really quickly

Scott: So did you ever find out how to say Peter never replies to me what an asshole in Icelandic.

Peter: You

Scott: Yeah I don’t know I really at some point I am very much interested in getting an Apple watch ultra because as you know the Apple watch in the Mac are the two things that I’m the most invested in having be super functional.

Peter: Yep

Scott: And I don’t know I gotta wait right now I have other financial priorities in life but it will be an upgrade that I am definitely going to do at some point, and I cannot wait for the battery aspect of it, so I will be interested to see if the release version of this watch OS gives you back to performant battery life again.

Peter: Yep You Mm-hmm, let’s hope I’m pretty sure well

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: I’m pretty sure it will but it may take a little while to it may not be day one But they they often seem to you know, like whatever you get a new Whatever new OS new upgrade and stuff. Remember it. They’re not immune right there were there were days Remember earlier iOS and you and especially a Mac OS upgrades you’d get a new version and the system was just dog slow for sometimes hours or sometimes even days So I’m glad that doesn’t seem to have as you know happen as much but it does seem like the batteries get chewed up a little

Scott: Yeah well there’s a lot of indexing stuff has to happen, but if it never goes away in the battery performance stays that level that’s when it’s a problem.

Peter: faster You know, especially soon after an upgrade Yep, so about a week or so ago I installed cot editor

Scott: Yes, yes, yes, let’s talk about this.

Peter: I mean for a simple plain text or code, you know source code editor seems just fine It works. It’s not cross-platform. I don’t think so, but you know for a Mac only editor works fine It opens up in lightning fast. I don’t have to wait for it unlike text mate

Scott: Right.

Peter: You know, it has syntax highlighting, you know for most coding languages That said if I actually going to be doing like language specific stuff. I’m usually using vs code which isn’t all that much anyway

Scott: Yeah, I find that I tend to use VS code for what I’m actually doing, you know, site development work, but I want a different editor that has some different language sports and has a bunch of string handling utilities and has full regex support, I want something like that for looking at log files for looking at configuration files for stuff like that.

Peter: You

Scott: For whatever reason I don’t use VS code for that type of file. I have been using VB edit a lot but since you turned beyond a cut which I should have known about if I would have listened to John Siracusa responding to feedback on ATP, and I kind of like it I used its regex expression tester, the other day to, you know, I paste it in a bunch of stuff I wanted to find specific patterns in there and VB edit also has a good regex playground.

Peter: Mm-hmm

Scott: But I don’t know I just kind of like the way it worked in cut it’s a good it’s a very good option for people who need a text editor for specifically looking at things like log files configuration files things like that.

Peter: You Mm-hmm. Yep, that’s that’s good solid solid little editor

Scott: I think it’s perfect for that what I use it for programming personally I wouldn’t, but you certainly can. So yeah, it’s a good fine thank you for.

Peter: Welcome cut so welcome to cut a deter

Scott: Welcome cut. Welcome back cutter. It’s an interesting project I think it’s a little open source Mac app. Does that sound right to.

Peter: I like it

Scott: Where’s the website Cod editor website, let’s see what they say about themselves. The plain text editor for Mac OS light neat. Oh sorry lightweight neat yet powerful just for Mac OS open source, it says, and they take you to their project page on GitHub.

Peter: There you go

Scott: So, cool.

Peter: Yeah, so caught editor. Yeah, I don’t think we had a lot of other stuff to cover in today’s episode. Oh, oh, maybe we do

Scott: Oh, you wanted to know Peter, Peter, you had a new segment that you wanted to tell your friends about.

Peter: You Yes, I did what are you reading

Scott: What am I reading I’m reading lots of different things right now I have less time that actually spend reading right now but I’m reading a book by Stephen Baxter called Proxima about halfway through, it’s a sci fi story, you’ll think it’s dystopian when I describe it but it’s not it’s not a dystopian style like they’re not in a dystopian environment they’re not all.

Peter: Okay You

Scott: It’s not like that at all but it is in the near future Earth however, they have the technology to go to other planets, and even live on other planets and they found these other planets I don’t know anyway, humanity is spread out into space but the effects of climate change on Earth are real. There’s also some AI that are called the core I think there’s some AI that are trying to investigate a phenomenon that they discovered which makes them think that aliens were involved in helping to steer the Soviets into 2001 territory there’s no monolith, but there’s a discovery made that makes them and they also discovered that life appeared on this one planet that they sent these, you know, kind of non voluntary colonists off onto. And life evolved there and appeared there about the same time it did on Earth which is extremely coincidental so I haven’t yet found out where they’re headed with that but that’s the book that I’m currently reading right now I’m also reading Mac OS apprentice which is about programming Mac OS I’m reading hacking with Mac OS I’m reading beyond code I’m reading Swift UI by example I’m reading, I don’t know I’m reading a bunch of books.

Peter: She’s

Scott: I’m reading a whole bunch of other books I have an app called book tracker that I’m going to recommend and I’m going to put in the show notes, and what it does is it lets you keep track of your library.

Peter: Oh

Scott: Let’s you keep track of wish list for things you want in the future, let’s you keep track of things you’re reading. So, in theory, right now I’m reading Neil Stevenson’s anathema. I’m reading a book called endless loop which is the history of the basic language. I’m reading the pragmatic programmer. I’m reading the beginning of infinity by David Deutsch but I don’t think I’m ever going to finish that because I don’t understand that guy, and then I’m reading anyway I’m reading a bunch of books, so yeah.

Peter: You Okay, well I’m not reading nearly as many but I’m either reading books I read generally fairly slowly but I devour blinkist book summaries and Today on my noontime walk. I read the innovators dilemma by Clayton Christensen

Scott: Ooh. I have absolutely heard of that book but I could not tell you what the dilemma is.

Peter: You Well, it talks about you know, basically disruption and

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: How when companies come out with you know The companies will come out with something and then someone comes out with something better and how that works and you know talking about like RCA Radios and have them they got trumped by cheap crappy quality Sony radios, which sounded terrible But if you couldn’t afford a super high-end hi-fi thing, the other option was no radio

Scott: Right, which is how both early on Japanese car makers and then of course, more recently, right and then more recently Korean car makers got their start making really cheap really low market cars and then they upscaled big time.

Peter: So people bought Sony which funded them to actually start making good stuff over time Toyota is also referenced. Yep Mm-hmm Yep, the Toyota Corona I didn’t even know that was a thing

Scott: Mm hmm. Peter, my first car was a 1969 Toyota Corona with a two, I think it was a two speed auto, I think it was two speed auto, it was the worst car in the universe.

Peter: you Oh

Scott: Of course I got this car when I was a teenager so it was kind of an embarrassment to me now I really wouldn’t care but I wouldn’t want to drive it but I wouldn’t care either.

Peter: Oh

Scott: I used to try to kill that car by driving along and then just shoving the automatic transmission down into low doing things like that. I was a bad person but anyway, that was my first car so I absolutely knew that car existed and I resented every minute of its existence.

Peter: Yeah Excellent, well my first car was an Isuzu iMark

Scott: Yeah.

Peter: But my third car was a Toyota Corolla

Scott: Yeah, the Corolla is the one that kept going. The Corolla sunk to the bottom of the ocean. So tell me, what are you getting out of the inventor’s dilemma.

Peter: Right, yes, which was a good one so For me this is just kind of interesting but I’m thinking about one thing at my new engagement Within the company what sort of things can I do that are disruptive in a good way? So that’s what I’m trying to do is, you know, like well, we’ve never done this before like well, let’s talk about it

Scott: Mm hmm.

Peter: Maybe we should you know, so that kind of thing without getting too specific obviously

Scott: And as part of the inventor’s dilemma that once somebody creates a success they become so conservative around it that that’s when they get disrupted.

Peter: You That’s seems to be part of it apparently there’s a sequel to the book I forget what it’s called now, but it’s the innovators something else Right

Scott: The innovators retirement. Yeah.

Peter: Apparently though a colleague of mine told me about it today but apparently the premise of the sequel is that companies come out with these products and They start, you know targeting a small market, but then they start to tailor it to larger scale enterprises and the offering becomes so specific or so Targeted and built for that purpose that the original market users can’t use it anymore

Scott: Hmm.

Peter: and He cited of my colleagues cited as an example of this certain software projects that you know Used to be like targeting SMBs and now they’re going after you know more than the mid market and large enterprises and We’re finding that their software’s just doesn’t have a place in the small, you know, the small to mid market anymore

Scott: Yeah, I can see that. Of course you gotta you can also understand why they go that way but it doesn’t help you if you’re not one of the gigantic businesses they’re now targeting.

Peter: Yep, so there you go on that note. I’m starting to feel my beer

Scott: Are you starting to feel your beer? I see that you have your hand in the cup so I’m assuming you’re feeling your beer.

Peter: All right, it’s cold it’s nice and cold The can is empty the glass is almost empty So so if you want to find us come back in a couple of weeks, I mean come back sooner if you want And we’ve just added a couple new ones today, so there you go, so yeah

Scott: There’s plenty of back catalog and there’s lots of beers on the website to peruse. Yep, we’ve added more.

Peter: We’ll see you here on the next episode of friends with beer You might find me over on blurring the lines. You might not finds I did. Well that still works, doesn’t it?

Scott: You said friends with beer. I don’t think so. I think I let that expire.

Peter: Oh, well you can come to friends with brews then I mean we are friends and we do have beers today. So

Scott: Thank you. Right and bruises.

Peter: Friends with brew you might be able to find me on blurring the lines if Adam ever comes back from vacation But you know, I don’t know when that’s yeah

Scott: He’s never coming back. He’s having a good vacation.

Peter: He he said he’s got a he’s got a fishing problem. So, you know And there you go, I think that’s it. I think we should just go and push that big red button

Scott: The problem is that someday he’ll have to stop. The big red button.