Episode 45 – A Ducking Run

There is no alcohol in either of the brews in this episode. Peter laments the death of a Tesla, and Scott and Peter mock the death of a Twitter. Then it's Mac settings, some Mac apps, and the Apple Watch public beta.

Five, four, three, two, whatever.

Friends with brews!

Hi, Peter.

Hi, Peter.

Hi, Scott. Hi.

Well, we’ve had quite the adventure.

Dude, all this, and then I was like, wait, let’s do some work first and not have fun after I get owed. I need this beer, but here’s the problem, Scott. OK, real quick. You’re Scott, I’m Peter. You’re drinking coffee.


I’m drinking a Corona non-alcoholic beer with wine. With wine, with lime.

With lime, I was gonna say. That sounds like it would be good with a non-alcoholic taco.

I might make those later. I’ll make non-alcoholic nachos, which is really the same thing as a non-alcoholic taco just in a different presentation.

That is very true. Well, Peter, we’ve had quite the adventure and let me see, Mac OS history.

Wow, non-alcoholic Corona tastes suspiciously like Corona.

Yeah, let’s find out. Actually, that’s good though, right?

I guess.

Okay, Mac OS was first introduced in 1999 as Mac OS Server 1.0, and then the first desktop version came out in March of 2001. Peter, the reason I’m bringing this up is I feel like Apple’s had just a little bit of time to work on their audio subsystem.

I think… no. They need another…

Another 23 years?

Five… 10 years. 10 years.


10 years from now, we’re gonna have audio working. And Bluetooth will be working. Everything will be fine.

The listener, you can’t see me, but I’m just shaking my head with my eyes closed.

It’s pretty ridiculous.

It is ridiculous how much pain we go through these days to get podcasting started.

I… Yeah. Yeah, you summed it right up. I can’t even tell if my shush is working.

It’s working.

Okay, it is working. Good. Great. So yeah, what’s going on, man? What’s the haps?

Excellent. Okay, so tell me about your Corona beer.

Okay, if you’ve ever had a Corona it tastes kind of like that.

That’s a victory though, because sometimes non-alcoholic beers don’t taste anything like their alcoholic counterparts.

Yep, it tastes like beer. You know, it tastes like weak beer, but Corona is kind of weak beer. No offense. No offense. It’s just…

I don’t know why people might take this wrong, but it’s not meant that way. Corona is amazing with like Mexican food and stuff like that. Don’t ask me why. Is that…

That’s racist.

That’s what I was wondering. Like, is it?

I don’t think it is because it is so good with it. It could be ethnist. It could be ethnist.

Well, here’s why I think that’s true. I think it’s true because one of my favorite Mexican restaurants I go to around here, one of the better beers that they have on option is Corona. And so I have it with Mexican food a lot and it does go good with Mexican food because it’s light, it’s not overpowering. It’s better than having a dark chocolatey beer with Mexican food for sure. So I think that the association is made in my mind partly because local Mexican restaurants have made that association for me and it does happen to work very well with Mexican food.

Yeah and an example of that, I went back to Medford Brewing Company this past weekend.

Oh after we talked?

I believe so for a second, round two. I don’t remember.

Do you remember the daughter’s name this time?

She was not there but the other guy who was waiting on us who was tending bar was there.

Was he the son?

I don’t think so. I don’t see that.

So he wasn’t even an illegitimate son.

No relation whatsoever. I, you know, we didn’t get into that.

Hey bastard, bring me another beer.

So what happened was, no, we went there, I took my girlfriend there and she’s not a big beer drinker. But I told her that, you know, they had a lot of beers and some of them I thought she would think are cute. You know, for her cute is good. So I ordered a flight of eight this time and they were just really cool because they let me customize it the way I wanted it. So you know, I went down the list, I was like, I’ll take one of your lagers, definitely we need two of the Whit beers, you know, the poet Wheat beer. I ordered her a couple of the IPAs because she generally thinks those are good for some reason, and the barley wine, and then I got up to seven beers and I was like, can I just leave this one to be determined? He’s like, yeah, sure. And I know other places would be like, “Nope, you know, a flight is this many. We’re determining what the flight is. You have to choose all…” You know, so I was just like, I like the fact that they were like really easygoing, let’s you do what you want.

You know, about a half hour later, I’m just about finishing up the, you know, the flight. I’m like, you know, I hold up the empty glass. He’s like, “Yep, what do you need?” And I was like, “Yep, another one of the Whitbeer.” Okay, perfect. So two thumbs up. What I don’t know is if this Sunday coming up, they will be doing their Sunday morning runs because they, according to one source, they run, they have a running club there the first three Sundays of every week. And according to another source, they have a running club there every Sunday except the fourth Sunday of the month. But July has five Sundays.

Oh, so do they or don’t they? Do they have one or not? I mean, you showed up and say, “Haha, I got you, you lazy bastards.”

Yeah, but who would I say that to?

The people who didn’t show up.

They’re not going to hear me.

I know, but you’ll still be saying it to them.

Great. Yes. The answer is yes, I can. I can do that. If a runner shows up and there’s no one to hear him, is he still late for the run?

A prophet in the wilderness is still telling the truth, even though nobody goes to the wilderness, Peter. You are the running prophet.


I didn’t say running for profit, by the way. This isn’t a new self-help book.

I wish. I mean, that would be kind of cool. My new job be like just, you know, running prophet. If I could be one of those guys who gets paid like a ton of money to, you know, like do that, I’d be down with that.

A ton of money to be real runny?


Okay. I want to talk about my coffee since I also have a brew. as a coffee of a type of a brew. And this is from a local roasting company in Hillsboro, also very near that sushi restaurant that we went to that one night downtown underneath the library.

I remember that.

We’re going there tonight again, by the way. And anyway, it’s near there. It’s called the Bennett Coffee Roasting Company, and this is their Peru blend. And it says creamy dark chocolate, brown sugar cinnamon. And I gotta say, I don’t, again, it’s one of those ones where it’s smooth and very nicely drinkable, those particular flavors don’t leap out at me, but that’s fine. I’d rather have them be subtle than to be too strong. However, creamy dark chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon, I would be okay with them being a little bit strong. Those sound like amazing flavors. So maybe I just need to use more beans.

Here’s my procedure. In order to cut down on the acidity of coffee and to preserve my stomach, ‘cause I do drink quite a bit of coffee during the day, I have a great big coffee cup here. I don’t know what size this is, but I’m guessing it’s at least 16 ounce, maybe 18 or 20. I don’t know, it’s huge.

That’s… that looks… I think it’s a 16er.

Maybe. Yeah, probably. Anyway, I use 13 grams of beans and 500 grams of water, which is a high water to bean ratio, but it actually is not weak. It’s not a watery tasting blend when I do that. And I’ve been doing that with most of my coffees that I’ve been buying lately. I grind on a just under a medium grind. By just under, I mean slightly finer than a medium grind. And I, like I said, 12 to 13 grams of coffee, 500 grams ish of water, 201 degrees. Although by the time it goes over the grounds, it’s probably in the 190s. And yeah, and then it’s a Kalita Wave dripper that I use. And that’s my technique. And it turns out a pretty good cup of coffee. So yeah, I’m a fan of this. This is good stuff.

Did you see the link that I sent you to the new AeroPress XL?

You did.

It’s a double-sized AeroPress.

That’s actually very good because I could use that for my coffee cup and my wife could use it for hers, which is about half the size of this one.

I’m finding that usually if I just double up in a standard AeroPress, that’s enough, except if I’m making something for myself and, you know, my girlfriend, for example.


That’s when I need, you know, that’s when I have to break out two aeropresses.

Right, because, yeah, right.

I kind of think… So I read the Wired review and the summary was, “Yeah, now that we have it, we’ve all been waiting for it and it works great just as we expected. And now that we have it, we’re not really sure we need it.” And that’s kind of where I’m falling on that. So I’m thinking, like, if one of mine breaks and I need to replace it, I’ll probably get one. But right now I have three aeropresses.

Okay, Peter, I’ll be right over to break all your aeropresses.

Yeah, okay, thanks. I’ll order a new one in XL.

So this is an interesting coffee roaster, though. They of course, they, well, as they said, this is their Peru blend. They source it from a bunch of different places. They started selling at farmer markets, and then they finally opened a little store in Hillsboro, and apparently they also sell products from other local merchants like, I don’t know what, I haven’t been there. My wife’s been there. I’ll have to ask her, what else did they have there? But anyway, it’s a cute little place. Old town Hillsboro.

What do we offer? What flavors do they say they offer? They’ve got medium roast Brazil, dark roast Brazil, espresso blend, Ethiopian ur-ag-gef? Mexican Chiapas?

I like Brazilian dark. Those are, that’s, you’re speaking my language.

Mexican Chiapas and Mexican decaf. Although they must not have everything on there because they don’t show this Peru blend that I’m currently drinking.

That sounds incomplete. All right. that for that? What else is going on? Well, my Tesla died.

Oh yeah, speaking of audio issues, now let’s switch to auto issues.

Mm-hmm. Auto issues, audio issues, caffeine issues. Yeah, I was at the local Wegmans last night and I was about to drive home and I got in the car and I got the dreaded “brr brr brr” noise from the Tesla and the park neutral reverse… wait, park reverse neutral drive letters ran across the console to show you where you would shift were all red. They’re not usually red. They’re usually white. Yeah. Red generally means bad.

It wasn’t a rebranding thing? Elon Musk didn’t push a rebranding to your… okay.

This was not Tesla X or SpaceX or Twitter X or X X or anything like that. This was Rear motor has been disabled Performance you can still drive the car but performance may be impacted Well got news for you Tesla when you only have a rear motor in the car Yeah Performances affected. All right, like a hundred percent effective.

Why did it say that? Why did it phrase it that way? It makes it sound like it has dual motors when they have dual motors in the Tesla is one of them in the front

Yeah, dual motors would be all-wheel drive

So you got one up front for front two wheels one in the back for the back two wheels

So you have a single motor exactly and the software is not smart enough to distinguish between that which is awesome

Peter if you’re gonna cheap out and buy the single motor Tesla you kind of deserve this don’t you feel like I?

Never really, you know thought when I was buying cars that I had to buy a backup motor until now. Thanks Elon

Thanks Elon. Thanks X.

So yeah, and to add to that, I called AAA and I tried to schedule a tow. Two hours had gone by, hadn’t heard anything, called back. And of course, because I call and they’re like, use the app here. We just texted you the link. Okay, fine. Texted the link. And they’re like, yep, we’ll be in touch when we have a car on the way, you know, truck on the way. Great. We’ll be in touch. I happened to be an hour away from home or a mile away from home. So I sent my girlfriend home. I sent my girlfriend home, she took an Uber and took the groceries home because we had a bunch of stuff, you know, like dairy and vegetables and cold things that were starting to melt. So, she went home, I waited for an hour, nothing. I was like, “All right, enough of this.” I walked home. I get home, two hours later, call AAA, “What’s going on?” “No, nothing.”

“Oh, yeah, we’re really busy.” “Uh-huh, okay, great.” She’s the lady I spoke to, it was oh it’s 7 42 now you’ll get a you’ll get a stat i know i think she said they’ll be there by 532. It’s all right great so i’m waiting clock gets down it gets to about 5 20 i get on my bike and i ride over back to the car nothing going on nothing 5 31 i get a phone call hi this is triple a we’re due to extremely high call volumes or whatever you know like we we’re having trouble finding someone, we’ll be back in touch in half an hour. So, half an hour later, I get the exact same call and half an hour later, I get the exact same call.

I call AAA again, I’m like “look, can I call another tow truck?” and they’re like “yeah, if you can find one, just submit, there’s a reimbursement form”. I’m like “fine, I’ll do that”. So, I call my local towing company who tows for my condo, right? When someone parks illegally in our parking lot. And I was like, yeah, I need a flatbed to bring my car. He’s like, I’m sorry, sir, we’re totally busy tonight. You know, we’re almost like, wow, I guess I don’t know, Sunday night’s the night for all of the tow trucks and records or, you know, flatbeds to run around. So I said, well, my car’s stuck over in Wegmans parking lot right now and I’m just concerned that they’re going to tow it overnight. And he says, no, okay we do the towing for them so I was like oh well if you’re too busy to tow for them tonight then I guess I’ll leave my car there so I went to bed.

No no no so here’s what would be funny right they can’t come and get your car

because they’re too busy

but you leave it towing my car and calls it in and they tow it for you

oh yeah that’d be hilarious Scott that would it be just great

I’m saying you could work the system Peter right you should call me you should go to Wegmans and say hey there’s a Tesla out there It’s been here for a long time.

I tell you what though, if you have it brought over to my place. Anyway, so this morning I got the call and again, there was delays, delays, delays, but they finally got a truck, showed up. Guy showed up, guy didn’t speak very much English, but I spoke enough Portuguese to get by with him. And as I was waiting, just as he arrived and he starts-

Wait, did you say Portuguese?

Yeah, Brazilian.

Wait, this happened in the-

We have a lot of Brazilians around.

Oh, really?

We have a lot of Brazilians in this neighborhood. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There’s plenty of people who don’t speak English around here or at least not very well.

I can believe that, but Portuguese is pretty unusual.

Oh, no, we have lots of Brazilians in this area. Lots.


So as he shows up and he starts to connect the tow, the flatbed, I get a message from Tesla saying, “Okay, your service appointment is confirmed.” Because I had been trying to get in touch with Tesla to schedule a new service. And of course I’m trying to call them and it’s impossible to actually get a human because oh just use the app just use the app i’m like i don’t want to talk to the freaking app i want to talk to someone anyway i asked the guy hey can you take my car straight to the tesla service center right because my plan was until i hear back from tesla bring it to my house then once it’s here i’ll have them take it you know to the service center because my hope was you can come here and fix it Tesla because they’ll do that mobile service. Apparently, vehicle not good enough to drive is enough that they’re like no, we need to bring this in. So, I asked the guy right there, can you take it there instead? He’s like, oh, let me check my manager. He checks the manager and says yep, it’s gonna cost $75 to tow because AAA will give you three miles free and then it’s like three bucks a mile after that. And he pulls out Google Maps shows me, you know the distance. Yeah, I give him 80 bucks in cash I say thank you and he drives off. So some dude. I just paid some guy 80 bucks to go and vanish with my car

So that’s the status. So my car is now there I did manage to somehow I managed to Dial through the menus and actually speak to a service rep over there

and you verified that they know that your car is there

Well, that’s the funny part. But anyway, they verified that they do prioritize, you know, like non-driveable cars that are towed in So hopefully it’ll be done before August 9th, which was the original date that they gave me. Okay

Yeah, yeah. Oh, oh and by the way, my car insurance policy does not cover a rental I thought it did. Oh, I don’t know when that changed I don’t know when that changed but I might have officially left that off because my Tesla warranty did include a rental So I might have like not paid for that So I think I have to add that back in now now that I don’t have that anymore

Oh is your Tesla out of warranty now?

It’s out of the base warranty But now it has just the drive warranty, which I’m hoping will cover

but it doesn’t cover a rental anymore

Does not cover doesn’t cover Jack So I’m hoping that this will be covered because you know when the car says drive disabled Sounds like a drive issue now. They could very well come back and say oh, no, it’s just an electronics issue The drives fine. It just didn’t know to turn it on and then I’m out however much to fix this too

So no, I think what happened is you didn’t pay for Twitter blue.

Sorry X blue

Right and they pushed a non drivable update to your

that is true. I did not pay for X blue So that’s probably it. Yeah. Yeah. See I’m not completely in the Elon ecosystem. The Elon co-system.

The Elon X-stem. So tell me this, if you find out that this will be a billion dollars to fix, you really do have an electric motor that’s burnt out or whatever. Are you just gonna say, keep it and buy a Kia?

Well, if it really is the motor that’s burnt out or whatnot, that should be covered under warranty.

Right, but if it’s not, what if they say, “Hey, Peter, you’re going to have to fight us in court for 4,000 years”?

I don’t think I have that kind of time. I’m really busy. I’m not going to dedicate 4,000 years to this.

Yeah, I’m going to be really pissed if I get on your calendly and I can’t schedule you for a podcast for the next 4,000 years because you’re busy fighting Tesla.

Peter, I just looked at the next available and it looks like you’re at about 4,000. You’re booking about 4,000 years out. Yeah. I know it just says busy. It doesn’t give you a lot of details, but yeah, I’m fighting Tesla for the next 4,000 years. So yeah.

The good news is I don’t know if humanity is actually going to last 4,000 more years. So you might not have to carry that fight on that long.

I guess that’s good. I don’t know. It depends how you look at it. Right? So.

It’s a brilliant victory. You win.

Oh man.

Well, that sucks.

Yeah, but hey, if they fix it and get it drive-worthy, I’ve gotten some quotes again. I’m planning on looking at trading it in. You know, I got some online quotes. Of course, last time I got online quotes, I took it to a dealer and they’re like, “There’s this and this and reasons. And so we can only give you like $10,000 less than what we said.” Well, if they try that now, but if I can get 20,000 for it, which it valued online at 22,000 based on what I told it, then I’ll throw that towards a trade towards a new car.

Dude, I still can’t believe how lucky we were when we bought this hybrid Honda Accord. It was still in the pandemic car shortage period. It was still in the period where some dealerships were jacking prices up like crazy. And this car was hard to get. I was amazed that A, We found a hybrid Honda Accord in the sport trim and the color that I wanted. And not only that, it was cheap. They added like two grand to it, but it was still way cheaper than what I thought it was going to be. And they way overpaid me for my trade in. So it’s just amazing the difference in experience that I had compared to what most of the world is going through with respect to car dealerships.

Right. And I don’t remember if I talked with you about it. I probably talked about it with Adam on blurring the lines. back last what 2021 Christmas ish time 2021 I took my Tesla in and Herb Chambers Kia quoted me online $32,000 in trade for my Tesla and then they also said that’s as much as it cost well not quite but close oh no that’s how much a model 3 costs on a Model S I

I don’t know what it what the Model S went for

Oh no. Ohhhhhh. Way more than that.


So, and then they said, “Yeah, we’ve got a Kia EV6 MSRP, $50,000 or whatever.” I get there, they want like $60,000 some odd dollars for the Kia EV6.

Of course.

And they are offering me $10,000 to $12,000 less for the Tesla. And this…can you beat me please? This fing s of a salesman looks at me, gives me a $20,000 difference, and he says, “So do we have a deal?” To which I say, “No, not remotely.” You have to understand, I feel like a little bit of a bait and switch is going on because, you know, we came in, I was looking at this price for one car and this price for the other. Now you’re giving me this price, and that’s the price I’m going to to pay listener, you can’t see this, but it goes up significantly. And then the trade in value is this price. We ended up, dear listener, that trade in value goes way down. And you know, just like the utter gall. So I was like, yeah, no, we don’t. And they never heard from me again.

So yeah, I gotta say that is kind of weird because anytime I’ve ever used the internet quotes, they’ve always stuck to what they said the new car was going to cost. And of course your trade-in could vary slightly depending on the condition, but it’s never been that far out of whack. I’ve never had that kind of experience.

And that’s the thing too. He’s like, “Oh, we’ve got some wheel damage here.” I was like, “Yeah, okay. So that’s a wheel. Yep.”

Yeah. A $10,000 wheel.

Yeah. I was like, “I don’t think that wheel is accounting for the $20,000 discrepancy that we’re dealing with here though, dude.”

No, no. But just for the, just accounting for the trade-in one, that’s 10 grand.

Bingo. Yeah. Yeah. For a fricking wheel? I’m like, “Uh, no.” I’m like, “Oh, well, it’s It’s a rear-wheel drive in New England. I’m like, “Hey Sparky, it was a rear-wheel drive in New England when I got the online estimate too.” You know, I didn’t pull the front-wheel drive out of it. I didn’t rip out a motor.

Oh brother, alright.

Although if you had ripped out a motor, you’d have a spare one right now. Of course, it probably wouldn’t fit in the back of the car.

Damn it.

Who knows? But I’d have a four-wheel drive. Anyway.

Anyway. That’s enough of that.

So yeah, alright, what else we got to talk about? Let’s keep moving. got my beer, you’ve got your coffee, we can jump cut this one, you know? Just like, yeah, so Twitter’s gonna, he’s gonna fix AI and he wants AI that’s interested in the truth and by truth we mean anything that…

Elon’s view of life, yeah.

Right, his fake news, exactly, which is great. He’s trash, I mean, I was just thinking there wasn’t anything left that he could do to Twitter to alienate people more, but now he’s renaming it, he’s gonna get rid of the logo, he’s gonna call it X.

Well, he’s also cut off people’s DMs. He’s rate limited them. So here’s the thing, Peter, remember how before he bought Twitter, he was bashing them saying spam is easy to get rid of, you can automate it away. He can’t get rid of it. So his solution is to restrict DMs.

You can, you can get rid of it. If you destroy the entire platform, I guarantee there will be no spam on the platform. If people can’t DM you and you’re rate limited in what you can do on the platform, eventually the spam goes away.

But I mean.

Yep. Brilliant job, Elmo. Good job. Good job. Wonderful.

Yeah. Has anybody taken a platform and destroyed its value so rapidly?

It’s pretty amazing. So a while ago, you gave me and Adam a link to, was it the 25 settings or something like that you should change in macOS?


I have changed a few of them. A lot of them I already had, but the most significant one is I have put the dock on the left side, And I took to that pretty quickly.

But did you auto-hide it? I can’t stand it unless I auto-hide it.

And here’s the reason why. I’ve always auto-hidden.

Always auto-hidden the dock. Yeah, yeah.

Oh, I never have. But here, that’s actually the smart… It’s especially smart to auto-hide if you have the dock at the bottom. Which I used to have the dock at the bottom, but I didn’t auto-hide it. So, here’s the thing though.


If you don’t auto-hide the dock, but you have it on the side, I can’t stand the offset of the windows. When you full screen something, it’s offset by that dock. And that just drives me insane. Why? Don’t know. Just a personal problem. Don’t know. But it does.

Don’t know, don’t care.

The only thing that bothers me about the auto hide docks not being able to see the notifications on my message ‘Cause I don’t let anything ding me up above and show me stuff. So I have to see that badge to know that I have new messages. And so I do have to check that occasionally. But other than that, it’s working out really well. I really like it.


It gives me more space.

The only thing that acts weird sometimes is lasso. When I use my keyboard shortcuts and lasso to position my windows, sometimes it accounts for that dock space, even though the dock is auto hidden. But if I move the menu slightly or the window slightly and retrigger the shortcut again, then it seems to start working. I’ve submitted that report to the developer. He’s not sure why. I told him I would try my workaround of moving the window a little bit and and hitting the keyboard shortcut again and see if it works every time, just so it might give him a clue as to what’s going on. But aside from that it’s I’m really digging this setup

Yeah, you know I did that and then I followed on to the next link and I do love the the guy’s presentation style It’s it’s yeah, I tell you my think Then you’d be wrong and you know anyway is yeah. Yeah, I like I like his style there

He doesn’t act like a standard youtuber. He’s not like a hey guys. What’s up? What’s up guys?

I’m gonna I’m gonna talk to you for the next five minutes about nothing before I get into what you actually clicked on this link for?


But anyway, I did follow the next link that YouTube suggested from him, which was 25, I think, free amazing Mac apps that you have to be using.

Yeah, I’ve checked several of his. Occasionally he puts a new “check out these Mac apps” video out and sometimes they’re free and sometimes they’re paid and he’s usually got some pretty good suggestions in there. We’re talking about Snazzy, the Snazzy Labs channel, by the way, on YouTube. And I’ll have links to that in the notes of show.

So I switched from Alfred to Raycast just to try it out. And operating pretty much in the just the default settings I haven’t really noticed much of a difference except Alfred had been freezing on me for a while every now and then.


Raycast has not done that.

Okay let me ask you this did you have any Alfred plugins that you could disable and see if it made a difference?

I don’t remember enabling any Alfred plugins. Maybe it’s like searching contacts or something like that would that be an Alfred plugin? I don’t even know. So I don’t know.

I don’t think that’s a plugin. I think that’s just a setting.

Yeah. But I did install Shottr and I used that a couple of times.

Yeah. That’s just a normal feature. That’s just a default results feature. If you open Alfred and you go into features, default results, you can turn contacts off. Yeah. And you can tell it to search preferences, contacts. You can also enable folders, images, documents, archives, text files, Apple scripts. I’m going to enable all of them.

So I did enable searching. They call extensions in Raycast, not plugins. But I did enable the, at least I thought I enabled the contacts one, but it doesn’t see.

Yeah, search contacts. It’s called search contacts. So I did that. They’re called workflows in Alfred and third parties can write them. And I’ve got a bunch of workflows in here for like text conversions, a chatbot one, kaleidoscope integration, which is my diff tool, shortcuts integration, a bunch of different ones. They work out pretty good. Oh, 1Password 1, too, so it’ll search 1Password entries for me.

Well, that might be useful.

I think that’s where the main difference would come down to, is if you have some workflows in Alfred that you’re used to and you want to recreate, or vice versa. If you get used to Raycast and you start adding all kinds of plugins or whatever you said they’re called, extensions.

Raycast has a 1Password extension, and it’s enabled.

That might be the main thing of switching back and forth between the two is there might be differences in some of those things that are available. And to be honest, I haven’t looked that much at Raycast and I don’t remember why. I don’t remember what it was about Raycast that… Anyway, I’ll look at it again.

Anyway, I’m playing with it. I’m playing with it. And I’m playing with Shottr except I forget to use that. So…

Shottr? Is that like CleanShotX? I’m using CleanShotX.

I think it is.

For screen captures. Like that?


It’s a screen capture annotation. You can do video on it, you know, capture screen video all that kind of stuff

Shottr has some pretty cool features though. Like you can Select a tool once you take a okay so my command shift 2 is now shotter and then I do a You know, I drag and drop a rectangular area and it screen caps that But then what’s really cool is the things you can do to it. Like there’s a highlighter. There’s a blur


But there’s really cool things like you can - oh, it’s got the rectangle too, like Skitch used to have, remember that?

Yeah, so does Clean Shot X, yeah.

But it can let you highlight and remove text.

That’s nice.

For instance, or blur just text or blur everything else and stuff, it’s pretty slick. So what happens is like I just took a screenshot of some text, actually, you know, my Raycast And then - so, I’m gonna do that. I take a screenshot. Now I’ve got a screenshot with some pictures and some words on it. I select the blur tool and then I highlight the area I want to blur. Then it pops up like, okay, by default it’s you blur everything. But now I can select blur text and now all the text is blurred but everything else remains legible.

Oh, that is nice.

Or I can say erase text and all the text goes away But everything else remains so if you like have a password field or a username field and something you can highlight that and your username You know, whatever you have in there goes away. So that could be pretty slick.

That sounds like something that I can’t do

Yeah, it’s worth looking at it’s pretty slick pretty slick Clean-shot versus Shottr. So it’s Shottr sh o t t r t t r of course because web - yeah Yeah, Web 2.


Web 2 versus Web 3. Okay, sounds good. I will take a look at that.

Let’s real briefly, Peter, you and I, and I did this because you kind of talked me into it ‘cause let me, I’m gonna offend some people. I know a lot of people that get on betas because they are of the FOMO type and they’re just always on the beta train. But you are a lot more sensible about your OSs. So when you got onto the iPhone and watched beta, then I said, “Okay, I’m going to do that too.” And tell me what you think about the watch beta.

Okay, so whenever they change a micro interface like this, it’s significant, right?

Right, there’s so much muscle memory that has to be overcome.

Right, so right now, changing the action button, I guess it’s called, now calls up control center where that used to be a swipe up from the bottom.

I think that one’s just called the side button. It may be different on the Ultra.

The side button. No, no, it’s the side button. The action button’s on the other side on the Ultra. Sorry, yes, the side button. So the side button calls up control center. At first I was like, it seems like a waste of a whole button. I don’t know. But I do use it a lot. I do frequently turn it to silence. I want to change my focus. I might want to call up the flashlight or AirPlay or, you know, check my battery life. So okay, fine. I use it enough. Clicking the crown now calls up the application list.


Okay, fine. And, you know, I had been using applications in a list. If I put that in bubble, would that be in bubble mode or is it always in list mode?

It’ll bring it’ll come up in Honeycomb if you put it in Honeycomb.

For me, right, Honeycomb. So for me, it’s in list mode. Okay, fine.

Here’s one thing about the Honeycomb I will say real quickly. The Honeycomb mode on this watchOS, it doesn’t go outward. So in other words, it’s kind of like a list, but you have more things side by side in the list. So you still have to scroll vertically more

to see all your apps, but you don’t have to go side to side in this huge circle looking for your apps.

I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I should try that.

Yeah, it’s a lot better.

Okay, maybe I should try that.

And all I had to do was move like four or five things closer to the top and now I’ve got a very workable system.

Okay, so then there’s double pressing the crown button, double pressing the crown, which now used to toggle back to the previous application you had open. But now it opens up more recent apps like pressing the side button used to do. Which is pretty cool. Okay, but it’s again, it’s muscle memory. You know, I’m trying to, I’m like, oh, okay, I don’t know.

It is, oh, absolutely. I’m not discounting the muscle memory, but I am saying I like this. If this had been what we would have originally been given, we wouldn’t be complaining, I don’t think.


I mean, there were like when…

Okay, app view. I found it. Grid view. Honeycomb view is actually called grid view. So I’m in grid view now and you scroll…


See? Pretty nice, huh? Much better than the old way.

Okay. Okay. All right. I’m going to have to change it, but by default it’s pretty good.

So okay, cool. Grid view.

old one you had to use your finger on the screen with this one you don’t have to you can just use the crown and scroll through them all to scroll down

yeah i like that okay that’s better that’s an improvement all right cool i i did notice like it seems to pick up a little more quickly and suggest an outdoor exercise like i got on my bike a couple times back and forth to my tesla and forgot to start a workout and within like a minute or so it’s like hey are you biking i’m like well yes i am as opposed to like and again i haven’t tried this with an outdoor walk so i So I don’t know, because usually it’s like 15 minutes I’m into an outdoor walk. It’s like, are you walking? I’m like, yes. And it’s like, okay, great. We’ll start an outdoor walk five minutes ago. What about the first 10 minutes? Okay, fine. So I don’t know. I can’t tell. I’m comparing apples to oranges, so I can’t tell if it’s more, but it felt like it was more accurate.

I did like seeing the status of my workout on the phone, if for no other reason than to remember to stop the workout when I got home and looked at my phone.


things I like on the watch, I’m not thrilled with the preferences for groups of workouts now, because it used to be like I would have say a bunch of different runs configured. I would have default long run, an aerobic run which is at a low heart rate, tempo run which is at a high speed, high heart rate, and I would have different thresholds and different alerts for each of these. Now, unless I’m missing something, it seems like it is just a preference that applies to all of your run workouts.


So every run, if I change, and I’m changing pretty much every day of the week, I’m doing a tempo run today. I’m doing an aerobic run the next day. I’m doing, you know, this run, this run, this run. They change every time. I have to go in and change the preference every time as opposed to just scrolling and saying tempo run or long run or whatever.

Yeah, that’s a setback.

Yeah, I don’t like that. They also tweaked the ending of a workout a little bit.

Yeah, it confused me at first.

I was like, what is going on? ‘Cause it has more options now.

It’s like, it’s too easy to say pause. Oh, actually it’s too easy to select a new, what’s it called? To select a new workout, but it’s- No, segment, like a segment.

Oh, segment? You used to double tap, that was a segment.

That’s how it used to do. - Yeah, but now, like if I’m running or something and I try to stop it, it wants to start a new segment. Is that what I’m thinking of? Is the word segment or is it, what am I thinking of?

So I think you said start a new workout.

Yeah, okay, that’s there too. But first it shows start a new segment.

Oh, okay, I didn’t even catch that.

Do you know what I mean? It’s like you can time different segments and it doesn’t detract from the overall time of the workout, but it shows you individual stats for those segments. That pops up and gets in my way. And then there’s also, if you get to the end workout screen, there’s end workout and there’s start another workout. And I keep, out of muscle memory, I keep tapping that bottom one, which is the color that end workout used to be.

Yep. And you don’t like having to switch screens, having to press and hold to switch it, but I’ve gotten used to that.

Used to be you could swipe right and left and you would switch screens. Now you have to hold it to go into edit mode and then you can swipe between your screens. However, and that really disturbed me at first, but with being able to use the, either swipe from the bottom or just scroll with the crown when you’re on your screen and suddenly get your widgets list. Well now I’ve got my activity widget pinned there. It shows me the date and time I’ve got my weather. Then it has a little widget at the bottom that shows me activity I can start right from there. I can go to messages and that little messages bubble also shows you that you have messages unread and how many there are. So with those things pinned having that widget doc view right there available means I almost never have to swipe screens anymore. So yeah, it is annoying that if I did want to swipe screens, it’s much more clunky to do now, but I don’t really want to do it as much because those widgets take over that functionality because really the only reason I was using multiple screens was because you can only have so many complications. And widgets serve the purpose of giving you that information and/or giving you that functionality. So it works.

So yeah, now that I’m, I’ll play with the grid view again. Now it seems like it’s gotten more useful. Other changes, let’s see. It’s better when it comes to dictating or audio sending messages. It’s clearer that it’s waiting for you to, you know, or it’s thinking about it’s holding the message, holding the message.


Now I’ll send the message.

I agree.

Although it used to be, you could press the crown button to send.


Now you press the crown button to cancel. So.

Oh, that’s a big.

But muscle memory almost, you know, I was like, oh, okay. I didn’t, you know, so that was not only that, but a frustrating one.


And when you make the exact opposite, well,

I guess it’s better that way than the other way. Cause if you used to get a message from your boss and you would swear at your boss and dictation and then you would cancel it because you didn’t really want to send it, but then they changed it from cancel to send that would have been bad.

It is better, you know, to cancel rather than, but it’s, it’s still frustrating.

It’s not a good thing when you make something do the exact opposite that it used to do.

Right, exactly.

Here’s the thing that bothers me about dictation or even when you’re doing text input with your finger. To change a word up above, if you don’t actually want to change a word but you just want to get rid of a comma or something, it can be really hard to get the selection cursor up into that text to modify it.

If you just want to get rid of a ducking word?

Yeah, you can get the bottom row but then to… I don’t know, it’s just frustrating. I wind up leaving in commas that it puts there from dictations just because I can’t get to them and erase them very easily and I give up and I just send it. It’s like, whatever, you can figure it out. But overall, I really like it. I like the widgets. I think I do a lot less scrolling of faces and overall, I think I’m pretty happy with it.


Yeah, no, I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

I will be curious to see what you find out about your run types and if there’s a way that you can get that back without having to constantly be changing your settings before every f-ing run.

Before every ducking run.

Every ducking run.

You know what? He should have said, instead of saying, “Sometimes you just want to change a…” Oh, “Sometimes you just want to send a ducking word. Sometimes you just want to change a ducking run.”

That’s it.

I don’t want to run. I don’t want to duck.


So there you go.

Check us out.

Push your button.

I’ll push the button.

You push your button.