Episode 60 Weekending in Vermont

Wednesday, 31 Jan 202436 minutes Transcript

Houses are a nightmare, but weekending in Vermont is worth it. Scott drinks less, Peter’s knee hurts more, and they both remember Chicago. The font, that is. Keyboards, trackpads, mice, detectives, vampires, and the Post Office – it’s all here!


The brew

The Topics

Cat Fud

  • Weekending in Vermont
  • Beastly Organic Honey Porter review
  • On the Virtues of Drinking Less
  • Scott’s neighbor’s house – the downside to renting out a house
  • Peter’s knee and other health fun
  • Peter’s 4k Monitor
  • Chicago – the Original Mac Font
  • Front and Center by John Siracusa
  • Keychron Q1
  • Mice and Trackpads
  • Media moment – watching and reading and listening
  • The automated Post Office sucks