Episode 3 Drinking on Empty

Saturday, 07 Aug 202141 minutes Transcript

Peter and Scott are drinking on empty, which isn't always the best bad idea. Peter likes to smile at tire pressure monitors, smoking duck lovers are people kids don't like, and you should always end all your sentences in "dammit"!


The brew

21st Amendment Brewery
Gigantic Brewing
Ithaca Beer Company
Ghostfish Brewing Company

The Topics

  • Things that make us smile
    • Wacky tire pressure monitors
    • Cats
  • Chapter Art and Beer Shopping
  • The Smoking Duck Lover
    • Smokers
    • Self-install kits for body piercings
  • Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner cert
  • Kayaking
  • Screen Rant Pitch Meeting
  • Streaming Services
  • Ted Lasso S2
  • Waiting for a new Mac
  • The great Apple double-billing of 2021
  • Corporate moral obligations
  • Shareholder vs Stakeholder Theory
  • Feedback Us
  • End all your sentences and beers in Dammit!